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My First Guest Blogger

This past week has been just crazy. I've known for a long time it would be, because it's been the week that an upgraded accounts software suite went live for my largest offline client. They've been a customer for over 30 years, and the software grew like topsy, so the overhaul has been over a year in the preparation. I've been spinning, sorting out unexpected issues and just getting everything in place – with more to do this weekend, when I usually write my blog post.

I knew that producing a quality blog post was unlikely to happen this week – so I turned to one of my blogging friends for help and I'm delighted to welcome James McAllister of Help Start My Site as my first guest blogger and interviewee.

James is a full-time student and I am in complete admiration of the business sense and action he packs into his life. So, without further ado – here's my interview of James McAllister.

About James McAllisterJames McAllister

What do you do in your spare time?

Spare time? What's that? LOL. When I'm not working I'll usually be playing, writing, or performing music somewhere. It's one of my biggest passions outside of working. I also really enjoy playing soccer as well as playing video games.

How do you relax?

Meditation is my go-to tool for relaxation. I'm excited to see that it's rising in popularity because it's SO beneficial – not only as a relaxation tool but as a learning tool as well. Through meditation, I have not only learned a lot about myself, but many important truths of life.

It's something I recommend everyone practices on a daily basis, even if it's only for a short period of time. It's hard to truly understand how beneficial it is until you actually try it, but let me tell you – it will definitely be worth doing!

What do you like most about blogging?

I love talking about blogging because it's one of those things where you get to help people out and truly make an impact on their lives. You get to connect with people, learn about them, work with them, and watch them grow.

It's great because you succeed when others succeed, so you try your hardest to make that happen. I have a habit of working with people one-on-one because I know that those sort of relationships tend to ultimately make more sales. Plus, I just love connecting and learning about people.

What was the most important day of your life so far?

Today is the most important day of my life. Every day of my life so far has led up to this one. I can't change what's already been written, but today I have been given a blank page so I will do whatever I can to make it an impactful one. This is the mindset I have every day when I wake up and I hope to continue it until the day I die.

If you were prime minister/president for a day, what's the first thing you'd do?

Interesting question! Assuming I couldn't make any changes, I'd probably give a speech on unemployment and talk a bit about blogging and working online. Could you imagine all of the leads and customers I'd get that day? I'd be set!

What do your family members/friends say about your success?

You know, my family and I don't really talk about it that much. My family has always been really poor and financially illiterate so I'm hoping that it changes with me.

Friends are a different story – I lost quite a few over jealousy, and a few more because I just work so darn much. Most think my work involves waking up at 3PM and sitting at my computer for a few hours a day and enjoying a life of luxury while money magically flows into my bank account. Unfortunately, we know that's not the case!

Still, I do have a few friends who are in touch with reality who have started their own websites or blogs. Early on my top earner was actually from Hostgator affiliate commissions, because I had so many friends interested in starting their own sites! It was great.

Is anyone else in your family entrepreneurial?

Unfortunately not, but I'm trying to change that. I've been trying to hammer it into my family's head that they're never going to get anywhere if they don't make changes to both their financial habits as well as their jobs. Yet at the end of the month, I hear complaint after complaint about finances, with blame aimed towards the government, their boss, their hours etc.
Really, the only person responsible for their situation is themselves. I will talk about this a bit more later on, because I believe it's a very important thing to understand.

About Your Business….

How long have you been doing this?

I started blogging in 2007 for personal reasons, but began blogging for business purposes in 2011. It's been an incredibly wild ride since then!

As far as entrepreneurial tasks go, I actually began in the 3rd grade selling candy. I'd buy bags of individually wrapped candy at our local dollar store and mark it up 10 or 15 times what I paid for it, and sell it at school. I'd only make about $10 a day, but that's a lot of money when you're 9 years old!

How old were you when you started?

I started blogging when I was 11 years old, and started blogging for business purposes when I was 15. It was my freshman year in high school when I learned that it was possible to make money online, and I became interested extremely quickly. I got web hosting and launched my first website that weekend, and haven't stopped blogging since!

What did you do before starting this business?

My life didn't really have any clear direction. I was in school, but had no idea what I wanted to do with my life or what profession I wanted to enter into. I spent most of my time either playing video games or music. Needless to say, I was pretty unproductive!

Who (or what) inspires you?

Seeing my growth each month. Achieving my goals. Seeing others improve after I've helped them. Knowing I've had an impact on people's lives in some ways.

Some may think this makes me self-centered but I don't feel much inspiration from other people's stories unless I've been a part of them. I'm not one to compare myself to others. I'm always glad to hear of someone else's success but that doesn't really affect me in any way.

