About The Angel Investing Club

information about angel investingThe club is a way that people with limited means can get involved in an Angel Investing club, to access a wealth generation strategy normally only available to the mega-wealthy.

An angel investor is an individual who provides capital for a business start-up, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity. Angel investors usually give support to start-ups at the initial moments and when most investors are not prepared to back them. Source Wikipedia

We receive shares in REAL WORLD, profitable companies that have been subjected to exacting due diligence, and have been assessed as likely candidates for stock exchange listings or take-over. (The value of one company in which I had shares before it went onto the stock market tripled when it listed.)

It's like being invited to have shares in Facebook, Amazon or Zoom before anyone else had heard of them.

Is The Angel Investing Club Risky?

There is always a risk in any business, online or offline, BUT the club spreads our risk by splitting our monthly subscription between 3 or 4 shares – say $25 worth in each company selected that month. How else could you access $25 worth of any share let alone one that has the potential for massive increase in value?

Because the club operates in a regulated industry, it's essential that I use approved information, to introduce it to you.

If you haven't already seen them please click here to watch videos explaining our Private Members Club here.

Some people grasp the opportunity of the Angel Investing club right away. Others are understandably more cautious. So to reassure you we can send you a series of emails and videos about the companies we have invested in that show their progress.

Even as a free member you can join live webinars and ask direct questions to the club's management.

You can pause your monthly subscription at any time without losing your shares or club benefits.

The club is available in most countries in the world and you can subscribe in GBP, USD or EU – whichever is most convenient to you.

Who Is The Angel Investing Club For?

The focus of my blog is on preparing for a happy retirement (the earlier the better), by making sure that you will have enough time and money to enjoy those little luxuries you're looking forward to.

To do this I recommend running a part-time business to increase your income – whether:

  • You are still working full-time or part-time, but realise you haven't planned well enough to replace your current income and maintain your life-style. (That's me!)
  • You're way off retirement age, but you want to prepare in plenty of time
  • You know NOTHING about shares, but are interested in how real world businesses make profits
  • You are already retired and discover you don't have the income to support the life-style you had hoped for
  • You now have the time on your hands to take on a new challenge and relish the idea of being your own boss, but don't want to spend hours on end or incur huge start-up costs.


The optional affiliate program may be of interest to anyone who would like to profit from the instant income of sharing the club with others and promotional videos are provided completely free of charge. Most members just join to enjoy the club benefits and the education, without ever introducing other club members.

The Club Is Not For You If…..

  • You believe that “get rich quick” exists. It doesn't.
  • You need financial planning advice. I DO NOT offer, or need, financial planning advice.
  • You need extra income but are down to your last penny. Get a part-time job, to sell some of your “stuff” on eBay.  (You can join the club free and build a team – click my affiliate link here – BUT you cannot draw out any earnings until you're a paid up member.)

Contact Me About Angel Investing

I'm happy to share my experiences with the angel investing club, but it will save time if you have seen the videos first.

You won't get a “hard-sell” on anything. I'm the least “salesy” person I know and I would honestly prefer you NOT to join us than to make the wrong decision for your situation.

So please use the form below to:

  • Tell me what your impression of the club is from the videos (or your free trial)
  • Ask any questions you'd like me to answer

I operate by email and online, so for questions, please use the contact form below.

Before contacting me, please check that you're happy with my Privacy Policy.

Please don't try and sell anything to me. After reviewing many alternatives, I'm completely happy with the businesses I'm involved with, and am actively avoiding starting on anything new.

If you prefer a Zoom chat, please suggest convenient times. I am in the UK.