Pritam_NagraleToday I am delighted to welcome guest author Pritam Nagrale.

Pritam is an internet marketer who has worked in a number of MLM companies and was successful in most of them.

He has shown a number of ways to promote MLM businesses on his blog MoneyConnexion here.  Follow him on his blog and on Google+ here.

Over to you Pritam…..

MLM Tips For Beginners

MLM or Multi Level Marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing. I guess you have heard about MLM otherwise you won’t be reading this article.

Everyone, especially beginners, wants to be a great MLM marketer. However most beginners fail to make their mark because they really don’t know how to move forward.

So I decided to write an article for beginners on how they can become effective MLM marketers.

The tips given below are very practical and to the point. I have tried not to use technical jargon because the article is written keeping novice MLM marketers in my mind.

Read all the tips and try to implement in your business life once you start your career as an MLM marketer.

So here I present you with 15 practical MLM tips for beginners.

Choose A Genuine MLM Company

Actually I never intended to begin my first tip describing a negative aspect of MLM. However you need to know the reality. And the reality is that sometimes MLM companies can be fraudulent and just take money from ordinary people like you. Warning signs are promises that sound “too good to be true”. If anyone indicates that you can make money for free, doing nothing, or with nothing being sold be very careful.

If you are a beginner then the first thing that you must keep in your mind is to choose the right company, a company that has a good reputation and is going to survive for at least the next 5 years.

Leadership and Teamwork

Leadership and teamwork are the two qualities that are indispensable when it comes to MLM.

You can’t learn these two skills in just a few weeks or even months. You will have to work over a long period of time before you acquire these two attributes. MLM is all about building a network and you must be able to lead other members coming under your leadership.

Start Out with Your Family, Friends and their Friends

Some people suggest that as a beginner you must begin right from your home. Try to convince your parents and your close friends.

If you can convince them then you can convince rest of the world too. It is not rocket science. However you need to begin from somewhere and your home is the ideal place. Later on expand your network and build an empire.

Know All Your Up-line

You will be joining an MLM network run by other marketers. They will be your sponsors or up-line. You need to talk to them and find out everything related to your product you are promoting.

Sometimes they are helpful and sometimes they are not. However in both cases you have to deal with them. Talk to everybody in your network. If your immediate up-line are not helpful, keep going higher and higher up-line until you get the help you need.

Find Out All the List and Followers of your Competing MLM Marketers

Like all other businesses MLM is also about survival of the fittest. You have to compete with your fellow marketers. You have to ascertain all the members who are currently in the network of your competing marketer. You need to know how your competitors are being able to grow their network. Learn from them and reverse engineer their strategy.

Motivation: Contact Your Members Personally on their Cell Phone

As you start gaining experience and the MLM network begins to grow you should commit yourself to your members. You must personally know their names and contact them on their cell phone whenever you recruit a new member. You have to motivate them and keep on expanding your network.

Decide the Right Demographics You Want to Target

No form of marketing can succeed if you don’t know about the customers. Similarly in MLM demographics are very important. You need to know about your target audience. Who are you targeting? MLM is great for people who are above 40 years old. If you target them then your network is expected to grow.

Spend Time Outside Giving Seminars, Lectures and Meeting with Your Members and other Marketers

In this line of work you need to find out what is going on in the market. You have to spend some time giving lectures, organizing seminars, meeting your members and other competing marketers.

In other words you must remain in touch with your peers and members. Up to now we talked about some of the generic tips but from now on we tell you what you got to do specifically offline as well as online.

Offline: Place Ads in Your Local Newspaper, Distribute Pamphlets, Stick Bills on Bus Stops

We start off by giving you some offline tips then move on to online.

You have to move beyond your family and friends and start expanding your network. The best way to do it is by posting ads in your local newspaper. You can also distribute pamphlets outside office buildings. Later on you can stick bills at bus stops and other public institutions.

Offline: Pay for Infomercials in Mainstream Media

If you are serious about MLM then you can pay for running infomercials on a mainstream news channel. It does not have to be a national channel but it can be your local news channel. Carry out a PR stunt and spread a word about your MLM product.

Online: Create a Blog or Website and Start Getting Some Traffic

Now let us know some online methods.

The first thing that you can do online is create a blog or a website. You need to add content and start getting traffic. Traffic that you get could free as well as paid one. If you want traffic overnight then use Google Adwords. However, be ready to pay for this, and seriously watch your budget..

Online: Find Immediate Prospects on Forums, Discussion Boards, Q and A Websites

There are people who are always looking for jobs. You can find them online on various forums, discussion boards, chat rooms etc. The audience that you get here is targeted and they can be your prospects. You need to convince them that you have a solution for them.

Online: Generate Lead by Creating and Sharing Free Content

You can create and disseminate content online for free. You can write eBooks and giveaway for free. Your eBook would be all about the product you are promoting. It will help you to recruit new members.

Online: Use Classified Websites to Post Your Ads and Include Testimonials in Your Ads

To reach a wider audience you should make use of classified websites. You can post ads with testimonials. I know initially it is hard to get testimonials but if you do get one then include it in your ads.

Online: Promote Yourself on Social Media like Twitter

Finally you can’t miss social media especially Twitter. You have to build an army of followers. You can share your life online and let others follow you. Your followers on Twitter might be your future prospects. Never underestimate the power of social media.

So these were few online as well as offline tips to get new members.

MLM is evolving very rapidly. To stay in business then you got to adapt to the current environment otherwise you will fail.

What Do You Think?

Thanks to Pritam for his MLM tips for beginners.

I have to confess there are a couple I disagree with and Pritam is happy for me to mention my differences:

  1. I would never approach my family and friends before reaching a high level of success. Perhaps it's a UK / cultural thing, but I don't think they'd welcome my approach as a business person. I keep business and family/friends completely separate.
  2. Some of the promotional methods mentioned are not appropriate for beginners and could cost a lot of money. However, when an MLM distributor is well into profit, these would be good tips for promoting your MLM.

Do you have any specific tips to add? Please share them in the comments.