Rather belatedly I'm doing a LiveGood review for readers. Network marketing / MLM was how I made the best money I've ever made online, several years ago – but my team couldn't duplicate the success and then the company was taken over by a non-MLM company.

So I've always had a soft spot for an MLM with a repeat product, but it had to have a compensation plan that rewarded the ‘little' distributor, not just the top people.

And here's where LiveGood comes in and fits the bill.

I registered a position with this program in late December – from memory I was packing to go away for Christmas so didn't really have time to look into it properly.


  • It came highly recommended from a good contact of mine.
  • The founders have a history of running previous successful MLM companies.
  • It's based around a powerline structure – explained >> in this LiveGood video here <<
  • I've seen how quickly team-builds like this grow in the past – BUT they can also collapse pretty quickly if a high month 2 payment becomes due. This is unlikely to happen with LiveGood because there's no expensive product purchase to be made every month. Just buy, at wholesale price, when you want.
  • The startup cost ($40 affiliate fee) and monthly cost ($9.95) are extremely low. Yes it's a business, for profits to be paid out, money must be paid in. No money comes from thin air.
  • Once you've paid out the start-up cost, you know what the monthly cost will be and it's so low you're unlikely to quibble – especially as you see a team of paid members being built underneath you.
  • In fact in my case, having seen that team of paid members, I changed my opinion from ‘not bothering to promote' to believing that this is a ‘must-have' for any online marketer's portfolio.
  • Because: it puts income from MLM / network marketing commissions within the range of the average distributor, by replacing expensive products that people struggle to sell, with affordable products. (In typical MLM companies, the average MLM distributor will recruit less than 3 members, and many recruit none, so earn nothing, even after making expensive product purchases.)
  • No compulsory monthly product purchase. You only have to buy products when you want to use them, or when someone buys something from you.
  • It's on-trend, at a time of rocketing costs and a cost of living crisis, people want to reduce spending wherever possible and earn an extra income.

So I took a paid position, went off for my Christmas and New Year breaks and didn't give it much thought, until my sponsor reminded me to have a look at what had happened while I was away.

(Every Thursday all paid members are moved from the powerline into the matrix in the next available slot, falling under members who have already paid – like me.)

It's better explained in the >> video here <<. Pop your email address in while you're there – no obligation at this point.

My Results With LiveGood In Under a Month

While I was away, the team build had placed 12 paid up members in my team – see below. The pale green members (like me) are those who haven't yet ranked by introducing 2 paid members – so their theoretical earnings are capped at $2,047.50 per month. The bronze member has introduced two paid members so can potentially earn ‘significantly more' and the blank spots are waiting for next Thursday's run, to be filled by whoever in my powerline becomes a paid member.

My LiveGood paid members



This was the position after 5th January 2023 and I only joined on 18th December 2022

Also, a staggering 24,281 people have expressed interest since I joined on 18th December, and LiveGood is following them up to convert them into paying members. (I won't pretend that all 24,281 will become paying members, most won't, but if even 40 of them do that will be break-even point to cover my monthly fee.)

LiveGood Review 1

How to Earn Commissions with LiveGood

Disclaimer: Nothing in this article is a guarantee of income.  This is a business, not employment. What you will earn depends on your own efforts and efforts of the people in your team – your upline and anyone who falls into your team from the efforts of others.

The best thing, for me, about this business is that the compensation plan is cleverly designed so that members can earn up to $2,047.50 per MONTH without ever enrolling a single person.

And anyone who chooses to share the affordable products and compensation plan with others, can earn even more!

Because – paradoxically – the fact that people can earn WITHOUT introducing others means that I'm more likely to share it with others. No-one who cares about others would want to introduce them to a business where they're almost set up to fail by trying to sell overpriced products to family and friends.

What Makes LiveGood Different?

A typical MLM Company (call it XX) sells expensive products (way above the cost of production) so that large commissions can be paid out to a small number of distributors in your upline distributor tree.
livegood review - productsLiveGood sells attractively priced products that you're happy to recommend to family and friends.
Click here to see the shop. (And watch for the price comparisons to leading brands.)
Your customers will be happy to purchase at these prices, instead of you apologetically asking people to buy highly priced products from Company XX to ‘help your business'. They'll probably buy once to help you, but after choking on the price, they'll be looking to find a cheaper alternative elsewhere. Sadly when leaving Company XX your family and friends might go on to purchase a lower quality product than Company XX's. With LiveGood they can continue purchasing products at an excellent price without sacrificing quality. Because with the LiveGood products, their price reflects only the quality of the product, not the commission distributed.
Someone explained it to me by comparison to A****n, a well known online store where I shop more often than I should – because I love the choice offered by the company, their prices and service. However, I don't participate in their affiliate program because it's not very rewarding for small time affiliates such as I would be.
LiveGood Review 2Suppose that company A were charging inflated prices to pay out large referral commissions, we'd be looking to buy our goods elsewhere. But instead, many people (myself included) happily pay our membership fee for a wide selection of quality products at an excellent price.
Another company where members happily pay a membership fee is Costco. My new air-fryer from Costco cost less than half the price of similar models online, which goes a long way towards recovering the membership fee – and that's just one purchase.
So having reconciled myself to paying a membership fee to avail myself of quality products at an affordable price, let's continue my review of LiveGood business by looking at the ways to earn.
You can earn in 6 ways.
  1. Probably the most exciting one for unranked members (those who haven't introduced 2 others) is the 2×14 matrix commission, where any paid member can earn 2.5% of the monthly membership fee, 12 levels deep.
  2. Weekly fast start commissions (for anyone who chooses to introduce a paying member)
  3. Matching bonuses (on personally introduced members)
  4. Retail profits on non-member purchases by anyone you refer to the shop
  5. Influencer bonuses for anyone who retails on a large scale (total retail sales over $2,500 pcm)
  6. Diamond pool qualified members share 2% of the membership and retail profits

What is Support Like?

  • My own team-leader's support is excellent and he's always on hand to answer questions, even quite late.
  • But it's no good having a great compensation plan and sponsor if you can't get hold of anyone from the company when you have a problem. So I emailed a (genuine) question to support just before midnight on a Saturday night and was stunned to receive a reply within half an hour. Not just a ‘canned response' – they had understood and answered my query.
  • Products? There's a clearly stated, and generous product refund policy. If you're unhappy with a product for up to 90 days, return the empty container or unused portion for a refund. Have you tried taking an empty bottle back to your local shop after 89 days and asking for your money back?

Anything I Dislike?

Only one thing – and it's not the fault of the company, nor is it exclusive to LiveGood.

The company is USA based and for me as a UK member shipping, handling and customs fees are expensive.

But that doesn't stop anyone from benefiting from the business structure, and concentrating sales efforts towards USA customers, so you're not compelled to suffer the S&H.


So What Next?

I highly recommend that you register for information with >> LiveGood and watch their video here <<,  then as you see the powerline grow beneath you, upgrade to a paid membership and watch your paid team grow, while enjoying realistically priced nutritional supplements.

What's The Risk? In my opinion being employed is one the biggest risks of any because all your eggs are in one basket.  There is a risk with any business – online or offline – and if the startup cost and membership fee for LiveGood are amounts you cannot risk losing, or spending them would impact on your food or housing costs, don't join this – or any – business. You'll be hard-pushed to join any product-based business for a lower cost.

However the other risk is of of doing nothing and watching other people earn from this business when you haven't even looked at it.

Please register for more information, and to reserve a place in the powerline (no obligation at that point). Then contact me with any questions you have that are stopping you from upgrading.

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