My wife and I arrived in Prague recently.

I included a picture I snapped of this beautiful city as the featured image.

We are house sitting in a 3,000 square foot apartment overlooking the river.

Glam, it is.

The family who owns the luxury digs travels quite a bit. We swapped travel stories for hours in addition to discussing the charm of Prague.

Like-minded people co-create to have fun, to be happy and also to grow worldly success for all involved if appropriate business channels avail themselves.

In laymen’s terms, I mean this: spending most of your blogging and affiliate marketing work time with loyal followers, fans and like-minded folks positions you to succeed because each loves what you do and how you can help them.

Struggles with Non-Resonance

Unfortunately, most bloggers struggle by spending the lion’s share of their time with disinterested minds.

I recall lean years during my blogging career. Nothing seemed to move because I spent hours talking to disinterested folks online and offline.

In the online world I offered value in all of the wrong places. I did not hyper target my campaign. Nor did I bond deeply with loyal customers and clients who purchased Blogging From Paradise eBooks and courses.

I certainly did not offer most attention and energy to loyal followers of my old blog and Blogging From Paradise during stretches of stunted blogging growth.

In the offline world, I spent a bulk of my time with people who did not appreciate traveling or blogging. Why would I succeed if I spent most time with folks who did not share my passion, vision, interests and overall view on life?

I paid the price not because I worked lazily. Actually, I worked quite hard.

But I spent most time and energy offline with people who cared less if I traveled to Prague.

In truth, humanity predominantly wants to pay bills and survive.

Does that sound like a potential loyal fan or friendly follower? Does that sound like someone who shares similar passions as yours? If you are struggling to get by you tend not to have time to follow your passions. One needs to make that shift to enter into a new way of living.

Spend Most Time with Like Minds

As a rule, spend 80% to 90% of your time – or more – online and offline connecting with, listening to, helping, serving and engaging minds who love your blogging niche, who express a deep interest in your life and who admire you.

Doing this feels uncomfortable at first because most harbor guilt regarding family and friends who do not share your vision. I spend some time with family and friends when I return to the States but also understand how we predominantly follow different passions.


Variety is indeed the spice of life.

However, I spend most time with minds who love traveling, blogging and being digital nomads for my fun, freedom, expansion and to continue to lay a rock solid foundation for my blogging campaign.

Joy knows too; engaging like minded affiliate marketers keeps you abreast of important trends dictating the direction of the industry.

Of course, this applies to both online and offline activities.

In the online world do you network with like-minded people?

Or do you hang out with folks who possess zero interest in what you do?

I don’t necessarily spend every second with the ideal Blogging From Paradise customer. But I do spend most time and energy engaging people who love my travel photos or who enjoy my blogging tips.

Blogging From Paradise is all about blogging and travel.

Doesn’t it make sense to spend almost all of your time and energy engaging people who harbor a passion for what you love doing and what your blog and business focuses on?

Of course this sounds logical.

But digging deep into the mind unearths various fears creating a lack of blogging clarity in this regard.

The ego is tricky if not genius. This part of the mind self-sabotages by directing your focus to failure-inducing activities versus following successful strategies.

Engage People Who Love What You Do

Spend your online and offline time predominantly engaging people who share your passions.

Following this simple step dramatically changes your blogging fortunes because where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Deciding to spend less time with people who share not your passions triggers guilt. In particular, family and familiar friends from childhood tend to reflect that guilt back to you from time to time.

Instead of fearing these uncomfortable moments, begin to celebrate your move in a prospering, freeing direction. Letting go of non-resonance makes room for resonance and expansive blogging freedom.

Cutting Off Family and Friends?

No; following this advice does not mean cutting off family and friends.

But you can maintain steady contact without giving the bulk of your attention and energy to folks who do not share the same passions.

Point blank; if they deeply love you they will never ask anything of you because love never asks. Fear, expectations and manipulation asks; this, my friends, is not love but the clever special relationships of the world manifest.

Never confuse a family member's fears engineered to expect you to act how they want you to act for agape, unconditional love.

Love never asks.

Lover only gives.

Dwelling on these truths helped me navigate through guilt when I did not fulfill my family member's expectations of me as I blogged and circled the globe.

I spotted the fear, possession and manipulation attempts, forgave them in my mind and allowed like-minded, fun, freeing relationships to move into my experience which expanded my blogging success.

Spend some time with fam and friends but spend most time with minds who share your passion; at least if you want to be happy and successful.

If your family and friends share similar passions, all the better.


Spend most time and energy with minds who share your passions, vision and blog topic.

Let go disinterested minds.

Take this simple step to increase your blogging business income.