My blog experienced issues for roughly 20 minute today before being restored.

I let it go the moment I noted something off.

After emailing my web developer I ran the dog for a bit on a lovely 80 F degree day here in Georgia.


I want to share one often ignored aspect of being an entrepreneur.

Business owners display the greatest amount of flexibility.

Failed entrepreneurs fail due to their rigidity.

I am open because I gradually trained my mind to feel fears fueling my former:

  • rigidity
  • stubbornness
  • lack of flexibility

Earlier today, my blogged looked off. Rather than panic, complain or whine about the blog appearing to have a few issues, I instantly opened up to the idea that this issue will be temporary, similar to the 1000's of blogging issues I faced since 2007. Entrepreneurs develop the skill of being open. Business owners need to be flexible or fail. Failed business owners rigidly ride their ego to failure.

You better be flexible or else you will fail as a business owner. Be open to change. Be willing to change. See things from a different perspective. Surrender to problems you cannot fix by outsourcing the problems to people who seamlessly fix the issues. Be open to getting help. No entrepreneur succeeds solo. Highly prospering entrepreneurs tend to hire enough people to build large companies which work together to reach epic goals. Iconic entrepreneurs literally hand their business baby to 1,000, 5,000 or 20,000 plus human beings. Do you understand how open you need to be in order to hire employees to work for you?

Micro-managers either fail or cannot scale. No entrepreneur who tries to control everything gets far in a world of entrepreneurs who hire many people to run laps around the micro-managing control freaks. Imagine if I tried to publish content solely to Blogging From Paradise in order to succeed? I would prosper to some extent before hitting a scaling ceiling. I would not be able to reach enough people beyond a certain number by trying to do everything through my blog.

Guest blogging here and on other blogs allows me to scale because readers outside of my community:

  • see me
  • receive my help
  • visit Blogging From Paradise

I had to be flexible to guest blog. Every blogger has different:

  • rules
  • regulations
  • brand messages
  • business models

I guest post with each blogger's specific message in mind to best help their communities.

Few bloggers discuss openness because most seem to be fairly rigid. I speak to fellow bloggers and web developers who profess how all seems to go to custard for a majority of bloggers the moment their blog goes down for one of a million reasons. Rigid bloggers deeply attached to their blogs from an intent of fear slam into nightmares because their rigidity prevents them from being:

  • open
  • flexible
  • willing to change
  • willing to surrender problems
  • willing to find solutions

Of course, these bloggers complain, fight problems and slam into resistance for sustained periods of time due only to their lack of being flexible.

Be open. Listen to feedback. Think about how you can be more flexible. Be willing to stop on a dime.

I am currently spending time in the most diverse square mile of the United States. Clarkston, Georgia is a home to refugees from all over the world. Almost all rigid, non-flexible, resistant local shop owners went out of business a while back because they kept selling what they had always sold before the refugees began arriving decades ago. Meanwhile, wise business owners spoke to these new arrivals, asked about what food they wanted from their native lands, ordered these goods and thrived due to their flexibility.

Be willing to change.

Relax into business problems.


Be flexible.

Thrive by being open in a world of change.