When it comes to your online business, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to improve sales. From interacting with your customers on social media to updating your marketing strategy to better target your audience, there are plenty of avenues to consider to boost sales. But all of these avenues have one thing in common: customer experience, or CX as it is commonly known.

Customer experience is more valuable than ever before. In a world where everyone is constantly being bombarded with advertisements — whether through their social media feeds, on TV, or when surfing the web. With such information overload it can be hard to capture anyone’s attention. That’s why understanding the needs of your customers and providing them with what they are looking for is crucial.

To help you understand where customers stand on their loyalty to brands, as well as what fellow marketers and business owners have to say about this sector of their business, the team at Chattermill has put together a great roundup of CX statistics and lessons for the new year.

15 Customer Experience Statistics You Need to Know

But just how much does customer experience improve your bottom line? Check out the statistics on customer experience and satisfaction below to get a better idea.

  1. Just one bad experience can drive away 32% of consumers, even if they were previously a very loyal customer.
  2. 88% prefer over the phone communication with their customer service team.
  3. Brands that take the time to understand their customers needs and wants, get more loyal customers (as 78% are more loyal to brands that they feel understand them).
  4. Don’t forget the mobile experience of your customers, as 90% of millennials (and 78% of all consumers) prefer to use their smartphones for customer service interactions.
  5. Paying close attention to how your customers experience your site is a top priority to 80% of the top-performing businesses in the world.
  6. Just under half of businesses manage CX through a customer service team, while 30% have marketing take on customer experience.
  7. In just three years, a billion dollar company can earn an average of $775 million by making a few CX improvements to their site.
  8. Customer service, also known as CX, is a majority priority for 90% of all businesses.
  9. While online is certainly a popular avenue for shopping, when customers need help, 
  10. Getting prioritized customer care is a huge plus, with almost one third of customers willing to pay extra for it.
  11. The correlation between a positive customer experience and a return customer is extremely high, meaning investing in a good customer service team can be profitable for years to come.
  12. If you focus strictly on CX, you’ll join the 14% of other businesses that have focused on this category in recent years.
  13. Almost half of consumers (40%) shop online more now than they did before 2020.
  14. Customer experience has become highly competitive, with 80% of marketers predicting that will be their main avenue of competition within the next few years.
  15. During the pandemic, almost 75% of consumers shopped at a new store.
  16. Over 80% of American consumers want a more human experience when shopping online.

Over the past year, the companies (no matter if they are small or large) that experienced the best sales put their customers front and center. By streamlining their website, becoming mobile-friendly, posting online consistently and staying up to date with current events, brands were able to establish consumer trust and build a base of customers that will return to them long after the pandemic ends. Do you want that kind of success for your business? (who wouldn’t!) Then take a closer look at the CX takeaways from our friends at Chattermill in the infographic below.

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