How Using A Click Tracker Increases Sales

tulips-px-250This week's article explains the importance of using a click tracker and how it can help increase sales. I have also negotiated you a trial of a great tool that will do this for you.

Here in the UK, it's Mothering Sunday this (last – as you read this) weekend and I have awarded myself a day off my usual blogging day to spend with my son Matt, instead of bringing you the next chapter in the story of my part-time online business!

After the last few weeks of stress I think I deserve it. (And – regular readers who have been following the saga deserve a change too!)

So to ring the changes, I am welcoming guest author Ellen Chedid.

Ellen is an account manager for Click.org – an intelligent link tracking and optimization tool that is used by thousands of marketers increase their sales, leads and commissions.

Ellen contacted me recently and offered me a trial of Click.org. Unfortunately she caught me right in the middle of “my hosting crisis” so I had to defer taking the trial…. but I invited her to write an introduction to Click.org – and (of course) persuaded her to make YOU an offer too.

It's unusual of me to present a tool that I haven't actually tried out myself, which is why I insisted on a no-obligation trial for my readers. However, Ellen has been extremely helpful and responsive throughout our correspondence so I'm sure she'll be equally helpful to anyone taking the trial.

Over to Ellen….

Using a Click Tracker to Increase Your Sales

Using a Click TrackerIf you are seriously interested in optimizing your online sales you should ask yourself: “Am I using the right software to track the clicks that are coming into all of my web properties?”

If you’re confident that you are, then you’re heading in the right direction! If not, it’s never too late to start.

Modern marketers are under incredible and intense pressure due to the global competition that they face on a daily basis.

Until very recently, there was never a time where every single business was just a click away from their global competition. Yes.. you may be just one click away from missing out on  your next sale!

So many marketers are missing sales, because the sad truth is that a lot of people don’t understand that the main reason that they are losing out to their competitors is because they don’t know crucial information about their online businesses. Some don’t even know that they have a problem in the first place!

Because of this a lot of people are losing money.

There is absolutely no more powerful tool in a modern marketer’s toolbox than having real-time access to all of the data about how hot – or not so hot – their campaigns are.

So knowing the difference between a click tracking tool that’s going to increase your sales as opposed to one which will not is crucial.

Comparing Click.org To Free Link Trackers

Using a Click Tracker
There are many different (and free) analytical tools specifically designed to help you track your clicks on

  • Websites
  • PPC ads
  • Banner ads
  • and a host of other marketing vehicles

But many people make the mistake of using “free” link tracking/shortener tools and wind up losing sales when their content just gets plumped in with the spammers, marked as junk or don’t get delivered.

Simply because they don’t understand that the delivery of emails, based on the links within, them can differ significantly depending on the link used.

People also, mistakenly think that they are getting all the information they need from an average or free click tracker.

Many of these tools only provide you with basic information like the time of click or where it came from.

In fact there hasn’t been a single unified solution that you could use to track everything, together with how it interrelates and affects each different marketing method.

Until now – Click.org does all that and so much more.

The Benefits of Click.org Over Free Trackers

Here are some reasons why Click.org will benefit your business and increase your sales in a short span of time.clickmoneytree400

  • Easy installation across all of your marketing platforms
  • Add urgency to the offer you’re promoting by adding a countdown timer or expiry date. This will give people a higher incentive to buy now rather than later.
  • Rotate multiple clicks from the same person to different sales page variations or to other offers, which will increase the chances they’ll buy.
  • Collect opt-ins when buying traffic and promoting other people’s offers so you can follow-up by email increasing the chances of making a sale.
  • Send more traffic to the offers that convert best by split test your landing pages or affiliate promotions.
  • When promoting CPA offers, or offers that only allow traffic from certain countries, geo target your traffic and send all other visitors somewhere else.
  • Click.org will redirect mobile traffic to a mobile friendly landing page or other offer that is mobile friendly.
  •  It will add social media buttons to your promotions from sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and GooglePlus for free shares, likes and extra clicks.
  •  Click tracking enables you to cloak your affiliate links to prevent commission theft and shorten long ugly tracking links to increase clicks.
  •  Allows you to monitor and track your traffic sources so you can ramp up the ones which are doing the best and eliminate the ones that aren’t.
  •  Finally, you can track your clicks, conversions and traffic data then analyze the stats in detail so you can see what’s making you money and what’s not.
  • Click.org gives you instant access to this money-tree of data in a very easy to use backend.

If you are not getting access to all this critical information, you can guarantee that you’re losing sales to your direct competitors, all because you're not paying attention to the information that's readily available to you.

Who Else Uses Click.org?


Nothing in business can be optimized until it can be measured, and that’s exactly what Click.org allows you to do.

Value of Click.org vs The Competition

It's only when you see the list of Click.org's features over the competition that you will truly appreciate how many extra features it includes. Here's a chart below.


Your Trial Of Click.org

Take a 14 day trial of Click.org for only $1 with the promotion code on this article Click To Tweet

Click here, or on the banner below and use my promo code: JOYHEALEY

Free eBook: Why You Should Track Clicks

Your Free eBook: Why you need to be tracking your clicks Click To Tweet

You can also click here to download a free eBook about why you should track your clicks.