When did you know, for sure, that this would be your profession?

I had heard a lot from my parents growing up about the hardships of working for someone else, and I knew it was something that wasn't appealing to me. Sure, I could probably find a traditional job I'd enjoy, but I'd still be told how and when to work. I chose self-employment because I want to be free.

What would you be doing if you weren't working in this niche?

If I wasn't focusing so much on Help Start My Site I'd probably be focusing more attention on some of my other websites. I've worked less and less on them as I've discovered it's usually a better idea to focus on one or two big projects than a lot of smaller ones.

I'm also going to begin selling on Amazon in 2015 so I'm focusing a lot of time on that as well. It's incredibly exciting!

Do you have a particular routine you stick to?

Not particularly, I tend to work until I'm tired of it and then do something else. I never force myself to work when I don't want to, because I've found that the quality of my work diminishes drastically when I do. Fortunately, I love the work I'm doing and it's incredibly diverse so I don't tend to get bored easily.

How hard do you push yourself?

I push myself pretty hard, but as I said I stop working as soon as I stop enjoying it. I make up for it by working long hours each day. I probably work an average of 10 hours a day on various projects, although I occasionally have days where I work 16 hours or more.

When are you completely satisfied with your work?

Almost never. I'm always finding ways to improve upon my work, though I try not to go too over the top. If I waited until I was completely satisfied I'd never end up getting anything published!

What do you like best and/or least about your day to day routine?

My favorite thing has got to be looking back at the end of the day and seeing everything I've accomplished that day. I set goals for myself on a daily basis, and when you're able to complete them and see the progress you've made it's an incredible feeling.

My least favorite time of the day has got to be when I unwind and tell myself, “OK, you've got to stop working. It's time to get some sleep!” It's frustrating because I'm at a point in my life where I'm so excited for what's next, so I have a really hard time settling down. I usually lay there for at least an hour before I'm able to fall asleep.

If you could go back in time, what would you do differently?

That's a tough question, because all of my mistakes and hardships have made me who I am today. If I had to pick something, I'd probably look at the idea of blogging from more of a business standpoint early on.

My first blog I tried to monetize was a general technology blog. As you could imagine, the content was hardly related and I had a really hard time maintaining a regular audience. The site didn't make a lot, but it was a great learning experience.

Who are your heroes – personal or business?

All of my blogging friends. Everyone who comments on my website. Everyone who emails me. Everyone that reads what I put out. They make my job what it is, and I love them for it.

Although I must give special thanks to Lisa Irby, who gave me the inspiration and knowledge to get started with blogging. If I had never stumbled upon her YouTube channel, I have no idea what my life would be like today.

How has your business changed over the last year or two?

These past two years (this last one especially) is really when things started to come together. I was doing alright, but only recently have things started to really take off. Now I can clearly see that this whole idea of making money online is actually possible. Occasionally I have to ask myself, “Is this real, or just a dream?” Sometimes I'm still not sure!

I'm not yet raking in 6 figures or anything but the progress and growth each month is clear and I know things are only going to get better from here!

What's the magic formula for success?


What helps you stay focused?

A write down everything I want to get done each day, so I can get onto the next task instead of thinking about what I should do next. I also have reminders go off periodically to remind myself if what I'm doing is actually productive. If it's not, I make changes.

Which of your products would you say you are most proud of?

Blogging For Profit: A Beginner's Guide To Starting Your Very Own Web Business by James McAllisterI'd have to say my first book. It hasn't been the most successful of my 3 products but it's by far the one I'm the most proud of. Not only did I become a much better writer from writing it, but it showed me that I can take on huge projects and actually finish them to completion. I learned a lot about myself and the time was very well spent. The idea that I just brought something into existence is astonishing to me.

I'm planning to release several more books in 2015 and if I had never written this first one, the idea of writing multiple would have never of crossed my mind!

Is there anything you'd done that you'd like to burn all the copies of?

No. Even though I published some terrible stuff in the past, I use it to measure my growth. It's really easy to see how far you've come when you compare your old work to your new work. It's quite inspiring, actually!

What have you been working on lately?

Recently I've been aiming to improve upon my free traffic building course. It's a 7-day course that teaches you 7 different ways to bring long-term traffic to your site, and then profit from all of your new visitors.

Let's be honest here – the one thing we could all use more of is traffic. Sorry to say, but content doesn't do much if it never gets read by anybody!

If you'd like to sign up for it, visit Help Start My Site and enter your email into one of the opt-in forms. You can find one below each post, on the sidebar, or at the top of each page. It'll be the best decision you make all day!

What would you say is the ultimate goal for your business?

