Learning About Cryptocurrency

Learning about cryptocurrency is something that’s been keeping me busy and interested over the fairly slow months since November. As an aside WHY does the whole western business world seem to close down for the entire month of December?

Some may think learning about cryptocurrency is a “Bright Shiny Object”, but it is actually part of my overall strategy to build multiple streams of income. I had dabbled before, although with only limited success.

Another reason I started learning about cryptocurrency several weeks ago was because I had a tip-off that in 2018 there would be a Global Shopping Rewards cryptocurrency mining group. I recently wrote about this, and a test is already under way.

Starting Out With Cryptocurrency

For my initial venture into cryptocurrency I got VERY lucky…. because a few years ago someone I used for paid advertising wanted to be paid in Bitcoin. So reluctantly I went out and bought a (very) small quantity, in anticipation of placing repeat ads.

Optimistic as always!

It goes without saying that the ads tanked, I never placed any more, and the remaining Bitcoin sat there because it was so small I couldn’t be bothered to figure out how to get it back. I also used it as small change for the odd purchase here and there, because increasing numbers of sites were accepting BTC payments

As interest grew in Bitcoin, I investigated what it was worth now and found to my delight that what was a two figure sum just a year or so back, had topped four figures (in December 2017). So it was time to learn what to do with it.

Also I had had a tip-off that GSR  would be adding cryptocurrency to their portfolio soon so I wanted to be well prepared to make a sensible judgement about their offering.

So, the challenge was how to start learning about cryptocurrency, and I hunted around for a few mentors before I settled on Siam Kidd.

Crypto Currency Masterclass

Siam KiddWorry not, I’m not selling this cryptocurrency course from Siam Kidd. I believe the “doors are closed”.

I am just sharing the background to my “learning about cryptocurrency” curve. And as an excuse to show the picture of Siam’s adorable dog Pips, who will insist on getting in on the act 🙂

As a complete newbie in this area, I was already testing the water “trading cryptocurrency” and, unknown to myself, I was on course to make a loss using a CFD platform – without even knowing what it was! What is CFD?

The first time I heard Siam talk on a free webinar, he warned people to be very careful with CFD unless they knew what they were doing – which I most certainly didn’t! So I investigated further and found out why he steered newbies away from it. Urgently I pulled my funds from that, happily with enough profit to buy Siam’s Crypto Masterclass course.

Learning About Cryptocurrency

Since then I have been on a steep learning curve and taking tiny steps with a genuine long-term strategy that I can justify to the doubters in my family / friends. With impeccable timing, since I started buying in December there has been a bloodbath in cryptocurrency and the markets in general.  Hopefully it will recover and I will have bought in the dip.

Enormous thanks to Siam for steering me away from what could have been an embarrassing disaster, and showing me how to stay safe in what turns out to be a scary place to play. The course also comes with access to a Facebook community that generously shares their knowledge with newbies like myself in addition to what I am learning from the course.

He is one of the few people who publishes his portfolio so you can assess whether he knows what he’s talking about before you follow his course. (Focus on that “Realised Profit” figure!)

For the avoidance of doubt, Siam does NOT endorse the GSR mining program that I talk about elsewhere on this blog. Mining is NOT a strategy he recommends to newcomers, because of the problems you will face.


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Mairaj - March 12, 2018

Hello Joy,

Indeed an excellent post about cryptocurrency, a few days ago I have researched about cryptocurrency that what actually it is, and found numerous digital currencies which exist.

Finally, i have chosen one of them called Leocoin. Most of my friends who are a part of this digital currency earn good revenue from it. They provide me real proofs along with their earnings.

So, I have decided to be a part of this platform Soon, It is a 6 years old company which is working in different countries of the world. Soon I have to publish complete information about LEO on my blog.

Keep writing

Keep sharing



    Joy - March 12, 2018

    Hi Mairaj,

    I was truly stunned when I realised how many altcoins exist – some of more value than others.

    I have heard of Leocoin and know nothing against it, so I wish you every success with it. I’ll follow its progress with interest.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark


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