Why I Haven’t Been Here Much Lately

Anyone who has noticed my absence may imagine I have just quit – but I haven’t. Far too stubborn for that! However, I have been “away” for various reasons.

  • A mountain of paid work in my “day job” – this is good
  • Family time – some good and some problems, but all more important than blogging
  • Disillusionment with progress, which led to a change of plan / detour

I had so many technical challenges with this and my other blogs that I tried a Plan B. Also, I had to admit I didn’t actually know what this blog was supposed to be promoting! Yes, I know it’s supposed to be branding “me”, but I couldn’t work out to what purpose!

That’s all changed now – more will follow over the weeks to come.

Plan B Progress

My original “plan B” was a move to Empower Network because that gave me a “continuity product” to promote, for residual income. The one off sales I have been making in Internet Marketing are good, but I needed something that gave me a regular monthly income and I was attracted by Empower Network for two main reasons: the monthly income and farming the technical problems out to someone else!

Once I joined I really enjoyed the trainings – you’ll either love them or you’ll hate them, like Marmite, but I loved them. (Apologies if Marmite is a UK-only-ism!)

However, it soon became apparent that promoting Empower was way beyond my skills and pocket! There are just so many people “out there” trying to do it that – without putting your hand very deeply in your pocket for paid traffic etc – you (i.e. me) didn’t have a cat in hell’s chance. I introduced a few people but they must have found the same and quickly left.

Another problem was that the training webinars are so LOOOOONG that, for a part-timer like me, by the time I’d watched the latest training event my marketing time was all used up!

Then just as I was getting the hang of their blogging platform (a very cut-down WordPress), Empower brought out a version 2 blogging platform. This much hyped-up release was, frankly, a disaster and a marketing embarrassment. They moved to a custom developed platform, and all the enthusiasm in the world couldn’t hide the fact that it was full of bugs and inadequacies. 6-months on it has improved, but for someone who had hoped to leave “challenges” behind, I had more fights with version 2 than I’d ever had with WordPress.

Then new hope, round Christmas, when my Empower sponsor introduced me to Plug-in Profits Site (PIPS) a “down-line builder” that included Empower in a group of 5 income generating programs, plus day to day training.

Initially I saw Plug-in Profits as just a different way to promote Empower, but the more time I spent on PIPS the more I realized it offered beginners a much better chance of success. It’s based on GVO hosting and marketing tools – income generators in their own right – plus Empower and some other programs that range from “spend $0.00 and time” to get started (SFI) to “spend more”, but set your own level.

If you’re a beginner in the Internet Marketing/Home Business niche, this will give you a far better chance than “go-it-alone” and it will point you in the direction of some well-established programs that might appeal to you. For more details, follow the links on my Plugin Profits Reviewed and Recommended page.

Finally, I realized that while I was blogging regularly on my PIPS site, I had more or less stopped using the Empower platform. It was a short step from that to decide to eliminate that monthly cost and focus on the rest of the PIPS program. It comes with excellent support from several directions (PIPS and GVO) and offers me the continuity programs I was looking for.

Regrets About Empower?

I didn’t enjoy the version 2 blogging platform, and I didn’t enjoy the fact that I found it so difficult to promote. I didn’t enjoy the hype that was behind it all.

However I learned a lot from the self-improvement and marketing training and still have access to it.

Best of all, I like the fact that it eventually led me to HomeBusinessBlogHelp.com and the programs from GVO that I am promoting.

Back To Plan A

Sooo…. after that diversion, I am back here, but with a revised strategy.

It seems to me that I have two completely different potential audiences. Experienced bloggers, plus those who have yet to start a blog. Obviously their interests are very different.

  • This blog will be aimed at more experienced bloggers, and will promote tools and training programs for them.
  • My Home Business Blog Help site is aimed at complete beginners who need help getting started even putting their site up at all.

Please follow one or both, depending on your level of expertise.

Please share

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