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I Have Been Featured On These Blogs

It’s one thing when kind visitors leave comments on my site, but it’s a whole different honor to be featured on other people’s sites – particularly bloggers of this caliber.

Thanks to these fantastic bloggers who featured me on their sites. Click To Tweet

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One of my favorite blogs is Edward Thorpes’ FarSideOf55.com.

He never fails to amaze me with the depth of research he puts into his articles, spiced up with his dry humor.

And sometimes he takes us back to the heady days when we were on the “right side of 55”, with a nostalgic YouTube rendition of some of the music of my youth – like on this post about Blogs I Like And Read.

I hope Edward will forgive me using an “old” image from his site, his original mission statement. In my opinion it perfectly sums up the purpose of the articles he includes. I’ve been trying to choose a favorite one, but that’s too hard.

Just pop on over there and prepared for serious edu-tainment.

FabrizioTop-Bloggers-Featured-PostFabrizio Van Marciano produced a mega-post of 6,000 words of wisdom telling us how 23 successful bloggers promote their posts. I’m delighted to have been able to contribute to this article.

Even more delighted to share what I learned from this post by recommending it to you.




Enstine Muki picked out twenty top bloggers to follow in 2015, and I am proud to have been one of them!

If you’re not already following the other 19, you’re missing a real treat!

March 2016 Update: I was honored to be a featured blogger on Enstine’s site. My article was How To Fund A Comfortable Retirement.


Another blog I enjoy following is Kim Willis’s blog “Persuasion Pursuits”, and I was so happy to included in Kim’s post What My Friends Have Taught Me About Blog Commenting.

Here’s what he said about me:

“Transparent warts and all writing style, with a penchant for blog commenting.” I like that 🙂
Kim blogs from Brisbane, and can help you with:

  • Authority Positioning
  • Traffic and Lead Strategies
  • Web Sites That Convert
  • Words That Sell

His articles are always a great read.

retired-couple-px_250The theme of my blog is to encourage those people starting a business to fund a comfortable retirement – or just as a “Plan B” if life goes pear-shaped.

In March 2016 I wrote a guest post at StartUpMindSet: What is the best age to start in business?

I included recommendations for all ages, and stories about some very young entrepreneurs, who have made it big .

Uttoran Sen of GuestCrew.com produced a mammoth article in which he picked out 125 marketing quotes from top bloggers, and I was featured on there too! There are some very insightful comments from the other 124 bloggers too, so do spend some time checking them out – and please give your favorites a Tweet.





Carol Amoto, celebrating 4 years of blogging, mentioned me as a friend she’d made along the way.

Sadly Carol is no longer blogging due to ill-health.

We miss her badly and wish her a speedy recovery.




The mention that got my heart racing in panic, was when Enstine Muki unmasked me as a F.A.K.E. Blogger!





In December 2015 Philip V Ariel featured me in his round-up post where he asked experienced bloggers about their best and worst blogging experiences.

There were some fascinating stories we can all learn from, without making the same mistakes.


Expert Author on Power Affiliate Club

In October 2015 I was honored by an invitation to be an Expert Author on PAC, THE place for bloggers / marketers to assemble. If you’re not already a member of Power Affiliate Club click here to learn more. If you decide to request membership of PAC (free or $3.95 per month) please tell PAC that I sent you.

Here are my articles:

How-to-start-a-Blog-91-Bloggers-Sharing-Real-Life-ExperiencesThanks to Gurunath Nakki for including me in his mega-roundup post celebrating his blog’s (Best Of Guru) first anniversary (15-08-2016).

He celebrated in style with a massive round-up post where 93 bloggers contributed their thoughts on starting a blog and I was delighted to have been invited to contribute.

My word – how hard he worked to compile this list.

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Philip Verghese Ariel - February 7, 2016

Hi Joy,
What a joy to be here again!
I am so glad to note about the kind mention of my page here.
I am much elated by it, and thank God that i could feature you too in my roundup post.
Keep up the good work.
Keep sharing
May you have a wonderful and profitable year of 2016. 🙂
Best Regards
~ Phil

    Joy - February 7, 2016

    Hi Phil,

    Glad to see you here again, and I was honored to be included in your post.

    Hope 2016 will be enjoyable and profitable for you too.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Joy

Uttoran Sen - February 8, 2016

Hey Joy,

Thank you for the mention,
It is always a pleasure to feature you on my lists,

Checking the other roundups now that you have mentioned,

Uttoran Sen,

    Joy - February 8, 2016

    Hi Uttoran,

    That surely was one amazing post you researched!



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