Holiday over

Holiday overHoliday in Cumbria

Ah well, Holiday over and back from a long weekend in Brampton, Cumbria – including popping over the border to see the famous Gretna Green in Scotland. (Famed for runaway marriages. No, I didn't!)

Spent the weekend with some long-standing friends I've known for over 30 years – probably nearer 35. Amazing. We don't see each other a lot but always lots to catch up on when we do.

Happily the snow enhanced the trip rather than hindering it, and I enjoyed a walk round the beautiful Talkin Tarn, but sadly forgot to take a camera.

Plenty of good food, good wine, good gossip and a trip to the film Les Miserables, which warranted lots of tissues.

Holiday over, back to work

Now, holiday over, I'm back and have to get down to it all again. Lots to catch up again, so apologies to anyone I owe anything to! I'm working through it all.

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RobG - January 28, 2013

Hello Joy glad to have you back my friend, I guess we can do this all again next year right, it sounds like you had a great time. Have a great my friend

    Joy - January 29, 2013

    Thanks Rob. The beauty of working for myself is that I can have more opportunity to do these short weekends away. Have a good week.

Adrienne - January 28, 2013

Hi Joy,

Well, glad you had a great vacation. It sure sounds like you had fun. So, time to jump back into it and get back to work. Well, I wish you well with that and will look forward to what you’ll be sharing.

Have a great week.


    Joy - January 29, 2013

    Thanks Adrienne, taking a while to clear the backlog – but it has to be done.

    Take care, Joy

Angela McCall - January 29, 2013

Wow, you’ve been with your friends of 35 years that’s AWESOME!!! I wish to see my old friends in high school too. I love travelling…I guess someday. So you weren’t the runaway bride? LOL

    Joy - January 29, 2013

    I’ve been very lucky retaining friends. Even more surprising is the fact that I still meet every month with my original post-natal group. We’ve worked our way right through from nappy rash to wedding plans – and never a cross word. My late partner still regularly met up with a friend from secondary school!

Pauline - January 31, 2013

Hi Joy
It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your friends, you are so lucky to have kept those friends for all these years 🙂
We all need to take a break now and again, it does us good, we come back all relaxed and refreshed.
It is all worth it even if we have to catch up…
Have a great day

    Joy - January 31, 2013

    Hi Pauline,

    Lots of lovely friends, both off-line and online!

    Sometime it does us good to get away from the computer for a while and just chill.


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