Social Media Marketing Tips

social-media-marketing-tipsImplementing social media marketing tips has been my project for today.

What a struggle I've had. But hopefully some of the lessons I've learned will be helpful. If they are – please make my pains worthwhile and Share!

Shareaholic Plugin

Over the years and months I've had several stabs at adding social media sharing icons onto my various blogs, and to be honest that has been the problem. I never took an integrated approach so I had ended up with a mish-mash of different buttons, none of which really achieved what I should be doing. First I added Facebook and Twitter buttons, then I discovered Pinterest. Then Google + became the thing to do, then I started noticing LinkedIn. All added one plugin on top of previous ones:-(

Then I was recommended to use the free Shareaholic plugin and I was impressed by what I saw. In fact I'd seen its features used on many other WordPress blogs and not known how to implement them, so I was really pleased to be introduced to it. Especially as it's free!

Well, it went onto this blog easily enough, so I was inspired to add it to my health blogs and that's where the problem started – because I'd had several attempts with other plugins.

I think I got there in the end, but let me try and summarize the problems I had in case anyone else has the same:

  • First of all I ended up with an absolute Social Media fest on my posts which looked awful. So I went back to deactivate/delete the other plugins that were adding social buttons. With some it wasn't as obvious as it sounds.
  • Shareaholic just wouldn't display on one of my blogs at all. In the end I deactivated the theme I was using (Cloratio) and the Shareaholic plugin started to work. That's a real pain because I'd done a LOT of work customizing that theme. When I've recovered my composure I'll reinstall it and try again There were so many other old social media plugins lurking that the theme may work with my new slimmed down plugin list.
  • The non-obvious plugin causing me problems was Jetpack, which I'd used to do my sharing previously (and forgotten about). I didn't want to completely disable Jetpack, as it has some features I use! (Publicize to LinkedIn, for one.) I finally found some advice on the WordPress forum and managed to get the settings organized so that Shareaholic shows on the top of the post, and the Jetpack share buttons show fairly discreetly at the bottom. (You can drag them all behind one little “More” button for most discreet option.) These options are found in Settings | Sharing.

Oh dear, listed like that, my problems sound so trivial and easily fixed:-) But I can tell you I have been tearing my hair out. Anyway, those are my social media marketing tips for sharing blog content if you're having problems getting a consistent looking set of sharing buttons.


Digg Digg Social Sharing Plugin

Lots of people love Shareaholic, but in the end the problems listed above just defeated me, so I changed to the free plugin Digg Digg that you should be able to see now.

No reflection on Shareaholic. It was obviously clashing with other themes or plugins.

Social Media Training

Social Media is even more important now than it was when I wrote this post – but so time-consuming. And it has to be said – things have got harder rather than easier in my opinion.social-media-cover-125x125

If you're looking to use it in your business (and why wouldn't you?) you'll save time – which is ultimately money – by getting some proper training. So I now recommend people to use one or both of the following resources:

My own eBook to get you off to a good start From Beginner To Social Media Expert. Click here.

And if you prefer video style presentation, you can't go wrong with this:

 Social Media Fresh Start

A course by Sue and Dan Worthington. They are my social media mentors and have put their knowledge into courses with price points starting off with something that everyfresh-start250x250one can afford, right up to letting experts do it all for you.

They also host a social media community where members can interact and help each other on the various social media sites. There are “days” for bloggers, twitter, G+, Facebook business pages, and LinkedIn.

Buying Sue and Dan's course will bring you an invitation to join us, and work with more online entrepreneurs to help you build your social media presence. So I recommend you to……

Click Here To Buy Social Fresh Start


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Angela McCall - February 14, 2013

Hi Joy,

So, that “social media” buttons on top is Shareaholic…COOL!!!! First off, Happy Valentine’s Day!!! You know when I was going to the Respiratory Therapy program, I joined linked in and was never active til I started blogging. And that’s like 2 years later. Also, I always had Twitter and NEVER used it til I started blogging. Didn’t know I could use all these tools to promote my business. I was ignorant. Now I know better. And yes, social media is not as easy as everyone thought. It’s more than just twittering…


NOTE: Something wrong with the “CommentLuv.” I can’t seem to choose what post I should choose, doesn’t show me a thing except a blank window saying “this plugin might be complicating another.” or something.

    Joy Healey - February 15, 2013

    Hi Angela, I’m afraid I’ve had lots of problems with themes and plugins today. Hope your problem was while I was messing about with one of the “other” ones, and now I’ve reverted back to the original themes/plugins it will go away. Sorry about that.

    Yes, I didn’t do much with LinkedIn at first, but I’ve noticed it seems to be getting more popular now, so am investigating it as part of the Social Media Course I’m dong.

    Hope you and hubby had a good Valentine’s Day.


Jeff Smitth - March 15, 2013

For Blog work it is very important to increase the traffic of blog. If you don’t know how to do it then your are loosing lot of things

If you want to increase your blog traffic. you must need to focus on social media and social network. Social media is very important for blog

    Joy Healey - March 15, 2013

    Hi Jeff,

    You’re right. Having got some content and a routine going with my blog, traffic’s the area I’m focusing on next.

    Social Media in particular, by working through the online Social Media training course I mention elsewhere in my blog: https://joyhealey.com/SocialMediaSpidersWeb

    Thanks for commenting – I’ll pop over and check out your posts too.


Mark - February 25, 2015

Thanks for the advice Joy!

But I gotta tel you, just like you, rather than pull my hair and stress out over
that techie stuff!

I’d just soon pay the pros and be done with it!LOL! That trouble shooting stuff drives me up the wall!LOL!

Thanks for sharing though! It’s much appreciated!

    Joy - February 25, 2015

    Hi Mark

    Re-reading that two year old post of mine made me laugh (and cry a bit too).

    What a kerfuffle I got into.

    I do so agree with what you said about getting experts to do it for you – or at the very least getting some training and help.

    So much so that I updated the post to add some recommended training in case anyone else bumps into the post.

    Thanks for reminding me, Joy

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