How Time Management Can Improve Your Income

improve your income

This is the third article in my short series about improving your time management skills for better efficiency in your home and business life. Here are the others in case you missed them.

Do You Want To Improve Your Income?

If you want to improve your income, you're like most people round the world. We're all feeling the pinch! Of course, with this desire comes the thought of taking on an extra income-generating project. The downside is that most people seem unable to juggle two “jobs” into their time schedule.

Yes, you're busy – most people are, but can you rearrange your schedule for the sake of making extra money?

Unless you're already sitting about idle for substantial tranches of time, you'll need to make sacrifices. Perhaps you'll need to cut down on things you enjoy – such as watching television, or some other leisure activity – but in the long run you'll see the benefit. Alternatively, you may also be able to improve your income and cut down on some of the tasks you dislike doing. That probably sounds more appealing – so read on.

What you can do to improve your income. But will you pay the price?

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Top Time Saving Tips

Writing hand

Grab a pen and paper or keyboard. Find somewhere quiet and detail your current schedule. Itemize everything you do on a daily basis. Start from the moment you wake up until you put your head down on the pillow at night.

What I'm sure you'll find is that you already have a few hours within your time schedule that could be applied more productively.

Using your time in the best possible way boils down to making a plan of what you'll do and then following the plan!

If it's hard to create a list for the entire week, create it for one day. The idea isn't to set yourself up for failure with unachievable schedules, the aim is to create a plan that will be easy for you to stick to.

Then, look with a critical eye at your to-do list, and ask yourself if it's completely essential that YOU do each particular task? Or could it just as easily be done by someone else? Are there instances where it would be more efficient for someone else to take over?

There may be family AND business tasks that you can out-source to free up time.

More Tips To Gain Time

Outside the home

  • Errands can be scheduled to overlap with one another. For example: you need to go to the ATM machine and pick up groceries. To cut down on the amount of time to visit each locality, find a grocery store that has a bank inside the facility and use their ATM machine. You can make bank deposits and shop for food in one convenient trip!
  • Do you play chauffeur to the kiddies? Are you constantly waiting in the car to drive them home from an after school activity? You can use this time constructively by reading a book, making out your to-do lists or writing in your journal. Instead of sitting idle – do something productive.
  • Even better, arrange a car-pool circle where a group of parents take it in turn to be the chauffeur and enjoy your freedom when the other parents do the driving. It's better for the environment to have fewer cars making a similar trip.

Around the home

  • Make a chore list and delegate some of the responsibilities. The whole family will benefit from an extra income, so they should be prepared to contribute. Even children can help with age-appropriate tasks.
  • Multi-tasking is good, so organize the garage or clean out the attic on the same day that your normally put out your bins. Combine spring cleaning with laundry chores. Freshen up the house before summer rolls around; you don't need to designate a special day to wash items like draperies, throw rugs, doilies or bedspreads. This saves more than you realize!
  • When chores need be done around the house, devote a specific time and day for them and stick to the schedule. If you have time-consuming chores like mowing the lawn or weeding a very large, over-grown garden, break the chore into one-hour intervals that span across two days. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Time is your most valued asset, once wasted it's never recoverable, so spend it wisely.


gardener-px_250Don't be afraid to pay for outside help. For instance in my off-line business I earn more per hour than I pay either my cleaner or my gardener, so I never resent spending that money. And I don't like cleaning anyway 🙁

If you can't afford a professional gardener or cleaner, perhaps you could give a young family member a few extra pounds to do these chores. They might appreciate the extra income too!

Improving your income can be realized by prioritizing tasks and keeping yourself to a tight schedule. It's a matter of becoming more efficient in your daily activities.

Organization is your key to success, but if you truly want to juggle two jobs – time is of the utmost importance.

  • The time I save by not doing my own house-hold chores such as gardening and cleaning, frees me up so that I can spend those extra hours working in my business.
  • The same goes for time saved in your business too. Buying in ready-done tasks that you're not good at, for instance from some of the freelancers on Fiverr or Upwork, will free you up to do work that ARE not good at.

Even in the early days of your business it makes sense to pay for out-sourcing because it can get you up and running, hopefully in profit faster if someone does the job for you, rather than you spending ages struggling to learn how to do a particular job.

It's especially sensible to buy-in one-off tasks that you're unlikely to need again. For instance if it's your first time setting up a blog, you shouldn't need to do that again, so pay someone else to do it. A well-chosen professional will:

  • Get the job done faster, so you can start earning faster
  • Do it correctly in the first place without making “beginner” mistakes that need to be corrected later
  • Quickly do a job you should never need to do again.

However, if you need to do a job regularly – perhaps making a weekly blog post, it will probably be better to learn to do it yourself.

Have you tried out-sourcing jobs in your business or family life? Did it work well for you?

What are the tasks you’d most enjoy out-sourcing?




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3D Exterior Design - May 25, 2016

An awesome collection, Reward yourself is an excellent point and competing with self also.Time is the very valuable resource and to utilize it is the hardest task. But, utilizing it well pays off as it is the only resource in the world which everyone equally has 24 hours per day.

Ashvin - May 25, 2016

Awesome post, time management is the most important part of the life. Wasting time means wasting money. If anyone want to earn more money then he should learn about time management. Thanks for sharing this inspiring post.


Eyasir Arafat - May 26, 2016

I trying to earn some extra cash online for a long but no hope for me, Internet marketing seems to be so hard and reaching targeted buyers are the most challenging part of it. It would be nice if you write some article about how to earn some extra cash online without invest much money on it.

    Joy - May 26, 2016

    Hi Eyasir,

    Sounds as if – like I was – you are in need of some proper training! Don’t worry, it won’t cost you much money. I recommend my article https://joyhealey.com/low-risk-businesses-to-start-from-home/ and look at the section on Affiliate Club.

