FAQs About Starting An Online Business

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I get about starting an online business.

Sorry if some of them burst your dreams, but honestly you can either find the truth out now, or waste time and money finding out the hard way.

Can I start an online business free?

Cost of a WebsiteNo.

Well… OK let’s qualify that a little.

You can start it free but how do you imagine any profits will be generated if everyone thinks they can start a business for free?

Even if you were setting up a stall on the side of the street you would need to have some stock to sell. You would need some way of attracting customers and “somewhere” to attract them to.

Online business is no different.

That said, compared to the costs required to set up a conventional business, online business is much less of a risk.

How do I get free traffic?

traffic-jam-388924_1280Sorry! You can’t.

Traffic will always be paid for with time (i.e. you working) or money. If you decide to join me in one of my businesses, I work with two teams: one where you will focus on buying traffic, and a second where you can put in your own time to help other team members generate traffic.

Either is fine, or both if you can contribute to both.

But please do not expect “free” traffic, i.e. no money and no work!

If I have no start-up money what can I do?

My top recommendations are:


  • Find some unused objects in your house and sell them on e-Bay or a table top stall to generate some cash
  • If you are lucky enough to have a job, work some extra hours. Or take a part-time job. Wash windows or cars, do some cleaning, shelf-filling or gardening if you have to
  • Cut out some unnecessary household expenses for a month e.g. take-aways, cable TV. I offer a business you can start for as little as $30. That’s by no means the optimum start-up cost, so try and save up more money first. Ask me about your options.

I do NOT recommend taking out a loan, and NEVER use money you need for your food, family necessities or accommodation.

How much will I earn?

team leader neededI can’t predict that, because I don’t know how much time and effort you will put into your business. All I can tell you is that I have deliberately chosen affordable businesses that other people are having success with and will give you access to tools and training that’s working for other people. The only difference will be you.

How long will it take?

Longer than you think 🙂

So it’s best to break your goals down into small achievable sub-goals then you will feel that you’re making progress.

What help is available?

teamsuccessbanner500The programs I promote include their own training.

I will also introduce you into Facebook groups where there is training from people who are expert in different topics from what I am best at.

Professionally produced materials are available to group members to save you having to produce your own, and to stand you out from the crowd.

I don’t do it for you! But you can ask me any questions you like. If I don’t know the answer I will ask in my own extended contact network to get the help you’re looking for.

Why should you join a business with me?

FacebookSilver180x180Because I understand what newcomers to the online world are up against and want to help.

My business is small enough that I care about all my customers and subscribers, but big enough to have a network of contacts who WILL help you.

I have researched and tested out the different groups and ways to promote these businesses, to cut your learning curve.

Do I make commissions on my recommendations?

improve your incomeUsually! It’s how I can afford to give “free” support.

But I will never recommend anything I don’t believe in.

It will never cost you more to buy through my affiliate link than to buy through any other authorised distributor.

If you don’t want to pay commissions to me I am happy to work with you at an hourly rate.

But trust me, the commission route will cost you less 🙂

Can I give you a “special deal”?offer-bigger

Sorry, in most cases (except official company offers) this is against company terms and conditions. The owners reserve the right to ask for proof of payment and to cancel the accounts of both parties to any unauthorised “deal”.

This is for the protection of all distributors; because if everyone keeps under-cutting everyone else the whole program is devalued. You would be pretty miffed if you cultivated a customer to the point of buying and then they decided to join with someone who gave them an unauthorised discount.

What businesses do I promote?

e1u-tunnelI am promoting two programs with one link in our team. You can read about the programs on my affiliate links below:

NOTE: e-Digital Wealth is in pre-launch at the moment so there’s a huge $500 discount available until the actual launch. For $159 you are “comped up” to the $500 product level (free), and you will have access to it, and can earn commissions on it, without having to buy it.

If you are already in either one of these programs but didn’t join it through anyone in the team, you’re still welcome to join the other program and put both IDs into the system.

All we require is that you take your fair share of the promoting – 1 hour a day on the co-op link. As much as you want on your personal links.

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