Thanks for those, Ellen….

I'd love to hear from any readers who take this click tracker trial, and I hope you'll find it helpful. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Trial of clicky.org click tracker

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Enstine Muki - March 8, 2016

Good to know you are now breathing some fresh air after periods of turmoil with your blog and thanks for Ellen Chedid to talk to us about this tracking tool.

Ellen, you made a great point about free tools. They have lots of drawbacks, one of which is that most are seen as spam links.

I think your tool has more options that make it attractive.

what do you think about Google Analytics’s URL/UTM builder ? I know it lacks some features you presented in this post but so many marketers are using it with success. Maybe you’ll need to do a post that compares the 2 😉

    Joy - March 8, 2016

    Hi Enstine,

    Thanks for your visit and helpful comments. Yes, I am enjoying having a calmer period than of late.

    I’ll ask Ellen if she’d be able to do a post comparing the two as I did mention that many of my readers use Analytics.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, Joy – Blogging After Dark

Edward Thorpe - March 8, 2016

Hi Ellen and Joy,

With your online adventures, it’s a timely break for you Joy. And, you get to hang with your Son, wonderful. Hope you’re enjoying having him home again…

Ellen, thanks for the explicit info about Click Tracker. Sounds like a useful tool for online retailers. I especially like it’s traffic directing abilities. And, thanks for the introductory pricing.
Have a great week,

    Joy - March 8, 2016

    Hi Edward,

    Thanks for your visit and comment – sadly Matt has returned home now. But it was lovely having him here, even if it was only for a short time!

    Since your comment I have added the comparison chart to other click tracking tools 🙂

    Have a great week. Joy – Blogging After Dark

Lea Bullen - March 8, 2016

Hi Joy,

I hope you enjoyed your time off with your son.

Using a click tracker makes perfect sense when you’re trying to increase your sales. When you know what draws readers in you know what to offer and how to target them. Almost like you’re reading their minds, which makes for an easier sales process.

The free trial is a nice touch. Have a good one!


    Joy - March 9, 2016

    Hi Lea,

    I had a great time thanks – we got lots done – and still had time to chill with a Mothering Sunday meal and a glass (or two!) of wine.

    Confession time – although I’ve had tracking on my website for quite a while, with all the trials and tribulations of the previous month or two, I had forgotten to look at it. Ellen’s guest article prompted me to look again and from the stats it produced I learned which of my posts were getting the most traffic and that gave me the perfect reason to go in and make sure they’re the best they could be.

    By the way, it’s a $1 trial rather than free, but still a great value offer.

    Thanks for visiting, Joy – Blogging After Dark

Tom Southern - March 9, 2016

Hi Ellen and Joy,

To be honest, I’m not a big follower of clicks or metrics in general. I do follow analytics like where my readers are coming from and the ratio between new visitors and returning readers.

I offer training and coaching that takes the frustration out of getting traffic to your blog by finding the right people for your products or services, so I can usually keep up-to-date with sales without a lot of tracking involved.

Keeping up with sales if you’re an affiliate or internet marketer could probably need more in-depth tracking.

I’m lucky in that, because I know who I want coming to my blog I know who is most likely to be my potential clients so I know where they’re coming from.

It all comes from knowing what end result you want out of your business.

– Tom

    Joy - March 10, 2016

    Hi Tom,

    Welcome to my blog – funnily enough your name has been popping up all over the place recently and I had intended to “drop in and say hi” – but you have beaten me to it 🙂

    Tracking is useful for me if I take out a paid advert or mailing, but I don’t actually do a lot of those.

    I agree that the ideal situation is, like yours, where you have your target customer properly figured out. I’m getting closer to that ideal, but it’s still “Work in progress” for me, as I’m still a part-time blogger.

    Thanks for your visit, and I hope to see you back here again.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Aletta Arganaraz - March 10, 2016

Great Article , very comprehensive as always. In your experience, when call data is collected in Google Analytics, can it be used to automatically optimize the campaign via goal conversions or is it still a manual process of making bidding adjustments based on your findings.

    Joy - March 10, 2016

    Hi Aletta,

    Thanks for your question… I’m going to invite Ellen back to respond to your and Enstine’s questions.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Michael - March 10, 2016

Very informative post, Joy! Thank you for sharing. I will look into click.org further.

    Joy - March 10, 2016

    Hi Michael,

    I hope you will find it useful – and if you go with the trial please let us know how you find it.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Ellen - March 11, 2016

Hi Enstine, good question.

Google Analytics’s URL/UTM builder is a great way to create basic tracking links so you can see where your traffic is coming from and run basic A/B split tests, but it lacks most of the extra money making features that are included in Click.org.

It’s a great free tool for when people are starting out, but when you get more serious, you’d want to use a Click Tracking and Traffic Optomization tool like Click.org. We’ve seen may people increase their email marketing affiliate promotions by over 50% using Click.org, so it’s well worth the small monthly fee 🙂

Ellen - March 11, 2016

Hi Aletta, do you mean with Google AdWords?

