Automating Your Online Business

Ironic to have been talking to my mentor Wah about automating my business the other night. The very next day I was called to my non-live-in partner who had fallen in the night and had to be rushed into hospital as an emergency, where he will be staying for a few days now and in need of extra TLC, help, visits etc.

Where does that leave my business – which, of course, must take second place?

  • Hair Mineral Analysis – auto-responders are already set up, all I need do is post hair samples to the lab in pre-paid envelopes
  • Internet Marketing Software Products – automation had started, with two weeks of emails ready to go out. Needs more work, but I have two weeks grace
  • Blog posts – not automated, but hopefully a few quickies will suffice
  • Twitter Marketing – automated well enough to hold the fort
  • Facebook Marketing – my news items come TO me automatically, but not posted automatically. I can, however, schedule some in advance

So – not perfect by any means, but I can still function. And this crisis has given me incentive to work harder and plan more in advance for the areas that I can see need more effort.

Off to hospital for visiting now!