Ryan Biddulph Travel ExperiencesI am writing this guest post for Joy at midnight after a fun but long blogging day.


Where your attention and energy goes, grows. I give substantial attention and loving, generous energy to blogging on a daily basis. My blog grows in terms of worldly success because I give oodles of hours, significant effort and a loving, caring vibe to blogging. Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give a tiny bit of attention to blogging and even if you blog in generous, caring fashion, your blog cannot grow quickly because you only give a little attention to blogging. Little attention means little growth. But the other crowd screws up too; some bloggers give tons of attention to blogging but vibe mainly from fear, scarcity and poverty. Visualize a crowd working 15 hours daily – plenty of attention – from a strained, forced, hard work consciousness vibe. Giving 15 hours of slaving, straining striving, fear, pain and suffering to blogging grows fear, pain and suffering in your life, along with a little bit of worldly success.

The remaining crowd of pro bloggers and aspiring pro bloggers gets it. This crowd gives 6 to 8 to 10 hours of generous service to blogging daily. Giving a significant amount of loving, generous energy to blogging positions you to be a highly successful blogger because all that attention and all that generous energy grows into something special. Pros know this. Every pro blogger I personally know put in many thousands of hours of attention and generous energy before making it big. Nobody can use a time machine to move forward 5 years. All you can do is work 10,000 hours – or more – during that 5 year stretch, generously serving readers by creating, by connecting and by opening multiple streams of income through which you offer valued, premium service.

How many hours do you generously work on your blog weekly? 40 hours? 60 hours? Or 1 hour? What predominant vibe do you maintain while blogging? Do you blog calmly, from a relaxed, generous, abundant, trusting vibe? Or do you run around panicked, from a stingy, frenzied, self-serving vibe, mainly? Top pros generously help people for a high number of hours weekly. Most work well over 40 hours weekly to get their blog off of the ground. Some work 60 to 70 hours weekly, generously helping folks. I have not missed a day working in many years. Typically, I work 6 to 8 hours daily or more for 7 days a week. Conservatively, I work 42 hours weekly but the real number is more like 50 hours or more. But the actual volume of work is just the attention factor; I needed to cultivate a generous, trusting, giving energy to see the journey through and to position myself to succeed.

Professional bloggers give a professional blogging effort well before they make their first penny online. Remember this if you feel the urge to panic, bail and quit blogging, when nothing seems to be coming together. Trust yourself. Trust in the blogging process. Know that success is yours. Everything moves forward and grows at its own pace if you move forward, keep blogging and grow at your own pace. But you need to give ample generous, loving, trusting energy to blogging during highs and lows; especially during low periods. Sure you need to embrace your fears and negative emotions to clear out these energies but largely, blog from an abundant, trusting vibe, for 4 to 8 hours daily or more.


Where your attention and energy goes, grows.


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