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So…. to make sure you can plan ahead too…

January Marketing Ideas

Holidays, no matter how obscure or strange, can be excellent marketing tools as well as a springboard for ideas.

  • What better excuse to send an email to your list than to remind them that today is National Peanut Butter Day, and if they tell you why they like creamy better than chunky or vice a versa, they get a 21% discount off your peanut butter product?
  • National Backward Day might be a time to offer your products at backward prices ($79 instead of $97, for example.)
  • National Hangover Day? Send them your own personal hangover cure. If you don’t have one, make it up with humor.
  • If you have red hair, then on National Kiss a Ginger Day you might wear a t-shirt or carry a sign that tells people it’s Kiss a Ginger Day and make a video of yourself in a public place trying to get air kisses or handing out Hershey Kisses.

The ideas are boundless and many of these offer excellent chances to inject humor into your marketing.

The more serious causes are even easier; simply give your readers a tiny education or story about the cause and let them know you’re donating a certain percentage of all sales made that day.

In the list of holidays I’m also including hashtags to help you with your social media marketing as well, so that you can pick up some new subscribers from your holiday campaigns.

 January Awareness Causes

  • National Blood Donor Month – Encourages Americans to donate blood after a shortage of donations during the holiday season.
  • National Braille Literacy Month – Raises awareness of the importance of braille to the blind and visually impaired community.
  • National Hobby Month – Inspires people to pick up a new hobby or get back into an old one!
  • National Hot Tea Month – Celebrates a nice cup of tea to warm you up from the inside out!
  • National Mentoring Month – Promotes the growth of mentoring in all forms.
  • National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month – Raises awareness about the modern-day issues of slavery and human trafficking.
  • National Slow Cooking Month – Encourages making delicious food while saving time by using slow cookers.
  • National Sunday Supper Month – Aims to bring back the tradition of families eating supper together on Sunday nights!


Take advantage of all the New Year's Resolutions.

