Before becoming a professional blogger you need to make a predominant shift: move from being getting-focused to giving-focused. That shift occurs before going pro. The shift occurs years before going pro. Every traffic, profit and business outcome you worked hard for dissolves the moment you make the shift. Sure you still desire making money online. But the desire dissolves largely into service, being a tiny part of the reason why you blog.

Shifting from getting to giving needs to happen because money arrives for generous, skilled, credible bloggers with massive exposure. These bloggers succeed because pros give freely of their time, talents and energy for a long time before becoming professionals. Every professional blogger begins as an amateur. Being an amateur is temporary if you generously create content and build connections with top bloggers in your niche.

See Your Vision

The quickest way to shift from being getting-focused to being giving-focused is to visualize your dream life. Picture yourself living your dreams through blogging. Feel the fun and freedom of this incredible experience. Then get super busy being the blogger in the mental picture. Being the blogger in the vision is quite easy if you visualize often because each visualizing session makes the picture feel more real, giving you confidence and clarity. Knowing your vision comes more true daily energizes you to generously create content and build connections with top bloggers in your niche. Bloggers who live their dreams give generously of their knowledge. Natural process. Picture yourself stepping entirely out of survival mode into a fun, freeing, prospering blogging journey of giving freely and trusting in the blogging process. This occurs freely the more you visualize.

Blog for Fun

Blog mainly for fun. Instead of being outcomes focused, sit down and write a blog post from a relaxed, fun energy. See yourself simply blogging to have fun helping people. Stop checking metrics for a while. Stop checking stats for a bit. Blog mainly to enjoy the process, not to reap some specific outcome. This is an excellent starting point to making the pro blogging shift because every top blogger falls in love with the process of helping people for free. This process spans years of their life but who cares if you're having fun? That's the rub. Professionals understand that if you love the ride then the ride will go more quickly and you will become successful too.

Blogging is a fun gig. Sitting down to write a post in order to help people feels fulfilling. Remember this basic truth before your fears lead you to focus on some outcome like traffic or money. Catch your mind. Revisit your vision. Take your time. The more slowly you blog the more calmly and confidently you can simply enjoy the process of writing posts, helping people and feeling good about it. Blogging for fun is a simple way to make the professional blogging shift.

Study Success

Study the most successful bloggers. Professionals help people for free for a long time. Overnight success does not exist. But again, if you blog mainly for fun you will not worry about helping people for free. Fear cannot invade a fun vibing mind. Remember this. Professionals genuinely enjoy blogging. I observed a well-known blogger explain how he would still be blogging for free 15 years into his blogging career. This is why the man has made millions of dollars through blogging. He blogs mainly for fun. Of course he also monetizes his blog. This is an important step that you need to take. Of course you need to be open to getting. But do not obsess over getting. I promote one of my eBooks through every single guest post and blog post I publish but this doesn't mean I obsess about making money online through every single post. Quite the contrary. I enjoy helping you, but also enjoy helping myself. Does that make sense?

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Be giving focused and open to getting money and traffic. Adopt that professional blogging frame of mind to position yourself to go full-time. Blogging does not need to be painfully difficult. Blogging should never be difficult if you're doing it right. But blogging gets uncomfortable in certain moments. This is part of the game. Stick around for these unpleasant feelings. Release the fears. Proceed to have fun helping people for free for a long time. Again, the time won't feel long because you'll be having fun helping people. This level of detachment allows you to increase your skills, exposure and credibility to professional levels. That's it. That's the blogging process. This is simple but sometimes uncomfortable. Especially when you're monetizing, most bloggers need to face money fears in order to make money online at a decent clip. Nudge into the fears. Remember your vision. The more you visualize your dreams, the easier it gets to glide through fears. This is the basic law of blogging and life.

ConclusionHave You Made the Pro Blogging Shift? 1

Have you made the professional blogging shift from getting to giving? If not, make the shift today. Give virtually all of your attention and energy to generously helping people. Give almost no energy to getting traffic and blogging income. Being this type of blogger for a long time gives you the skills, exposure and credibility to go professional. The shift precedes your success.


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