Automating my Business

While I've been visiting my partner in hospital and taking care of sorting out his stolen phone and many other thing for him, my business has had to run on auto-pilot as much as possible. Nothing's changed over the past few days. So here's a little more about the aspects I've been able to automate.

I've managed to keep up most of my Facebook Posting – by means of Google Alerts that have sent news-worthy information to my inbox. So it's just been a matter of choosing interesting posts and adding my own comment. I've managed to accumulate a few followers too. This hasn't taken long as I've been able to schedule my Facebook posts throughout the day, setting it all up at one session.

The other thing I've automated, from quite a while ago, was advertising within traffic exchanges to find people looking to start a new business online. I use two main programs Viral Mail Profits (sending emails to list-builders) and Vital Viral Pro (adverts and banners in traffic exchanges). VMP and VVP are both excellent and well-run programs that save me a huge amount of time because I can add my mailings, banners and sites on one place and they “feed” into my other traffic exchanges and list-builders.

The quality of traffic from traffic exchanges and list-builders isn't as good as organic search traffic, because actually most members are looking to SELL to you, rather than BUY from you. But it's where new-comers to online business usually start, so worth investing a a little time and money, so long as it's automated.

Once I get back on an even keel I'll have to look at what else can be automated!