January Holidays and Dates

January Marketing Ideas with New Years Resolutions

1      Global Family Day        #globalfamilyday

1      National Bloody Mary Day     #nationalbloodymaryday

1      National Hangover Day #nationalhangoverday

1      New Years Day   #newyearsday

1      Polar Bear Plunge Day  #polarplunge

1      St. Basil’s Day     #saintbasilsday

1      World Day of Peace     #worlddayofpeace

2      National Buffet Day      #nationalbuffetday

2      National Cream Puff Day      #nationalcreampuffday

2      National Personal Trainer Awareness Day        #personaltrainerawarenessday

2      National Science Fiction Day  #sciencefictionday

2      National Thank God It’s Monday Day      #thankgoditsmondayday

2      World Introvert Day     #worldintrovertday

3      Festival of Sleep Day   #festivalofsleepday

3      National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day  #chocolatecoveredcherryday

3      National Drinking Straw Day  #drinkingstrawday

3      National Fruitcake Toss Day  #fruitcaketossday

3      JRR Tolkien Day  #JRRTolkienDay

4      National Spaghetti Day #nationalspaghettiday

4      National Trivia Day      #nationaltriviaday

5      National Bird Day #nationalbirdday

5      National Keto Day        #nationalketoday

5      National Screenwriters Day   #nationalscreenwritersday

5      National Whipped Cream Day        #whippedcreamday

6      National Bean Day       #nationalbeanday

6      National Cuddle Up Day        #nationalcuddleupday

6      National Shortbread Day       #nationalshortbreadday

6      National Technology Day      #technologyday

7      National Bobblehead Day      #nationalbobbleheadday

7      National Tempura Day  #nationaltempuraday

7      Old Rock Day      #oldrockday

8      National Argyle Day     #nationalargyleday

8      National Bubble Bath Day     #bubblebathday

8      National English Toffee Day   #englishtoffeday

8      National JoyGerm Day  #nationaljoygermday

8      National Sunday Supper Day #sundaysupper

8      National Winter Skin Relief Day      #winterskinreliefday

9      National Apricot Day    #apricotday

9      National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (LEAD)  #lead

9      National Static Electricity Day        #staticelectricityday

9      Word Nerd Day   #wordnerdday

10     National Bittersweet Chocolate Day #bittersweetchocolateday

10     National Cut Your Energy Costs Day       #cutyourenergycostsday

10     National Houseplant Appreciation Day     #houseplantappreciationday

10     National Oysters Rockefeller Day   #nationaloystersrockefellerday

10     National Save The Eagles Day       #savetheeaglesday

10     Shop for Travel Day     #shopfortravelday

11     National Hot Toddy Day        #hottoddyday

11     National Human Trafficking Awareness Day     #humantraffickingawarenessday

11     National Milk Day #nationalmilkday

11     National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day        #stepinapuddleandsplashyourfriendday

12     International Kiss A Ginger Day      #kissagingerday

12     National Curried Chicken Day #curriedchickenday

12     National Marzipan Day  #nationalmarzipanday

12     National Pharmacist Day       #nationalpharmacistday

13     Korean American Day  #koreanamericanday

13     Make Your Dreams Come True Day        #makeyourdreamscometrueday

13     National Clean Off Your Desk Day  #cleanoffyourdeskday

13     National Peach Melba Day     #koreanamericanday

13     National Rubber Ducky Day   #nationalrubberduckyday

13     National Sticker Day    #nationalstickerday

14     National Dress Up Your Pet Day     #dressupyourpetday

14     National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day      #hotpastramisandwichday

14     National Vision Board Day     #visionboardday

14     Organize Your Home Day      #organizeyourhomeday

15     National Bagel Day      #nationalbagelday

15     National Hat Day #nationalhatday

15     National Strawberry Ice Cream Day       #strawberryicecreamday

16     Blue Monday       #bluemonday

16     National Fig Newton Day       #nationalfignewtonday

16     National Nothing Day   #nothingday

16     National Religious Freedom Day     #religiousfreedomday

16     National Without a Scalpel Day      #withoutascalpelday

16     Appreciate a Dragon Day      #AppreciateADragonDay

17     Benjamin Franklin Day #benfranklinday

17     Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day    #ditchnewyearsresolutionsday

17     Kid Inventors’ Day       #kidinventorsday

17     National Bootlegger’s Day     #bootleggersday or #templetonrye

17     National Hot Buttered Rum Day     #hotbutteredrumday

18     National Peking Duck Day     #nationalpekingduckday

18     National Thesaurus Day        #nationalthesaurusday

18     National Winnie The Pooh Day       #winniethepoohday

19     Get to Know Your Customers Day   #gettoknowyourcustomersday

19     National Popcorn Day   #nationalpopcornday.

19     Tin Can Day        #tincanday

19     World Quark Day #worldquarkday

20     National Buttercrunch Day    #nationalbuttercrunchday

20     National Cheese Lover’s Day #cheeseloversday

20     National Disc Jockey Day      #nationaldiscjockeyday

21     National Granola Bar Day      #nationalgranolabarday

21     National Hugging Day   #nationalhuggingday

21     Squirrel Appreciation Day     #squirrelappreciationday

22     Celebration of Life Day #celebrationoflifeday

22     Hot Sauce Day    #hotsauceday

22     National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day       #answeryourcatsquestionsday

22     National Blonde Brownie Day #blondebrownieday

23     Community Manager Appreciation Day    #communitymanagerappreciationday

23     National Handwriting Day      #nationalhandwritingday

23     National Pie Day  #nationalpieday

24     Beer Can Appreciation Day   #beercanappreciationday

24     National Compliment Day      #nationalcomplimentday

24     National Peanut Butter Day   #nationalpeanutbutterday

25     Library Shelfie Day      #libraryshelfieday

25     National Irish Coffee Day      #nationalirishcoffeeday

25     National Opposite Day  #nationaloppositeday

26     National Green Juice Day      #nationalgreenjuiceday

26     National Peanut Brittle Day   #peanutbrittleday

26     National Spouses Day   #nationalspousesday

27     International Holocaust Remembrance Day     #holocaustremembranceday

27     National Big Wig Day    #nationalbigwigday

27     National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day   #bubblewrapday

27     National Chocolate Cake Day #chocolatecakeday

28     Data Privacy Day #dataprivacyday

28     International Lego Day #legoday

28     National Blueberry Pancake Day    #blueberrypancakeday

28     National Daisy Day      #daisyday

28     National Have Fun At Work Day     #funatworkday

28     National Kazoo Day      #nationalkazooday

28     National Seed Swap Day       #nationalseedswapday

29     National Corn Chip Day #nationalcornchipday

29     National Puzzle Day     #nationalpuzzleday

30     National Croissant Day #nationalcroissantday

31     National Backward Day #nationalbackwardday

31     National Hot Chocolate Day   #nationalhotchocolateday

31     National Inspire Your Heart With Art Day #inspireyourheartwithartday

31     Plan for Vacation Day   #planforvacation

Hope those have given you some January marketing ideas to help you make some sales, or al least entertain your audience.

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