What Are Your Online Business Goals?

Online Business GoalsCan you relate to typical online business goals? Do you watch all those snazzy videos showing people living the high-life, driving fast cars, and taking expensive holidays?

I don't see as many as I used to – maybe because I actively avoid them, or maybe because they've gone out of fashion. Whichever the reason, they really are rubbish!

I've heard it said that 97% of internet marketers don't earn $100 a month – and that's probably true.

However, don't dismiss that $100 a month. For some people it could be quite a significant amount of money.

Money At The End Of The Month

Many people in employment are frustrated because they have “Too much month at the end of the money”.

Put bluntly, after they've paid their living costs they have ZERO spare cash – they just broke even. Or even worse, they have an ever-increasing debt.

Lucky ones may have – say – $50 spare.

Suppose they then earn $100 a month in an online business.

  • People who had debts will be able to set that $100 against their debt and reduce their interest payments
  • Those who broke-even will have an extra $100
  • The lucky ones (who had $50 spare) will now have $150 spare – tripling their spare cash at the end of the month

So let's not be too quick to dismiss the power of earning just $100 extra per month as a side-line / part-time online business.

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Is Money The Only Goal?

Almost certainly not! I suspect many Internet Marketers could earn more hard cash than they do online just stacking shelves in the supermarket. IF ….

  • Someone was available to watch the kids / sick relative while they did it
  • They could get such a job, that is barred to them because of high unemployment, age etc
  • Travel costs and child care costs wouldn't eat up so much of their potential income

So instead they spend time learning Internet Marketing, for several reasons….

  • Enjoyment of learning a new (and marketable) skill
  • Keep the brain active
  • Self respect
  • Part-time income to supplement poor pension provisions (like me!)
  • Yes, of course in the hope of earning some extra cash

Although many might have fleeting dreams of flashy life-style goals, I'm guessing that after a few months online, these have been knocked out of most people's sights.

Some will just quit, others will adjust their online business goals to be more realistic, learn all they can about Internet Marketing, and find one of the many genuine businesses available.

Goals Are Very Personal Hopes And Dreams

My goals are less about money (because I get a decent income from my offline businesses) but more about freedom to do as I like, with a comfortable, but not lavish, lifestyle.

However, I have yearned, for a long time, to have a dog. I borrow Bailey and Dog-dog every so often, but they go back home after just a few days, leaving an inexplicable void in my otherwise pleasant life.

Having a dog isn't actually a goal for me. I think to define something as a goal you have to have an expectation of achieving it and I completely accept that I'm very unlikely to be able to have a “full-time” dog of my own. I enjoy my social life too much. You can't just up-sticks to a line-dancing weekend when you have a pooch to care for.

Different Ways To Satisfy Your Wishes

Sometimes you have to be open to different ways to “get what you want”.

So when I saw in the local (UK) DogsTrust newsletter that they were looking for foster-carers to give temporary homes to dogs waiting for re-homing, I knew this was perfect for me. AND, it's exactly what some of the dogs need too.

While some fly out of the door as quickly as they come in, others are harder to re-home. (To put a business slant on the post… they don't market themselves well to prospective owners.)

Such dogs may be unsettled by a long spell in kennels, and need to spend time in a normal home environment, to get used to humans and day-to-day living.

These are the dogs that are put out to foster homes.

Meet Ernie

After interviews, meetings and home-checking, I was allocated Ernie to care for in my home on a temporary basis. Until he finds his “forever home”. He has already been in the dogs home for over a year with just one short rehoming that didn't work out.

He was found as a stray and is very nervous. I suspect that's as a result of a dark past that's damaged him both physically and mentally. The Dogs Trust has repaired him physically, we're working on the mental side now.

Although he looks pretty docile pictured cuddled up to me on the right, he can sometimes show a tendency towards “fear aggression”, directed against “new” humans or animals.

For instance today, we were walking in the street and a huge German Shepherd Dog and its owner were minding their own business a full main road away. As soon as he spotted them, little Ernie went crazy and started barking his head off trying to “get” the poor GSD. Luckily Ernie was firmly secured to me, and GSD and owner just looked down their noses at the angry ball of fluff “woofing it up”.

Obviously I'll be keeping a low profile in the neighbourhood for the time being!

Hopefully, with love and patience, Ernie will gain in confidence, and meantime I have a lovely companion to nurture and chatter away to. He has been completely sweet and loving to me, and to friends I have had to visit, because he's quickly learned to trust us.

Too Good To Be True?

This actually is one of those times when something that seems too good to be true, actually is. Ernie's food and vet bills are paid for, and when I have holidays I can take him back until I'm home again.

The catch, obviously, is that he could be rehomed and taken from me at any time 🙁

We're still adjusting to each other's ways. For instance “Blogging After Dark” hours don't really suit him. But he's such a sweetie (as long as you're not another dog!)

Update: Ernie did indeed move on to another home, as was the original intention. I then moved to Norwich and my lifestyle changed so much that even a foster dog was impossible.

Blogging For A Dog?

Some people even base their businesses around dogs. For instance – check out this article about Puppy Care Tips.

I said I had longed for a dog, but of course that's not my business goal.

At this point you might expect me to reveal my real business goal, but it's something so peculiar to me that very few people would relate to it. So I'm keeping it firmly to myself.

Should You Share Your Online Business Goals?

Some will say that sharing your online business goals (with a like-minded, positive, person liable to support you) makes it more likely that you'll achieve it. Others disagree…. watch a very short video below from Derek Sivers, and then I'd love to hear your opinion and experiences of sharing goals.

So…. what do you think? Should you share your goals with others or not?

Share your thoughts and experiences of sharing your online business goals in the comments below, please.