Here's my Review of LeasedAdSpace, a perfect way to get low cost traffic and also make money online selling affordable traffic to others. Because one of the reasons newcomers to online marketing get off to a slow start making money online is that they struggle to get traffic.

Review Of LeasedAdSpace

It's a simple program where your membership buys you traffic, for ever, with the lowest membership package which is just $9.97 one time. See the features below:

Review Of LeasedAdSpace 1

Your one-time membership cost gets you text and banner ads, a free blog and recurring solo-ads. The period of time between solo-ads depends on the level of your membership. But don't imagine the membership levels are expensive…. at the time of writing, the costs are LOW, and are one-off for life.

All members are given:
  • A free customizable personal profile page
  • A personal free blog so you can start generating content and getting your message out
  • Posting in our Ad Board Directory using click credits. 10 credits per post
  • Access to the affiliate program (one time $10 cost), where even free members can earn commissions on sales

Review Of LeasedAdSpace 2

8,000 Banner Ad Impressions
4,000 Text Ad Impressions
1 solo email every 28 days, cross posted to company AdBlog
1 free post per day in company Ad Board Directory

12,000 Banner Ad Impressions
6,000 Text Ad Impressions
1 solo email every 14 days, cross posted to company AdBlog
2 free posts per day in company Ad Board Directory

20,000 Banner Ad Impressions
14,000 Text Ad Impressions
1 solo email every 9 days, cross posted to company AdBlog
3 free posts per day in company Ad Board Directory

24,000 Banner Ad Impressions
16,000 Text Ad Impressions
1 solo email every 7 days, cross posted to our AdBlog
4 free posts per day in company Ad Board Directory

28,000 Banner Ad Impressions
18,000 Text Ad Impressions
1 solo email every 5 days, cross posted to company AdBlog
5 free posts per day in company Ad Board Directory

40,000 Banner Ad Impressions
20,000 Text Ad Impressions
1 solo email every 4 days, cross posted to company AdBlog
6 free posts per day in company Ad Board Directory

110,000 Impressions – Every Month!
60,000 Text Ad Impressions – Every Month !
1 solo email every 48 hours, cross posted to company AdBlog
25 free posts per day in company Ad Board Directory

You can't buy the higher level packages until you've bought the lower ones – but even if you were to buy all the packages, plus the affiliate registration fee (one off £10) you'd only be paying a life-time $412 for the benefits above, with the possibility of earning up to 75% commission (75% for Red Diamonds) on any sales you make.

Optional: To allow for residual income, additional advertising packages are on sale, right up to a $67 monthly subscription. At the time of writing that's sold out, so it's obviously popular.

Free Blog

One of of most important aspects I want to feature in this review of LeasedAdSpace is the free blog.

As well as the traffic from your solo-ads, banner ads etc, you get a free personal blog – which, to a newbie, is probably the most valuable asset of them all, because – if you use it – you can get free traffic.

Yes, purist bloggers will quite rightly tell you that you should pay for your own hosting, so you own your own content.

But, look at it this way – you're brand new to online marketing, want to make money online, but you're skint. So if someone starts telling you to spend money on hosting – and GOOD hosting at that – you're incurring costs right away, spending money instead of making money online. So a free blog, to get you started, is not to be sniffed at!

Furthermore, what newcomers may not realise right away is that even having a self-hosted blog is no guarantee of visitors. That takes hard slog, and adding content and getting indexed by the search engines. None of that's easy for a new domain.

However LeasedAdSpace is a well established domain with tons of content, so it's more attractive to search engines, and you'll get plenty of free traffic just by being associated with it. So long as you use the facilities.

Your LeasedAdSpace Profile

Another important benefit of your LeasedAdSpace membership is your profile page. Without having advertised my LeasdAdSpace profile page at all I was surprised to discover that it had been viewed 1330 times. You'll see that it shows info about me, my most recent blog posts, a couple of my favourite videos and my favourite programs. And that's even available to free members!

So why would anyone go to the trouble of signing up for LeasedAdSpace, presumably to get traffic to their offer, but neglect to complete that important free promotional page?

Could this lack of action be one of the reasons why so many people are not making money online? They join a free program, do absolutely nothing with it, move onto something else that “sounds good” and then wonder why they've made no money online.

Just filling in my LeasedAdSpace profile page (which comes free, remember) got me 1330 visitors. Now seasoned readers will know that 1330 visitors is a drop in the ocean in the online world. But it's 1330 free visitors more than I would have had if I'd done nothing. Well…. I'd still have had the visitors, but what a waste of free online real estate, to see a bit fat blank, as shown at the bottom of the video below.