    Good luck, and do let me know how you get on, Joy

Robin Khokhar - May 26, 2016

Hi Joy,
Sometimes it becomes a lot difficult to manage time, but you have come with an amazing post. I really needed this kind of post for better management.
Thanks for sharing.

    Joy - May 26, 2016

    Hi Robin,

    Thanks – I hope that some of the time management tips I shared will help improve income for both of us. It’s easier said than done!

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Monna Ellithorpe - May 27, 2016

Hi Joy,

Thanks for the great suggestions in time management. I’m trying to create a schedule and stick to it but being a caregiver, that doesn’t always happen. So I do a lot of work-arounds in getting things done.

I am enjoying reading your time management series. Have a great weekend.

    Joy - May 28, 2016

    Hi Monna,

    I completely understand your problems sticking to a schedule when you’re a carer. We had some rough months with my poor Mum and obviously everything else took second place.

    Living so far away from my Mum and Dad we had support with them that protected me from many of the problems, but I know you’re right there in the front-line. I really admire what you’re doing and you’ll never have anything to reproach yourself with.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

sazia - May 28, 2016

Hi Joy Healey, Time is precious everyone should know about time management. Wasting time never come back as it gone is gone forever. People who give importance to time they always success in life. Thanks for sharing this great post

    Joy - May 30, 2016

    Hi Sazia,

    You’re right – time lost can never be recovered.

    Given that we all have the same 24hrs in a day, how we manage those hours must be very important in differentiating the successful people from the unsuccessful.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Fritz - May 31, 2016

Hey Joy,

I am one of the most unorganized people you will ever meet and it does affect me greatly. Some days I feel so busy even though I am not. I make it harder for myself. This article was just for me. I started making sticky notes, but I have slacked off a bit, but you have motivated me to start again.

Thank you again,


    Joy - May 31, 2016

    Hi Fritz,

    Welcome to my blog, I am so pleased you found me and I hope you will find plenty of helpful information here:-)

    I’ll confess that part of the reason for writing this series has been to improve my own time management and organization 🙂

    I use the sticky notes tool on my PC, and I also find Google Calendar a life-saver.

    Hope your (and my) organization skills improve.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Donna Merrill - June 1, 2016

Hi Joy,

There is never enough information to read about time management for me. You have given great tips here. My favorite is out-sourcing. It can be hiring a gardener to alleviate me for more time to spend on my business. Or one of my favorites…Fiverr…to do many of my images.

When I first started, I did hire a handy-man. He did all sorts of things around the house. It saved me many hours of time….raking leaves, painting something…you know…the house things.

I do try to bundle my online chores. Answering comments on my blog for two hours, then answering emails and so on. I find that I get into the ‘groove’ better that way.

Thanks for all the tips,


    Joy - June 3, 2016

    Hi Donna,

    Glad you like the time management series – because there’s still more to come LOL.

    It’s funny, originally I felt guilty about having my gardener and cleaner, as if I were being uppity somehow. Then I decided that part of the reason for working so hard was to be able to afford such luxuries. I’m not a good gardener or cleaner, so it’s actually more efficient.

    The next step I have to psyche myself up for is out-sourcing some of my online work. While some previous work out-sourcing ventures have been successful, most have not met with my approval. I suppose it’s working through a list of contacts to find those you trust.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Louis Lh. - June 4, 2016

Love this article, end of the day the most important is all in Time, most people don’t realise it until they lost, but it always great to start now. Thanks for this great post, it would definitely help people to change the way they’re consuming their time.

    Joy - June 5, 2016

    Hi Louis,

    Yes, it’s very easy to waste time without realising it. You have to make a conscious decision – and the sooner the better.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Atish Ranjan - June 4, 2016

Hello Joy,

Hope you are enjoying your weekends.

Some excellent time management tips. Time management is very important because when you start working more productively within the time frame you set, you earn more profit. Saving every minute can be very beneficial at times.

I liked the idea about going to a grocery shop that has nearby ATM rather than going to some other ATM first to get money, and then visit the shop.

Thanks for writing such as awesome post, Joy.

    Joy - June 5, 2016

    Hi Atish,

    Good weekend so far – hope yours is too.

    I had a frustrating experience yesterday – I went out to the shop to buy four greetings cards, all at once. Then as soon as I got home I spotted on my calendar that I had missed someone’s birthday on Monday. So I had to go out again. If only I had checked first, I would have saved time.

    And how did that impact on my income? Well, I could have been doing something more useful towards my business instead of repeating a job I’d already done 🙁

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

Jonathan Jenkins - June 25, 2016

This is a great article – it’s good to think about time management for your whole life, and not just your business. I think many people think that outsourcing is not for them because they think it’s too expensive. But you really can get some good results done quite cheaply on sites like Fiverr.

On my computer, I like to use Sticky Notes for things I need to look at regularly, and for keeping motivational quotes. I also use Wunderlist for to-do lists, but my favourite tool is Evernote, which is great for storing and cataloguing almost anything you can think of.

One other thing I would mention is that “multitasking” has been proven to be counter-productive. So it’s best to assign time to doing (and completing) one specific task before going on to the next one.

    Joy - June 25, 2016

    Thanks Jonathan,

    I am experimenting with out-sourcing this month because there are just so many things I want to accomplish that I’m spinning my wheels. Which of course ties in with your excellent observations about multi-tasking. Yes, I must try and focus even more on one task at a time.

    I like Sticky Notes and find it very helpful. EverNote is highly spoken of, but somehow I managed to get a store full of “stuff” but never did much accessing. However it’s so well spoken of that I’m sure the problem was mine! I hadn’t come across Wunderlist, so thanks for suggesting it.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

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