YouTube Video Editing

Anyone who has read this blog before will be aware that YouTube Video Editing, indeed anything to do with videos, sets me into a panic!

I know that Google is said to like videos and sends more traffic to blogs and websites with videos on – because website viewers, including me, enjoy watching videos. So it's thought to be a good way of generating free traffic.

From my limited knowledge of SEO it seems reasonable to assume that people stay on a page with videos for longer than they might otherwise stay because they're watching the video. But I'm no SEO expert, and as soon as I think I'm getting the hang of what Google wants me to do, along comes some black animal to change the “rules”.

However despite all this, videos and I do not “get on”.

My dread of videos is due to an early experience of having made a couple of videos of “me” being recorded on my partner's phone describing my Hair Mineral Analysis and Migraine businesses. Believe me, I had no wish to drive traffic to them and quickly consigned the embarrassing ums, errs and shifty glances at my prompt sheet to the bin! I did come up with another method of producing the videos but the end result was not something I was thrilled with. Again because of the voice-over. But that's another story.

Today's post is celebrating the fact that I have revisited YouTube video editing and enjoyed it this time. How come? Because I hadn't recorded ME, I had recorded my beloved Bailey! He is my son's dog who occasionally comes to visit and “check emails” with me.

Bailey is a sweetheart, but has the reputation of destroying any dog toy within about 10 minutes, no matter how indestructible the label claims it is. So Matt always warns me against spending more than about 50p on any toy. However, I'm a glutton for punishment so when I saw a toy in the garden center that claimed to be “virtually indestructible” I got the cash out.

Bailey loved his new toy and because Matt's fiance Elke was missing the fun I grabbed the phone to record it for later upload to YouTube – which was last night's task.

Once on YouTube I played it back and quickly decided I needed to do something about the heavy breathing in the background. That was me stressing about whether the phone was recording or not. So that was my next priority.

Adding Music To My YouTube Video

youtube video editingIt was easier than I hoped, and all I had to do was click on the musical note image shown above by the red arrow. That gave me a choice of other people's favorite music. None of it quite matched what I wanted, so I used the search box with a keyword of “dog” and found “Hound Dog Blue” which seemed to fit the bill, and there I was with a respectable looking video.

YouTube Video Editing – Other Options

Happily when I first up-loaded the video, YouTube offered to correct my “shake” – honestly I hadn't been on the bottle! And other options that were available to me on the same row as the musical note, were:

  • Information and Settings
  • Enhancements
  • Annotations
  • Captions

At the time of writing I haven't experimented with those. Too much time has already been spent for a non-business activity. But I've learned something I can apply in my business later and found it enjoyable, so that's time well spent.

As an aside, I have tried to turn off the adverts that are appearing, but not yet succeeded, so if anyone can point me in the right direction to do that, I'll be grateful.

Update July 2016 – I wanted to refer to this article, 3 years on, only to discover that the video is no longer available. Goodness knows where it went!

The other thing you'll be interested in is what happened to the indestructible toy…. Eyes right. Matt very kindly refrained from saying “I told you so”.

P.S. Although this is mainly a post about YouTube video editing, as another experiment in my blogging learning curve, I am accessing some of these images direct from PhotoBucket in the hope that my blog will load faster than with them hosted on my own site. All you experts out there, I'd be grateful for your comments and tips.

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Lily-Ann MacDonald - August 19, 2013

What fun!! Bailey certainly went after that toy with avid determination, didn’t he?

I thought the video was really easy to watch … I didn’t hear any interference from the ‘videographer’, but maybe the music obscured it … either way, the result is a fun video and an easy way to spend a couple of minutes.

I’ll be watching for more first-hand tips as time goes on – video is something I’m totally shying away from … probably for all the same reasons as you. I like to write, but I’m not much of a ‘speaker’ …


    Joy Healey - August 20, 2013

    Hi Lily-Ann

    Glad you enjoyed Bailey’s video. Yes – the music DID obscure my sighs and groans about technology! LOL.

    Because Google likes video so much I guess we’ve got to learn how to do it. You can get software that makes slides from your writing – that’s how I got round it with my migraine and hair analysis videos, but – at the time – it was a fairly expensive option. May be cheaper now!!

    Thanks for watching 🙂


Paul Henderson - August 27, 2013

Hey Joy,

I love your writing style Joy, and I loved that post as I confess to also being reluctant to use vids. I’m the first to admit it’s only because I haven’t done many. But I do like the idea, so you’ve re-instigated some slightly dormant passion within. I will get onto this.

Tell me Joy, do you put all your videos on your own Youtube channel ? Is that how it works?

All the best,

    Joy Healey - September 1, 2013

    Hi Paul

    Thanks for dropping by, and for your kind words. Sorry for the delay in replying but “the family” have been staying. Three generations under one roof have proved more tiring than expected LOL.

    Yes I do put my videos onto my own YouTube channel. Think I’m then supposed to promote the channel, which has only recently dawned on me!!

    Let me know how you get on with videos.

    Good luck


Lizz Riley - August 27, 2013

Cute dog! The sound worked well and only 1 advert popped up, not sure if there were more.

    Joy Healey - September 1, 2013

    Hi Lizz

    Thanks for commenting. Sorry for the delay in replying but the dog and more family returned – keeping me fully occupied off-line!

    Well, I didn’t manage to get rid of the adverts, but never mind! If it’s only the one…..


Susan Velez - September 8, 2013

Great video, I loved the video. I never knew that you could do that kind of editing to a video right from YouTube.

I have used videos somewhat and am beginning to use it more often. Thanks for sharing these tips I know that they will definitely help me improve the videos I put online.

Have a great weekend.

    Joy Healey - September 10, 2013

    Hi Susan

    Thanks for dropping by and your kind words.

    It was news to me too! Just goes to show what you can do when you’re desperate to disguise your own heavy breathing LOL.

    Always something to learn, isn’t there.

    PS Sorry for the late reply – “Life” never lets up!!

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