Joy made a clear move recently.

She closed her blog comments.

I had to do the same thing a while back. My legit to spam comment ratio dropped to ridiculous levels. The mere server space spammers consumed with their volume campaign made closing comments a no brainer. But bloggers do not understand; bloggers need to make clear, bold decisions before conditions change. Not after.

Joy will experience greater peace of mind, increased clarity and expanded blogging success because she made this move. Bloggers struggle because most fear making clear, bold moves until some success indicator verifies the move. Unfortunately, the success indicator never shows up 100% of the time because it hinges on you making the scary, uncomfortable but freeing, necessary decision.

Acts of Faith

I deleted an old blog, 3400 posts and an online brand over 6 years ago to create Blogging From Paradise. I had to make that scary, highly uncomfortable but freeing decision to have the clarity, peace of mind and nudge to create Blogging From Paradise.

Some bloggers felt terrified *for* me to make the decision. Others felt horrified to observe me let go 3400 blog posts. Some even suggested I redirect all 3400 posts individually to Blogging From Paradise.

Joy made a courageous, likely uncomfortable, posturing move to create increased blogging success, as an act of faith. I did the same thing when I closed comments a while back.

Successful bloggers need to make acts of faith before experiencing greater success for the greater success to manifest. Be bold. Trust your gut. Make freeing but scary decisions to position yourself to succeed.

Success Comes After Making Bold Decisions

Never sit on the blogging sidelines waiting for some sign to back your blogging decision. Act on. Be bold. Make clear decisions even if you fear loss. Most bloggers intuitively know closing comments seems to be the right move but fear losing comments. This crowd waits for some sign nudging them to close comments and of course, the indicator never shows itself because *your intuitive nudge* is the sign, indicator and finalizer.

Trust your gut. Success expands after you make freeing decisions. Trash your blog if your gut tells you to trash the blog. Close comments if you intuitively know comments form a heavy, energetic, leaden anchor on your blog. Write and self-publish your first eBook.

Most bloggers have no idea you need to make scary decisions to succeed. Most bloggers mistakenly believe successful bloggers made a series of clear, easy decisions *after* succeeding but the exact opposite scenario rings true.

Tips to Make Bold Blogging Decisions

Surround yourself with bold bloggers. Become courageous through osmosis.

Make scary decisions no matter what. Making bold decisions gets easier if you get comfortable with making uncomfortable decisions.

Accept how blogging success expands after making bold decisions, not before making these tough choices. No one become a pro blogger by waiting on the sidelines until someone or some event, circumstance or situation makes courageous decisions for them. You need to make these decisions for yourself.


Creating the Mindset of a Successful BloggerMake clear, freeing, sometimes scary decisions now to accelerate your blogging success. Trust your gut over your ego fears.

Pro blogging careers unfold for bloggers who routinely make freeing but uncomfortable decisions. The tough decision precedes the success. The success *never* comes before the tough decision.


Do you want to think, feel and act like a successful blogger before becoming a professional blogger? I wrote an eBook to help you be a pro well before becoming a pro.

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Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger

Note from Joy:

Ryan is right. Wading through stupid spam comments had become a complete drudge, and I do feel better for having finally made the decision.

Hopefully one step closer to creating the mindset of a successful blogger 🙂

Thanks Ryan, as always.