Does This Sound Like YOUR Small Business?

Your exact story may be slightly different, but it could include any (or all!) of these. Have you?

Whew – it was tougher than you expected, doing all the research, learning new skills, investing some hard cash, and there were many sleepless nights.

But it's going to be well worth it once your customers start flooding in. Those clowns who were laughing at your fledgling online business will soon be laughing on the other side of their faces.

So you launch your business to the waiting world, wait a few days (gotta be realistic) then you check the PayPal account, hourly at first – then daily – then weekly. Zip, nada, or in plain English no sales.

OK… so the Internet is apparently a “bit bigger” than you bargained for. What next?

Undefeated you set up an auto-responder (Thinks: Hmm, they told me I should have done that first), place a few adverts and buy a few solo-ads.

That'll do the trick, won't it?

Well it might – or it might not. Let's see…

The days turn into weeks, still no sales.

In fact all that has changed from the last month's marketing effort is that your bank balance has gone down, instead of up.

But wait!

There's still hope.

The advert sales man is on the phone telling you that he'll do you a special deal to repeat your ad campaign for another three months. That's sure to crack it, he says. If you're like I was, in my more innocent times, you may fall for that ONCE, but not a second time!

Finally, enough is enough. Common sense (possibly disguised as a family member) tells you to just stop throwing good money after bad.

Is this the end of the road? Has all that work gone to waste?

Then – Bright Idea…

Slumped, depressed, in front of the TV you notice that Coca Cola™ has a Facebook page, and out of curiosity you have a look and find it has 87 million “Likes”. Wow.

OK, so perhaps that's a bit too ambitious, and the TV ads certainly are, so you look up Richard Branson and he's got a million and a half and he knows a thing or two about business.

Then you focus in on businesses in your particular marketplace and you realize some of them have a few thousand very active fans enjoying the cat and dog pictures and videos on their page.

You can tell that because visitors are liking them, commenting and sharing them with their friends – and generally having a ball.

By now you're convinced.

You figure there are some very savvy marketers who aren't doing this just because they love dogs, cats or even Coca Cola™.

There must be an angle.

And the angle is that they, and Coca Cola™, and Richard Branson's empire, and all the smaller businesses you found, wouldn't be spending time on Facebook, and other social media sites, every day if it wasn't paying off.

You feel you're really onto something here.

Research into the benefits of Social Media for small businesses shows you:

5 Ways Social Media Can Boost Your Business

Want some more, hard statistics?

According to research, 68% of U.S. social media users aged 18-34 and 53% of those in the age group 35-44 say they would consider making a purchase based on a friend’s social media comments (Source:
The amount spent on online advertising is predicted to overtake that spent on print based ads by 2015 (Source:
Depending on your market-place, it's where your customers are spending 27% of their time online – and that's rising fast (Source:

Finally you admit to yourself:

You're Losing Money By Not Using Social Media

So you head on over to your dormant Facebook profile and start promoting your product.

You make a few sales to Aunty Flo and her friends and it seems you're onto a winner.

Problem solved?


You just committed the first and maybe even the worst “sin” of Facebook marketing. The longer you continue with it the worse it can get. But you don't even know that, so encouraged by those first few sales you press on regardless.

Then the first euphoria subsides and it's back in the doldrums – or your “sin” is uncovered, the Facebook axe descends and you didn't even see it coming.

As your social media adventure started out so well, you research other social media sites on which to promote your product.

Oh no! There are more than 200 of the wretched things! (Source How on earth can you cover them all?

Free tip: You almost certainly can't cover them all, and definitely shouldn't even try.

Are You Heading For A Social Media Break-up?

In short, so far you've found it's no easier to make regular sales through social media than other ways you tried.

What went wrong?

Help Is At Hand

For just a few dollars my new eBook (immediately available to download in PDF form) will take you:

From Social Media Beginner to Expert In 33 Days

You will learn:

Hold It Right There… Build a Social Media Empire?

