At 11:48 PM on a Monday night I find myself writing this blog post.

I have published 8 posts today – between blog posts and guest posts – after wrapping this one up.


I understood, embodied and sometimes suffered through this pro blogger concept:

“Being free involves *breaking* free.”

Place a heavy emphasis on the word “breaking” because the context of “*breaking* free” seems to be some joyous, other-worldly, spiritual, liberating experience. Break free from a job. Break free from a bad marriage. Break free from the 9-5 to become a professional blogger. Long term, heck yeah it feels awesome to finally break free from mental shackles to become liberated through various aspects of your life.

But breaking free literally means BREAKING free. You break the old you to become the new you. You break limiting beliefs. You break your blog in the process in regards to making a few – or many – mistakes over years until you get clear, release fears and largely proceed from a successful, professional blogger, seamless approach.

Example; I had to break free from the painful, frustrating experience of being able to write only 300-400 words in a sitting over a decade ago as a newbie blogger to slowly, patiently and progressively evolve into writing and publishing up to 8 guest posts daily.

Breaking free of amateur blogger shackles involves:

  • chaos
  • disorder
  • anxiety
  • worry
  • anger
  • rage
  • shame
  • embarrassment

Breaking free involves facing, feeling and breaking fears holding you back. Most bloggers never go pro because most human beings deem the breaking process too scary, chaotic and maddening. Most people despise the breaking process so deeply that they prefer to live in captivity, being bound by their fears and those with the illusion of worldly power.

On the blogging front, you only become a professional blogger by breaking-busting-dissolving:

  • blogging limiting beliefs
  • blogging fears
  • the blogger you need to leave behind

Breaking limiting beliefs, fears and the scared, small-thinking amateur blogging mindset feels incredibly horrible sometimes. Other times, these breaking sessions feel terrifying. Other times, breaking moments feel a little uncomfortable.

But remember the mantra:

“Being free involves *breaking* free.”

Being a free, liberated, fulfilled blogger involves breaking bad habits, low energy friendships and lifestyles that simply need to go for you to eventually be free through blogging. Break the coffee, bagel and “watch the news” habit on waking. Meditate, down 2 tall glasses of water and enjoy a bowl of oatmeal. Train for blogging because if you want to go pro you will spend 5,000 plus hours – or more – sitting in front of a laptop. Do yoga. Exercise. You better take care of your body or your body won't take care of you when you need it to work daily for 5 years in a row, putting in 6, to 8 to 12 hour days sometimes.

Being free as a professional blogger is never seamless, painless or graceful because breaking emotions, habits and patterns feels frustrating, maddening, clumsy, awkward and flat out scary sometimes. But being free is worth breaking free because feeling liberated is the best feeling in the world. Being liberated allows a sense of love, peace and harmony to flow through your being on a routine basis. Even if you feel uncomfortable sometimes because you face your fears here and there the ultimate emotion of feeling free to live life how you want to dwarfs any temporary moments of discomfort.

Remember why you intend to be free. Breaking free feels unpleasant but tolerable if you blog mainly for fun, freedom and fulfilment. The reasons why you blog need to be close to your heart.

becoming a professional blogger - commit to your goalsUltimately, much of the journey to becoming a professional blogger feels fun but prepare yourself for rough moments here and there to break free in order to become free.


Being free involves committing fully to your blogging goals.

Obstacles will appear to attempt to derail you along the way.

How can you be all in as you follow your dreams of becoming a professional blogger?

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