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Retweeting bloggers is the simple way to gain traction on Twitter.

Most bloggers do not get Twitter for making the common error of only tweeting their own blog links. Twitter becomes a tweet graveyard for self-centered bloggers. People tend to unfollow bloggers who tweet about themselves only because we need to know generous, compassionate bloggers listen to us and our needs to follow these pros.

Twitter is easy for generous bloggers. Retweeters become popular through the concept of reciprocity. Basically, whatever you want, give sans expectation. For example, retweet 40 blog posts from other bloggers today. A growing number of bloggers whose posts you retweet appreciate your kindness. Perhaps 5, then 10, then 20 of these bloggers retweet your blog posts as a token of their appreciation for your generosity.

At the end of the day, 20 people retweet your blog posts. Think about 10,000 to 50,0000 to 100,000 collective followers of those 20 Tweeters seeing your blog content. Picture that visibility increase. Do you see why it pays to retweet fellow bloggers? Do you understand why most bloggers struggle on Twitter? Bloggers make Twitter all about them to struggle. Generous bloggers who make Twitter mainly about others succeed on the platform.

Give whatever you want.

Retweet fellow bloggers early and often. Be generous. Give bloggers your attention and energy. Promote bloggers to help them grow their business. Put the spotlight on other bloggers to become a magnet to kind, generous bloggers. Guaranteed, kind bloggers will freely retweet you not based on any agreement but on the simple idea of helping helpful people.

Overcome fear to enter into this mindset. Bloggers fear promoting other bloggers for worrying about not promoting self enough. I overcame this fear by understanding how making friends makes my life easier on Twitter. Each morning I wake to a collection of bloggers who retweet my blog posts during my 8 hours of sleep. Imagine receiving passive traffic around the clock. Picture yourself being the recipient of retweets on a daily basis. Give yourself a few moments to think through this process.

Help people. Release expectations. Let go any idea that you need to get something in return. Demanding returns turns the process to custard because demands seem to be fear. Fear repels friends. Fear repels success. Fear repels retweets.

Retweet to share helpful content. Retweet to help bloggers. Make the retweet the reward. Allow your generosity to inspire others to retweet you.

No one knows how many bloggers will retweet your posts after you retweet 10, 20 or 50 bloggers. But an increasing number of bloggers will retweet your posts because generous bloggers attract generous bloggers. Like attracts like. Being generous draws generous people to you. Give freely to influence bloggers to freely help you.

Stick to your blogging niche for best results. Target your Twitter traffic. Feel free to retweet a few bloggers who blog outside of your niche. But stick mainly to your niche in order to target your Twitter following and to draw like-minded bloggers to you. Business potential increases if you RT like-minded bloggers because bonds emerging consist of folks deeply interested in what other bloggers have to offer.

Hit that RT button guys!

Work this simple but highly powerful Twitter tip to drive targeted blog traffic and to increase your blogging profits too through the micro-blogging platform.

Do you use Twitter for your blogging campaign?

Do you feel a bit confused about how to tweet the right way?

What Twitter questions do you have?

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