That sounds like a LOT of work, or I'll need an army of people to help me along the way…

You're not just going to tell me to hire a Virtual Assistant to post social media ads and content day-in-day out are you?

No way! No need!

Finding your “army of helpers” is not a problem, and it won't cost you a cent. My free BONUS solves this problem…

Not Just One Person to Guide You With Your Social Media…

You don't get just “me”. I invite you, free of charge, to join a secret “army”.

When you invest in my brand new resource “From Social Media Beginner To Expert In 33 Days” you will be invited to join a well established, closed Facebook group of over 800 members.

This group was formed solely to help business owners just like you in the continuing journey of learning how to use Social Media effectively and efficiently for your business – so that you get more prospects and clients!

Apart from the help and contacts, how can membership of this closed group help you?

Warning: Social Media Doesn't Stand Still!

Even between the draft of my eBook and publication, Facebook changed its policy in one vital aspect. (Don't worry – I updated the eBook!) BUT when you invest in my eBook you won't be left high and dry with out-of-date information.

In our closed group you'll hear breaking news as it happens, and be ahead of your competition before they know what hit them!

We also share best practices and any hot new resources that 800 sets of eyes notice.

As soon as you become a member you get instant access to a vault of documents and useful links to help you on your Social Media journey.

You'll be part of a community of like-minded small (and not so small) business entrepreneurs who will actively help you build your online presence, sharing the knowledge they gained over years.

There are regular challenges and activities where you can promote your social media pages.

Success Story: During one of these in-group challenges Bernard built his “Likes” from 40 to 686! He's still a very active members in the group. He says: “I have learned a lot since then and this challenge was the starting block or trampoline. I had 40 Likes when I started the challenge and ended with 686, and it currently stands at 1520. Thanks Sue for teaching us so many things, not just getting more Likes.” Then he repeated his success with a second page, building it from 33 to the current 1832.

You'll have a chance to hook-up with Bernard and learn from what he does in the free group.

More Benefits To Your Business Of Joining This Closed Group

What's The Cost To Go From Beginner to Social Media Expert?Social Media Training eBook

OK – this is the part where I'm supposed to start with some mythical figure I've plucked out of the air and drop by factors of ten until it's within the budget of the people this book is aimed at – small businesses, starting out on-line.

All those shenanigans irritate the hell out of me, so rather than insult your intelligence I'll come straight out and tell you the price for “From Beginner to Social Media Expert in 33 Days” is just $9.95 when you Buy Now.
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Even so, most of you don't know me from Eve, so you may still wonder…

Why Should You Trust Me With Your $9.95?

Which brings me to something very important to me.

I have been where you are, wasting time and money for no results. I know the heart-ache and disappointment. So – call me sentimental and soft – but I don't want to “fleece” you, like others may have done.

This is the first Internet Marketing product I have launched and I have deliberately kept the price low as I want as many people as possible to get their hands on this valuable information. I also want you to know my information is trustworthy and will help you launch your online business.

Warning: This Book Is Not For Every-one…

Please don't buy it if:

If you haven't the faintest idea what you want to sell on-line my free BONUS eBook “5 Steps To Big Online Profits” will help you develop your first information product.

To Summarize – What Will You Get For $9.95?

My eBook: From Social Media Beginner to Expert In 33 Days

Free Bonuses

1) Lifelong membership of closed Facebook Social Media group (membership 500+) dedicated to discussing all aspects of Social Media and supporting each others activities.

2) My eBook “5 Steps To Big Online Profits”. 23 pages that walk you through the proven formula for developing your first (or next) information product.

Buy now!

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60 day GuaranteeIf for any reason you feel that the information in this eBook, together with the value and support provided by the contacts you'll make in the group, haven't far-outweighed the price, just ask for your money back. You'll get a prompt refund, and I hope we'll part as friends.

You have 60 days in which to implement the recommendations in the eBook and interact with the experienced marketers in the Facebook group. Only then do you decide whether to pull the plug and leave the group, or carry on picking their collective brains.

Your Next Step?

Three simple choices:

Which will it be? The choice is yours.

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