Who Does NOT Want To Start An Online Business?

Sometimes I am guilty of assuming that everyone wants to start an online business (if only!) when actually they are looking for a job.

In fairness to myself, my mailing list is clearly labelled “Start Your Own Online Business”, so if they sign up for it, is it any surprise that I will be emailing about Internet business tips and ideas? Obviously supplemented by the usual “Comment on life as an Internet Marketer”.

No, this article isn't to say that people have been complaining about my emails. It's more reflecting on the fact that very few people DO anything. I have paid for professionally written emails and titles, plus two different auto-responders that claim to offer excellent deliverability.

Yet open-rates are dismally low, and action rates even lower! And that's being honest.

So Why Is No-one Interested?

I have three possible theories:

  1. People are so blitzed by emails for ways to start an online business that they're “blind to them”
  2. They have tried a few, been burned, and given up
  3. People do NOT want to start an online business, they just need some instant cash, and would be more likely to get it from a job!

Number 1 – I can sympathize with, and every so often I have a blitz and unsubscribe from a batch of email lists – marking as JUNK those that don't have a proper unsubscribe link.

Number 2 – Well, you have two choices. You can give up and get off the lists; seriously, there's some quite reasonable stuff on TV – so they tell me. Or do something different. I think it was Einstein who said:

[Tweet “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results”]
Of course, if you read on you'll find my suggestion for “something different….”:-)

Number 3 – I think this is the most common reason. People find themselves with an emergency cash flow problem from: loss of job, big bill to pay, pension shortage…. whatever.

magic-compSo they think “Blimey, now what, how will I pay the mortgage”?

And then they think…. “I know, I'll start an online business (sub-text… and be rich by the end of the month)”. As if by magic!

In my opinion the problem these people have is that they don't need a business – they need a job, because they need money and they need it now – not in the year + it takes to grow a reliable online income!

When you are completely flat broke is NOT a good time to start an online business. If you have a little money to invest in your online business, possibly, but flat broke NO!

Start a gardening or car-cleaning business (using tools you already have and knocking on doors) maybe…., but if you have no cash whatsoever to put into domain, hosting, training or advertising I think you'll struggle badly* with an Internet business. *I actually think it's impossible, but I don't want to appear TOO negative.

Make a Fast Income Online?

So when people tell me they want fast income, I tell them to put their efforts into getting a JOB instead, because income online is not fast – despite the hype you'll hear. If it was, everyone would be driving fast cars and living the life of Riley (whoever he was).

That is NOT what they want me to say, but it is meant kindly, because making a sustainable income online is not a fast way to wealth – or even just to security. A few years ago you could sling up an affiliate website, throw a few dollars at it in PPC advertising and – if you were lucky – make a decent return. Try that these days and – unless you're very savvy – your budget will have gone in a puff of smoke. A slightly different kind of magic to what you were hoping for!

So Have I Got An Answer?

Well, I have a credible suggestion for people who really need a job (for extra cash quickly), but think they want a business. They can have both with Drop Ship Domination. Start with DSD the “Job” and use the income from that to build a business – IF you really want a business.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a job in the conventional sense at all. You will be self-employed, liable for your own taxes, no benefits, no guaranteed income, no holiday or sickness pay. Well – all the features of a business really. The difference is that YOU will determine your level of income. If you put in the hours, follow the training provided and attend the getting started hangouts, you can make a good income. I'm in a Facebook group and see people doing it all the time. It's for distributors only, so these aren't posts prove the income to outsiders!

Yes, there's a catch – it involves work, but so does any job. And if you think a business doesn't involved work……  ask any successful entrepreneur if they got where they are now without working for their results! (Then run….)

What is Drop Ship Domination?

DSD the “job” involves finding products to sell on Site A (eBay), sourcing them from Site B (various) at enough of a price to make a profit and getting them “drop-shipped” from the supplier at site B to the customer at Site A.

Then “rinse and repeat” as they say.

Does it take effort to find these “deals”?  Of course it does! Are there people who are putting that effort in and turning a profit? You bet there are. Below is a trade my sponsor made (posted with his permission). $65 for 20 minutes work – and he'll probably spend 2 minutes re-listing the item and make the same profit again.


DSD has turned out to be like a JOB for many hard-working people who saw what was on offer and ran with it! BUT, they are choosing the hours, venues and times they work – not a boss.

Every-day people are KILLING IT with DSD sales, when they treat it like a job and put the time and effort in!  80% are in profitruss-sales in their first month.

In a smaller way my son has been doing some buying and selling too (see image on the right), and so have I.

I used the DSD training to generate eBay profits of about £300 – which has has more than covered the monthly subscription for the tools and training.

However, I already have an offline business that is like a “job” to me, so, having seen the concept proven, I don't have the time to devote to the “job” side of DSD.

The business side I AM interested in, and – due to developments I heard about at a UK meeting last Sunday – I will be scaling that up in the autumn, when I've completed some commitments in my off-line business.

Looking for a Job?

If you have time to make the DSD “job” work, and just $19.95 a month to pay for the tools and training and support, give it a try; watch short video here.

PS They even include cash-back offers so you can claim back enough money to cover that $19.95 to get you started!