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No-one ‘gets it' better than I do! I want to be a Senior Affiliate Marketer with an Online Retirement Business – BUT when I got started I fell into the clutches of ‘gurus' online. They lied to me SO badly and I was too trusting to realise it.

Finally, common sense kicked in when I realised that if push-button wealth existed, no-one would be selling the ‘secret' – they'd be sitting there pushing that button as fast as they could.

I actually had to DO something to make that online income.

For a while, I gave up on the dream of online business, because what I learned was so depressing I knew I couldn't beat the expert marketers who were so adept at pulling the wool over everyone's eyes.

Then, I found a trust-worthy on line mentor, listened to what he was teaching, started applying it, and gradually the tables turned and commissions were coming in for me, as well as for thousands of others promoting the same training.

Should be just Rinse and Repeat?

Sadly not, because this program became (deservedly) SO popular I found it hard to find people who hadn't already joined it.

Yes, there are techniques round it, but I found them just too time-consuming for the time I wanted to spend building an online retirement business. I was working harder on that than I'd been working on my full-time off-line business.

And I'll be honest, I have little patience with chatting on Facebook, and even less time to fiddle about with phones and videos. I don't even want to waste time watching them, let alone making them!

So, again I decided to go in a different direction and return to my ‘blogging roots'. (That's still a work-in-progress and I'm really enjoying it – tell you more another time.)

Then, suddenly, the answer to my affiliate marketing dreams came along and I was back in the affiliate marketing for seniors saddle again, as I joined the pre-launch (Phase 2) of Master Affiliate Profits (MAP).

MAP Review

This program is the brain-child of veteran affiliate marketers John Thornill and Omar and Melinda Martin.

John has been a successful online trainer for as long as I can remember. Omar and Melinda Martin are a couple of his early students.

They have joined forces to produce the MAP (Master Affiliate Profits) system and it's excellent, so I hopped on board as quickly as I could.

The features I love are:

  • You can earn for life from the purchases of any customer you bring to the platform
  • You can earn commissions from 3rd-party offers promoted within the program. For instance Aweber, JVZoo, W+ and solo-ad providers (I've already earned from someone in my team buying solo-ads)
  • At the moment there's a pre-launch offer of pay once and never again
  • When it launches (Phase 3), later in April 2024, we can earn from members who take monthly memberships (free, $37pcm, $67pcm, $97pcm)
  • YES – even free members will earn from sales to anyone they introduce
  • It's easy to add tracking, so that you know where your customers and prospects have come from
  • 99% of ‘would-be' marketers just refuse to accept the truth that to be successful on-line you MUST build an email list and follow-up with them.  So MAP does this for you, with a 90-day ‘done-for-you' follow up email sequence.
  • In addition to that, smart marketers will also be following the MAP list building training.
  • Blogging lessons are included too – my first (and continuing) love of earning online.

Have a look at this 2 minute video for full-details of the training:

That image on the video pretty much shows how I was trying to juggle my life with the previous program – and I just didn't want to do that. I wanted a part-time business.

Sure, if social media marketing appeals to you – go for it and use the training inside MAP.

If, like me, you prefer email marketing and / or blogging, do that instead.

Here's a more detailed explanation of MAP, explaining exactly why any serious affiliate marketer should get on board now.

Doesn't this all sound a bit similar to previous programs?

Fair comment, but I was sitting about with half an hour to spare, waiting for my son's Easter visit. Cooking all done and I was on time!

My eyes landed on a physical book by an early mentor, Dean Holland, and in that book he described ‘The Ultimate Funnel'. I learned a lot from Dean, but didn't continue as, at the time, I couldn't afford the monthly fee.

With hindsight, everything I am offering you now follows the same model, except my pockets aren't deep enough to give away a free physical book.

So why does affiliate marketing all sound the same?

…build an email list, send them emails, offer them a low price training, then optionally higher levels if they want more help…

It's still the same today and it was when Dean taught it.

Because it works.

I am still following, the same model, although I no longer follow Dean's excellent program, as I found a more affordable system.Be a Senior Affiliate Marketer in Online Retirement Business: MAP Review 1

So how can this help YOU?

  • You can either watch this video for the one-off life-time offer – click here – join and take advantage of the remaining pre-launch period to bring in your team and make big one-off commissions.
  • Or you can join my MAP waitlist for the Phase 2 launch.

But whichever you do, don't let this one pass you by. It's like being in at the beginning of all the previous launches that went on without you.