How To Attract An Audience


While some people enjoy blogging for pleasure, most of my readers are also using their blog for promotional purposes – and after just a few weeks they will start wondering how to attract an audience for their articles.

Eventually you may decide you need to use paid traffic, but in the early days, while you're building your blog content, here are some tried and tested methods presented in the form of an infographic.


There's not a lot I can add to such a comprehensive source of statistics!

Except just to remind you that your “actions to focus on” – as I see them are:

  • Mobile Marketing – is your blog theme responsive? (Ready to view on tablets and mobile phones)
  • Email – are you building your list consistently? This should be your number one focus from day one of your business.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Although you need to bear this in mind, write for human readers rather than search engines. If you write for search engines the danger is that your writing will ready badly and any human readers will quickly leave. The search engines won't love you either!
  • Blogging – This will bring visitors in time, but be prepared for a wait. If people are kind enough to comment on your post, reply to them and return the compliment by checking out their post.
  • Guest Blogging – Excellent way to find new readers.
  • Video Marketing – Search engines, and readers, like videos. Your visitors will probably stay on your blog longer to watch the videos – which is a factor which will improve your status in Google's eyes (allegedly!) They may enjoy the video so much that they share it. This is something I've not been good at – but it occurs to me that I can use videos from YouTube – so watch out for some personal favorites over the weeks to some.

Which of these activities have you found most helpful?

Are there any you'd like to share? Please feel free to add your comments and suggestions below.

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  • richard says:

    Hi Joy,

    Great post and very appropriate in that I’m creating a product as part of the P2S program, which involves infographics … I look forward to following your progress…


    • Joy Healey says:

      Hi Richard

      That’s interesting. I’m very new to using infographics and have found them so helpful to put together an attractive and interesting post when I’m short of time – Bonnie Gean created this one for me.

      I’ll certainly look forward to knowing more about your program and hope it goes well.

      Thanks for dropping over, and I’ll “see” you around. Joy

  • Hi Joy,

    This is a pretty good Infographics. I’m not much for Infographics coz I think they are just too complicated to create, but this one is VERY GOOD. Thank you.

    So WOW…all that stuff included: mobile marketing, SEO, email marketing, blogging, and guest blogging…YES!!! All of them are necessary. Specially the RESPONSIVE wordpress theme. It makes a huge difference. Your website looks really slick whether this is desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone…so yeah definitely!!! your web must be MOBILE READY.

    Anyhoo, it’s getting late for me. Bedtime. Have a great night.


    • Infographics are nice but they are hard to produce IMO. Also, I don’t like putting them on my site coz it takes too much bandwidth with images like that. I know that I’m not generating 50K traffic. But if I did, that will definitely suck my bandwidth. Anyhoo, will catch you later my dear. 🙂


  • Emebu says:

    For me i think good content, i mean tutorials, seo and such likes are the bait that attracts me to any website, others are the loading time, easy to comment and constant updates.

  • Rachit says:

    Attracting all kinds of visitor is easy as compared to attracting targeted visitors.
    However the infographic is quite useful.
    I Agree that loading time matters for users, this is why I have optimized my website to load under 2 secs. But if we stop beating the bush and get to the point, we will find that ultimately content is the kind, seo is queen and marketing is done after it.
    Because you can’t promote or market anything if your blog is blank. With a content heap you can attract visitors as well as income 😉

    With Love,

    • Joy says:

      That’s so right – we seem to have no trouble attracting spammers, but it’s targeted traffic we want!

      And well written, useful, content will attract people who want to read what we’re writing about.

      Have a good weekend, Joy

    • Yohooo!! that’s a great tips dude.. So, this method can help me to increase my fans of blog and also subscriber too

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