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A couple of days ago I wrote about my Scribd account as a forgotten, but free, method of getting traffic. I mentioned that since I joined I’d had 100 people reading my articles, which I was happy enough with to be prepared to put a little more effort into it. Let’s see what’s happened in those couple of days….

Because I wanted to include different types of information, to better target my readers’ interests, I set up what are called “Collections” – similar to categories – to segregate my work by interest, and I now have collections about

  • Complementary Therapy, which was/is my original business
  • Internet Marketing
  • General – i.e. just interesting reads

Checking back today I now have over 200 “reads” – so either it’s the “recency” factor or my new category/collection that has generated the new activity. I also linked my account to my Facebook business page.

Update a couple of months later: I have 448 “reads”! And now in January 2014, 523.

My free account at Scribd

It’s been easy free traffic, so I shall continue uploading content to Scribd. Check it out occasionally for new free information.

My account is:

Make sure you register to get your own free traffic too! Please follow me when you do.

By the way – I had a problem, entirely of my own making, so emailed support and got back clear instructions that got me out of my mess. I always judge an organisation by the quality of the support they provide.

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