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Today Josh Wardini looks at another aspect of Instagram Marketing for us. Instagram Stories.

Josh has written for us previously; most recently on The History of Blogging.

Instagram Stories As Used By Successful Brands

Instagram Stories is a feature that allows users to post and share short, engaging videos and photos. It didn’t take long before many big and small companies joined this trend.

They use it as part of their Instagram marketing campaigns by promoting their services and products with visually appealing content. With this feature, even the well established giants have broadened their clientele base, strengthened the customer loyalty, and increased ROI.

Here is how some well known brands harnessed the potentials of Instagram Stories to create a robust virtual presence and increase customer engagement.

The famous Mercedes-Benz Cars UK created a campaign for Instagram Stories in collaboration with Facebook Creative Shop. It generated a 2.6 million reach and a 9-point increase in ad recall.

AirPay, a mobile payment service, used Instagram Stories to drive app downloads among youths. This strategy yielded a 17% increase in app downloads and a 35% decrease in cost per mille.

DriveNow used Instagram Stories Ads to reach new and potential customers, resulting in a threefold increase in leads and a 10.7% decrease in cost per click ads.

The Indonesian online travel enterprise harnessed this Instagram’s feature to reach a younger, tech-savvy audience and increase its app downloads. The company was able to reach 26 million Indonesians and experienced a 10% increase in business growth, equivalent to over 230,000 app downloads.

The ecommerce platform Tokopedia created a mobile-app download Instagram Stories campaign that yielded a 54% increase in app downloads and 11% rise in customer reach.

After using engaging video content in Instagram Stories, McDonald's Malaysia was able to make a triple increase in sales and reach a whopping 60% of its targeted audience.

The popular fashion e-retailer Asos used Stories to drive awareness and customer engagement across the USA and UK. It was a successful strategy that resulted in a 3-point increase in brand awareness and a 14-point increase in ad recall.

Other businesses that have successfully employed Instagram Stories in their profit-making strategies include HiSmile, CountryRoad, Airbnb, IBM, Whole Foods Market, and many others.

To find out more exciting facts on the symbiotic alliance of online businesses and Instagram Stories, check out the infographic below.

Using Instagram Stories

How businesses use instagram stories