It takes a lot to get me excited these days, but in this MAP Review I hope I can kindle that same excitement in you that I felt when I watched this video.

There are many excellent ways to learn affiliate marketing – but believe me if you are new to earning online you really need to wise-up to the scams and dirty tricks that the gurus will play on you.

So to get clued up, you can watch this free MAP webinar. As of today it's currently showing the pre-launch position for Platinum members who will receive life-time membership for a single payment.

Because I have access to tons of excellent training already, I must confess I ignored this for a few days, until a marketer I know and respect encouraged me to actually sit down and watch the MAP Backers video (link above).

My experience as an affiliate marketer immediately spotted that is the chance to be in at the beginning of a superb opportunity that's unfolding right NOW, because let's face it – that's where the easiest commissions are made, not when it's already known by the masses.

The Top MAP Benefits For Me Are:

  • Created by two experienced marketers who have been online for many years, so I know they have the technical expertise to do this and deliver what they promise
  • Simple to understand
  • Built so that you benefit when your team makes a purchase from external sources such as Aweber, JVZoo, Warrior+, Clickbank and Udimi
  • Payment method is PayPal or Wise – both of which are completely straight forward.
  • Promote just the MAP One-link and the system does everything else for you
  • For MAP Platinum members, two tier commissions and a life-time membership for a one time payment
  • At this early stage in the business, many of the clicks to my one-link are coming from the company rotator, and apparently 38 sales have been made (for members) purely from traffic the company has sent to our link
  • Link tracking, so you can easily tell where your referrals have come from – rotator or your own sources
  • Training to cover every type of marketing – including blogging, which many systems seem to forget about
  • When MAP launches there will be affordable entry-points (even free) for newcomers to the affiliate marketing arena to start earning and learning
  • There will be 90-day follow-up emails ‘Done-For-You' by the company, encouraging your prospects to upgrade and make commissions for you
  • Live webinars, dedicated support portal and Facebook group – you'd expect nothing less

Your Next Step – The Video

I'm not going to ramble on, when everything is explained fully by the creators, so watch this video >> HERE

If you are a serious online business person, ready to make a surprisingly affordable life-time investment, for one-off advantages:

  • You'll either ‘get it' and immediately sign-up and start building a team and earning commissions ready for the full-launch
  • OR, if you're not able to make the Platinum commitment, get on my MAP launch wait list HERE and I'll send you updates about the actual launch so that you can start at one of the lower levels as soon as possible.

Of course the third option is to do absolutely nothing, in which case you'll be left behind and wondering what happened.

If you missed BitCoin, LiveGood, and any of the early days of other success stories, here's your chance to be in at the start of MAP.

Feel free to contact me on Facebook or by email with questions – but to be honest everything you could want to know is answered in the exciting MAP Backers video here.

Second Tier Commissions in MAP

I was surprised how many people didn't actually understand how these work – so let me spell it out for you.

Suppose Alice, a savvy Platinum MAP member with an eye for opportunity and a knack for email marketing (or social media marketing) contacts Betty, and Betty  joins MAP under Alice's recommendation, stepping into the world of affiliate marketing.

Then Charlie, Betty's contact, also decides to join the MAP revolution.

Here's how the MAP two-tier commissions will be shared out.

Stage 1: ALICE Understands the MAP business and joins at Platinum

Alice, a MAP Platinum member, sends a compelling email to her subscribers about the wonders of MAP. Betty, immediately watches the video and seeing the potential, signs up for a Platinum membership through Alice's “MAP One Link” for $797. Celebration time for Alice who just earned a juicy 75% commission!


Before distributing the commission, MAP pays its dues to the digital gatekeepers, PayPal or Stripe (2.9% or 2.29%), and the ever-watchful AIMPay (3%). After these fees, MAP is left with approximately $749.18 to play with.

So Alice will earn 75% of $749.18, which amounts to a handsome $561.89. But what of the remaining $187.29, you ask? That is about to spark even more MAP commissions.


Inspired by Alice's success, Betty decides to spread the news of MAP. She reaches out to her list, or social media contacts, and Charlie, intrigued, joins MAP under Betty. Betty now earns her 75% commission, mirroring Alice's triumph. But remember Alice? She's about to get a taste of the MAP second-tier commission magic.


From Betty's sale, MAP rewards Alice's wisdom in contacting Betty. The profit from Betty's sale to Charlie stands at $187.29. Alice then earns a 25% second-tier commission from this profit, totaling $46.82. It's like finding money in your pocket you didn't know you had!


So, to recap: Charlie's entry not only benefits Betty with a $561.89 windfall but also adds a sweet $46.82 to Alice's balance, all thanks to the marvel of second-tier commissions.


Why this Matters in this MAP Review

We're all here to make commissions, so let's be clear.

Anyone who tells you that you can earn without doing anything is flat out lying to you. Send them your money if you want to, but don't expect anything back.

Internet Marketing is a business, and MAP will teach you how to run a business.

MAP's second-tier commission system is designed to reward members for not just bringing in new affiliates but also for the successes of those they've introduced to MAP. It's the gift that keeps on giving, ensuring that the ripple effect of your efforts is felt and rewarded.

In MAP, every link is a potential goldmine, and every referral can lead to an ever-expanding stream of earnings. Alice, Betty, and Charlie's journey through the world of online commissions shows just how rewarding affiliate marketing with MAP can be, especially when you embrace the power of community and helping each other.

So, MAPsters, wield your One Links wisely, share the MAP love, and watch as the commission magic unfolds in your affiliate marketing adventure!

Still here? If you haven't yet watched the MAP founder video, watch it here.