Not Making Money Online? This May Be Why

Are you one of the many people not making money online? Although you could be forgiven for thinking you're the only one, you're not alone. Because despite the impression people give about “easy money online”, there's actually no such thing. It's HARD.

Yet some people really don't give themselves the best chance they could – for the simple reason that they don't take consistent action on anything.

Not long ago someone on Facebook Messenger was asking me how to get a free blog. I gave him the usual spiel about how a self-hosted blog was “best”, but he was totally skint. So I gave him my LeasedAdSpace affiliate link, telling him about the free blog. He  gave me a perfunctory thank-you, did absolutely nothing with it, and presumably went off to harass someone else for a free blog, ignoring the one he'd been given.

On top of the free blog and profile, which would get him some visitors anyway, for $9.97 he could have been sending a solo ad to all the members, every 28 days, plus all the other benefits of LeasedAdSpace.

The video below, sent to members, shows the understandable frustration of one of the owners of LeasedAdSpace about “freebie seekers who do absolutely nothing”.

While I'm sure that regular readers of this blog don't fall into that category, it serves as a great introduction to the many benefits of this perfect low cost source of traffic and ways to make money online.

Pros And Cons of LeasedAdSpace

What strikes me now is that the cons can also be pros when viewed in another light 🙂

The blog is free – obviously the zero cost is a “pro” for a complete newcomer, as is the fact that it's on a high-ranking domain that's got loads of content being posted regularly, so attractive to search engines, and already getting traffic. Against that, you don't own it. So if LeasedAdSpace goes out of business or decide that your business is unethical (etc) they can shut you down. I have just had a Facebook page shut down – I have no idea what I did to offend them, and Facebook ignore my questions.

Low learning curve – compared to learning how to set up your own blog, keep it free from hackers, attract traffic and cope with the many technical problems that hit me when I started my own blog, LeasedAdSpace is a doddle. There are tutorial videos and a technical support team if I do get stuck.

The quality of the traffic – well, it's VERY low cost, so you can't compare it to expensive leads you may have bought or advertised for on Google, Facebook or other paid traffic sources. However, I have paid a lot of money to solo-ad providers and had no conversions whatsoever. I don't know if I was scammed, or was my ad-copy rubbish? At least on LeasedAdSpace if an advert bombs it's cost me cents rather than dollars. So it's a great place to test adverts. On the other side of the coin, if you're promoting a low cost offer that's attractive to newbies you may just find your perfect prospect there.

The quantity of the traffic – visitors are already on the AdBoards, you don't have to go out and find them. The program owners advertise it extensively themselves, and other users are there promoting their own programs. At the top of many pages you'll see how many people are online at the time. I've never seen that below four figures, so eyeballs are there, if you can just attract them.

Targeting – the focus is very much on the “make money online” marketplace, so I wouldn't be advertising a local knitting shop on LeasedAdSpace! But if the online business market is what you're aiming to reach – perhaps selling supplementary services for online marketers – it's the right place to be.

Used by many professional marketers – which shows the service is good enough to attract experienced marketers to the platform. So if YOUR service appeals to a professional, you may pick up a very valuable contact.

Stood the test of time – When it was a brand new program I was unsure about the longevity of LeasedAdSpace and was cautious about how long to spend on it. But almost 3 years on, it's proved itself, and added extra benefits, including optional repeat purchase income streams for the owners and affiliates.

My Use Of LeasedAdSpace

I will confess that although I joined LeasedAdSpace quite a while ago and “did the basics”, I hadn't truly appreciated everything it had to offer, particularly at the higher levels. Yes, I earned a little commission, but compared to what others are earning from it, that's a drop in the ocean.

One hesitation was because all the income was from one-off member packages, and I imagined it was “too good to last” without a regular source of income for the site owners. This has been addressed by their recurring ad sales – but NOT at the expense of their “budget-strapped” members, who can still get a life-time of traffic from a cost as low as a one-time $9.97. Also, it's a program that's low enough cost to attract the ever-increasing numbers of would-be online marketers who come and go. So no shortage of new members.

In the future I will be using and promoting the facilities of LeasedAdSpace much more. In fact, I have already started to get leads from LeasedAdSpace to my primary business.

Hopefully my review of LeasedAdSpace has been helpful for you. To learn more about their low-cost traffic and commissions click my LeasedAdSpace affiliate link here.

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