In a recent article I explained that my online business activities had been nil, yet repeat commissions were still coming in from work I had done in previous months. (It's not the point that I want to make in today's article, but here's a reminder of that article – How to make money when you can't work.)

That was a month ago. Since then – just more of the same.

Commissions from work I did before I had to put my Internet Marketing activities on hold. Because, however ‘easy' the gurus tell you that it is to make money online, I'm here to tell you it's NOT easy. If you learn nothing more from this email, follow the Boot Camp below that explains WHY it's not easy.

So I emailed my list (yes – the money IS in the list, just one of the skills I learned below) with that article and it brought me a new chunky commission in a continuity program, that has repeated itself this month.

But Where Had the Repeat Commissions Come From?

They had come from a free training group I joined about a year ago. I'd worked on it back then, but soon afterwards my offline personal and business lives just went ballistic so I did nothing more with it.

But the commission notifications had kept coming in. Not huge – but any commission that still comes in when I'm currently doing nothing to earn it…. well it deserves a second look.

So I went back to the free training site, and WOW – have there been improvements!

There's now a new, free, Boot Camp video series that walks people through the site and literally spoon-feeds them what to do. It even emails your promotional follow-ups for you.

And when they've completed the training they get a Certificate of Completion and a $20 reward!


Get Paid To Learn Internet Marketing

If that's enough to get your attention, create your free account by clicking here (Or login here to an existing account – use the forgotten password link if you need to.)

I'm pretty long in the tooth on Internet Marketing, but I've never seen a site that PAYS YOU for completing their free traffic training.

What's the catch?

Well – you'll be learning to promote this marketer's own products. But as he's giving you a commission to do it – seems a good deal to me. And there's nothing to stop you using what you learn to promote other products / services of your own.


Use It Or Lose It

Many of those on my email lInternet Marketing Free Boot Campist had already asked for the training that's been bringing me in these commissions but they haven't applied it yet.

In my free back-office I can check out what people are doing – or not doing with their training.

So if someone asks me for help, and they haven't even started the training, I can just tell them to do the training. Because anyone who's been in this business longer than a month will know it's not some secret you can teach by passing a link in a Facebook messenger box.

A quick scan shows that many people request the training but do absolutely nothing with it, and then wonder why they have earned nothing – from the work they didn't do.

Go figure.


Free Traffic Training Boot Camp

So after my enforced absence from Internet Marketing I looked at how I could gently ease myself back into online business, I briefly wondered about starting something entirely new. But it would be just crazy to look at a new program when I already have programs that are bringing me in repeat commission every month. So I revisited my already proven programs.

Anyway, the one skill that EVERY marketer needs to learn is traffic generation.

How many times does it need saying? If you have NO traffic (visitors to your website) you will not get paid. No matter how good your product / service is.

So create your free account by clicking here (Or login here to an existing account – use the forgotten password link if you need to.)

NOTE – if you're already in the group you won't get paid to follow the training – because you should have done it already.

But what a great incentive it is to be able to invite others to a free group where THEY get paid just to learn the system. And you can also get paid on their efforts.

Repeat Commissions Here