Motivation to blog daily 1Motivation to blog daily

I'm supposed to be blogging daily in my “new start“. It seemed a small commitment to make, but “life” has got in the way and I was disappointed to see that a few days slipped by without a post.

However I've found a simple tip to help keep me on track 🙂

It's the Calendar widget that hopefully you can see in the right-hand side bar. (Unless months down the line I've had a site-redesign!) It shows the days on which I have blogged, and when you hover over the date, it shows the topic.

The gaps tweak at my conscience!

You should find the widget (or similar) as a free tool on your own site.

I can't promise there won't still be gaps, because I do have a rather complicated life outside the Internet – but I shall use the calendar as my motivation to keep the gaps to a minimum.

Hopefully they'll also be a useful reference to visitors, in addition to my Site Map.