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“Work less and profit more.” It sounds like one of those hypey headlines that drop into your inbox, promising to increase your earnings for no work. They sound so tempting don't they?

However, it really happened for me. Trust me on this one, read on and let me tell you how. You may like to try this method yourself. It won't cost you a penny!

Regular readers will know that in November 2012 I lost my beloved partner to cancer, and I'm sure most people can relate to how distressed I have been in the weeks leading up to his death and over the past couple of months since he died. On top of my grief I have been extremely busy, sorting out his possessions and business affairs.

As a result I have spent very little time on my own business, just been doing the essentials. Another consequence was that sorting out my own accounts dropped to the bottom of the pile, and I realised tonight that I was three months behind preparing in my profit and loss statements. So it had to be done and I settled myself down.

What a surprise! Even though I had spent much LESS time on my business, profits were UP. How could this be?

Simple – the income had stayed pretty much the same, as a result of work done in the past, but what had dropped were all those small Paypal costs for WSOs (Warrior Forum Special Offers) that sound so tempting because they're less than $10.

But they all mount up. And then there are the one-time-offers that go with them – where you realise you can't live without the Premium version of what you just purchased, even though it's three times the price.

Basically, while busy with John's affairs I hadn't had time to read all my emails, watch the videos and get tempted to buy “just one more” traffic tool or piece of magic software. Steady income minus smaller costs = higher profit – for less work!

But didn't I miss out on the benefit of not having bought all these exciting new tools? Well, actually no. I don't think I've ever bought a WSO that has achieved the financial return that all the beta-testers raved about. I mean, some of my purchases I've never even used. Yes, I realise that's why THOSE didn't increase my income. But there were some I worked my way through religiously and still no increase in profit. Just think of the TIME I've saved too.

So, having increased my profits by buying less, that's a method I'm going to be trying more and more. I suggest you do too. And without all those fiddly amounts and receipts to marry up, I spent much less time doing my accounts too 🙂