Beyond The Basics of Videos

You're finally starting to make video content, but you've just realized video is a crowded space and your own videos are getting lost in the noise. To make your videos truly impactful, you need to go beyond the basics and start leveraging your video content in creative and strategic ways.

Here's how:

1: Forget the Boring Stuff

Long-winded single shot videos are out, and micro-content is in. Think bite-sized Reels, TikTok gems, and snappy YouTube Shorts. These bad boys are easily digestible, highly shareable, and perfect for grabbing those fleeting attention spans. Use them to tease longer-form content, showcase behind-the-scenes glimpses, or share quick tips and tricks. Making a longer video? Fill it with tons of great stuff, no long intros or rambling segues and plenty of cuts from one angle or scene to another.

2: Forget Passive Viewing and Get Interactive

Engage your audience with live Q&A sessions, polls, quizzes, even interactive stories where viewers choose their own path. You'll hook viewers, foster deeper engagement and keep them coming back for more.

3: Partner with Unexpected Voices

Collaborate with influencers, experts, or even customers outside your usual circle. This fresh perspective can add a unique voice to your content and reach new audiences. Imagine a renowned chef partnering with a tech company to create a series of cooking tutorials using smart kitchen gadgets.

4: Repurpose Like a ProLeveraging Your Video Content for Maximum Impact

You work hard to create your video content, so don't let it gather dust. Extract valuable snippets, quotes, and key takeaways and repurpose them across different platforms. Turn a segment of an interview into a short Instagram video, create a blog post expanding on a video's topic, or use snippets in email marketing campaigns – the possibilities are endless.

5: Personalize the Experience

Leverage data and analytics to personalize your video content for individual viewers. This could involve dynamic thumbnails tailored to their interests, personalized video recommendations based on their viewing history, or even interactive elements that respond to their choices.

6: Don't Be Afraid to Get Weird

Sometimes, breaking the mold can be the key to success. Experiment with unconventional formats, embrace humor and creativity, and don't be afraid to take risks. A quirky video that stands out from the crowd can generate significant buzz and leave a lasting impression.

7: Optimize for Search and Discoverability

Remember, discoverability is key. Optimize your titles, descriptions, and tags with relevant keywords. Utilize playlists and series to create a cohesive experience for viewers.

8: Encourage User-Generated Content

Here's your secret weapon: User-generated content. Running contests or challenges, encouraging viewers to create their own videos – it's a win-win. You get fresh content; they get a chance to shine, and you increase engagement and build a loyal community.

9: Integrate Video with Your Other Marketing Efforts

Your videos aren't standalone entities. Integrate your video content seamlessly with your overall marketing strategy. Promote your videos across social media channels, include them in email newsletters, and embed them on your website and landing pages, making video a part of your whole marketing strategy.

10: Three More Things: Track, Analyze, Adapt

Numbers don't lie, so use them to see what's working and what's not. Don't be afraid to adjust your approach based on what you learn.

Remember, the most impactful video content goes beyond the ordinary. By embracing creativity, experimentation, and strategic thinking, you can unlock the true potential of video and achieve remarkable results.

Don't want to appear on camera?

No problem! Neither do I.

And actually that sits perfectly well with many of the points above. I can't imagine anything worse and more boring than expecting viewers to watch ME stammering and stumbling over explanations.

Writing is my medium, and I think I do it pretty well (if I may say so).

So far better that I use….

Faceless Videos

A faceless video is a visual content piece where the presenter or subject remains unidentified or obscured throughout.

The absence of a recognizable face creates an air of mystery, making it a common stylistic choice for various purposes. This anonymity allows viewers to focus on the content itself, emphasizing voice, narrative, or visuals.

Faceless videos are used for several reasons, ranging from storytelling, educational content, artistic expression, or even maintaining privacy.

Another important reason is that you don't need expensive equipment, because you can make Faceless videos using a wide variety of inexpensive software systems.

In my case I use faceless videos purely because I don't like appearing on camera – even in selfies!

Whether through creative framing, use of props, or deliberate concealment, faceless videos offer a unique avenue for conveying messages without relying on the presenter's facial identity.

I'm sure you'll have come across them, but please indulge me with this one below.

Be gentle with me, I'm VERY new to YouTube in any form, and the video above is my first attempt trying out a new platform!