Click.org is not meant to be a replacement of alternative for Google Analytics. While they can both track stats or run split tests, Click.org in designed for marketers who drive traffic to their site to help them optimize and get the most out of each click.

So if someone sends email traffic, PPC traffic, does Facebook Ads or buys or sends any type of traffic to their sites (besides organic traffic), that is who Click.org is designed for.

So besides split testing different landing pages or rotating affiliate offers, you can use our marketing popups to add urgency or collect opt-ins or add exit popups to affiliate offers, use the IP rotation to send people to different offers each time they click your links improving the chances they’ll buy, or test different mobile friendly offers etc.

We’ve actually got a short report on our blog showing you 10 ways that Click.org can help you make more money that you might find helpful: http://click.org/blog/make-more-money

Sarah Arrow - March 12, 2016

Happy Mother’s day Joy, and fascinating read Ellen. I currently use Pretty Link and track the links from my WordPress dashboard. Are there disadvantages to using a system like this? And how does Facebook deal with these links? I’ve found other blogger’s have had issues in the past when using certain tools for their links.

    Joy - March 12, 2016

    Hi Sarah,

    I had a great day thanks. I use Pretty Link too, so I’ll be interested in Ellen’s answer to yor questions. I’ll ask her to reply, but I think she’s probably off for the weekend now 🙂

    Good to see you on my blog, you are very welcome.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Bharat Sharma - March 14, 2016

I agree click tracking is a great way to know about all the areas ( or platform) which you can target to increase your sales and revenues. As of present I am not using any click tracking method as there is no product on my blog, but I’ll think about it when my blog will grow.

Othe than the click tracking, one can also use tools like crazyegg to know where your visitors are clicking more ( when they visit your site). Same information can be used to proper desigining of website and one can showcase his products/services better. If your users are clicking more at th sidebar then you can promote your product on the sidebar and if they are scrolling down a lot ( for adding comments etc.) then you can promote your product at the bottom of post.

    Joy - March 14, 2016

    Hi Bharat,

    Thanks for mentioning Crazy Egg, it’s not something I’d come across before. Also very smart tip about watching how far people scroll down your sidebar.

    By the way – the CommentLuv link below is the article I mentioned in the PAC post, if it’s of any help. Hope all gets sorted soon.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Ellen - March 15, 2016

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for your Feedback. Click.org allows you to use any domain including Facebook.

Yes- There are many disadvantages to using software’s such as Pretty Link as they don’t offer feature that will help you analyse in depth what is working and how you can increase your Online success such as, Geo targeting, A/B Split Testing, Link Rotation & redirection, and marketing popups.

Debarpan - March 17, 2016

It’s real Nice to know about click.org.Seems like great tracking to boost the sales.Thanks for sharing this.

    Joy - March 17, 2016

    Hi Debarpan,

    I’ve just updated the post because Ellen has given me a free eBook you can download to tell everyone more about click tracking.

    Please feel free to pass it on to anyone you think would find it helpful.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Joan M Harrington - March 19, 2016

Thanks Joy for the awesome review of how to utilize a click tracker and why using a “paid” one benefits you the most! Awesome share 🙂

    Joy - March 20, 2016

    Hi Joan,

    Glad you found it helpful. Yes, I guess that although free is great, you’re almost bound to get better benefits from using a paid tool.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Kathryn Maclean - March 19, 2016

Hi Joy,
Thanks so much for this post. Glad you had some time with your son Matt. As I also have a son named Matt I know how much you must enjoy seeing him.
The post from Ellen was eye opening. I had not been using paid tracking, just bit.ly tracking and I see how much more can be done. Very helpful article so I am going to be checking out paid tracking in the near future.

    Joy - March 20, 2016

    Hi Kathryn

    Glad you found Ellen’s post helpful. I think what through me badly with free tracking like bit.ly was that when I went back to check my stats, the links were pointing to someone else’s product – so they had “expired” for me. Couldn’t tell you the time-scale, but something important to check out.

    Hope you got the rather late posted download link that I added from Ellen.

    Big bonus for me – my Matt is coming back again on Monday 🙂 Not for him though – it’s a dental appointment.
    Hope you get to see your Matt soon.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Atish Ranjan - March 22, 2016

Hello Ellen and Joy,

Thanks for introducing click.org. This is something interesting, and I am going to give it a look in some time. Click tracker is very important when you run a campaign. I have used a few free trackers, and never used any paid ones. But, seems its high time to check it out.

Thanks both of you. Enjoy the week ahead.

    Joy - March 23, 2016

    Hi Atish,

    Glad you found the post useful and I hope you’ll take the Click.org trial.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, Joy – Blogging After Dark

Psychic Nest - April 5, 2016

Hi Joy,

Thank you about the informative article concerning click.org. I barely knew anything about it, so thank you! Keep it up with the great work!


    Joy - April 8, 2016

    Hi Zaria

    I’m glad you find the article interesting. Do you use any kind of click tracking?

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

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