I edit and update 1-3 blog posts daily on my blog.


Editing my blog now allows me to let go my blogging past. My blogging past afforded me some success for sure but also led to some struggles, too. I lacked the posture I maintain today, also being short on confidence, clarity and a firm understanding of my blogging worth 6 years ago when I created my blog. I linked to virtually any blogger without giving thought to the relevance or authority of links. I also created some heavily bloated, fat-cat, over-the-top posts I simply wound up deleting recently. Why say it in 7000 words if you can say it in 600-1000 words? Right?

I enjoy being generous but simply cheapened my:

  • blog
  • brand
  • business
  • income potential

by linking to an array of low quality blogs. I also linked to way too many blogs outside of my blogging niche. Both sent low quality signals to Google but I could care less about SEO because I always write for people and never write for things. I do care about how I feel related to:

  • my blog
  • blogs I link to
  • my credibility
  • my reputation
  • the overall quality of my blogging brand

Who I am today shed many thousands of fears I clung to back in 2014, when I created Blogging From Paradise. The blog posts I created then need to be changed in order to reflect the blogger I am today and also to reflect my clarity, vision and posture. In order to mirror this new perspective back to me I absolutely need to let go of the past including how I blogged.

Although I do not suggest rewriting entire posts – I am not – I do recommend doing blogging upkeep every 3-6 months to ensure all posts, links and presentations tend to mirror your current day posture, confidence and clarity. Remove links pointing to low quality blogs. Edit posts to chop down bloat, wordiness and a general lack of clarity about how you used to write. Reaching the next level of blogging success becomes virtually impossible if you feel bad-unclear on old blog posts because feeling bad about your blog creates an energetic anchor holding you back.11 Proven Tips for Aspiring Bloggers

Imagine if I felt bad about removing links to low quality or non-relevant domains? The bad feeling is guilt, the fear of criticism and the fear of rejection all rolled into one. How can I feel clear, confident and posturing now being weighed down by this trio of fears? Stripping the links so I link to only respected, authority blogs in my niche clears those fears, allowing me to accelerate my blogging growth. I feel better about linking out only to trusted leaders so my readers can enjoy top shelf content both through my blog and backlink resources. I also feel better about letting go the blogger I was to keep being the blogger I've become.

Let go the blogging past. Edit and update old blog posts from time to time to feel good about your full body of blogging work. Remove links pointing to low quality sites. Strip links pointing to sites outside of your blogging niche. Tighten up your writing to feel good about your work.

Letting go the blogger you were makes the way for increased blogging growth because shedding energetic anchors weighing you down lets you move forward quickly.


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