That's a tough one, because my goals are always changing as I make progress. My goal when I started was to be making enough to not have to work a traditional part-time job when I got into college. Now my goals are much different.

I'm not a real big fan of setting optimistic long-term goals because I feel it causes people to become discouraged when they aren't achieving them right away. Therefore, I'd have to say my ultimate goal is to continue growing every month while remaining to enjoy the work I'm doing. If for some reason I ever stop enjoying blogging, that'll be the end of it for me.

What’s next?

2014 was a big year for me, but I want 2015 to be even bigger. In the last quarter of 2014, I created 3 products. Now that I have some experience under my belt, I'd like to create at least 5 this year. I'd say product creation is going to be a huge focus of mine and I'm extremely excited for it.

What challenges have you overcome in order to achieve success?

I'd say my biggest problem, especially early on, was motivation and belief in myself. I didn't think I'd ever “make it.” I had created this false illusion that all of the top bloggers were born with some special skill-set I couldn't ever have. Of course, this couldn't have been further from the truth.

I told myself that if I was growing, even if it was at a slow pace, that I had no reason to worry. I was right.

Have you partnered with someone to create a product? If so, who have you enjoyed working with the most?

I haven't, but it's not something I'd rule out for the future. Let me tell you, you never know where blogging will take you!

Do you have a mentor?

No, but I am a mentor!

Would you recommend others to have a mentor/coach?

Yes, but only if you know that you're serious about blogging and you understand that you will likely not see results right away.

Although I never had one I know they are extremely valuable to the right people. As someone who's currently mentoring a few people, mentors will:

  • Steer you away from failure and towards success. I spent a year on a site with ZERO potential – that's a mistake that could've been avoided with a mentor.
  • Help you form connections. Networking is everything in business.
  • Save your time by encouraging you to do what actually works, and nothing that doesn't.
  • Answer questions in a manner that's tailored to you personally.
  • Share or improve ideas.
  • And SO much more.

They really are a great investment if you're serious about building a long-term business. You've just got to remember that they are there to help you and work with you, but not do the work for you. A coach will not make up for laziness – and that's a fact!

What special skills do you have that let you achieve what you’ve achieved?

None. Remember, everyone is born knowing absolutely nothing about blogging or marketing. We all start at the bottom.

The only difference between me and someone who failed was the mindset. I wanted it more. I worked harder. I didn't give up when it seemed pointless. I constantly seek to improve.

That's the only difference.

What Are Your Top 5 Tips For Success?


  1. Understand That You Are Responsible For Yourself

It's easy to play the blame game. It's easy to blame your problems on someone or something else. It's easy to say, “it's not my fault.”

I'm a realist, no-nonsense sort of guy. So here's the truth. It's always your fault.

Sometimes we're put in rough situations that we weren't expecting, but you always have two choices. You either deal with it and find a way to make it work, or you don't. And if you don't, and you give up, than the blame isn't on the situation, it's on you for giving up.

The only person responsible for yourself is you. Not your friends, family, or mentors. Only YOU.

This is a fact of life, but it's a very liberating one. It means that you have the power to make your own choices. It means that you do not have to accept the situation you are in now. You can become whoever you want, and nobody can stop you.

If you want to be a professional blogger, you have the power to make it happen.

  1. Successful People Are Made, Not Born

I hear these excuses all of the time. “I'm just not meant to be successful.” “Successful people have something I don't.” Even I was guilty of it.

Here's the truth. Successful people aren't much different than unsuccessful people. The only difference is that instead of whining about how they can't do something, they try and try again, improving, and eventually achieving whatever goal they set out for themselves.

You have the capability to develop every skill the professional bloggers have if you want to. Don't underestimate the power of your mind – it can help bring you to unbelievable places, or it can ruin you. You're in control. Choose.

  1. If You Want To Make Money, Treat This Like A Business

I blog for business. I aim to create some sort of financial return out of the work I do. Therefore, I most look at my work from a business perspective.

When I started out, I failed to do that. I wanted to make money, but I didn't look at blogging from a business standpoint. I created a site with no real money making potential, and then wondered why it wasn't a success.

Sit down. Analyze your niche from a business standpoint. Are people spending money? What products are they spending money on? What products can you promote? What do people want to know – and how can you sell them a solution? Can you create your own product in this niche? Is this a niche where people will buy from you over and over again? What other niches would this audience be interested in? How can I promote those products to them?

Instead of telling you what you want to hear, I'll tell you the truth. “Follow your passion and the money will fall into place” is horrible advice. I soaked that up like a sponge and years of effort turned into little more than a learning experience.

Define your target market. Find products to promote. Build an email list. Create your own products. Develop a sales funnel.

If you don't treat your blog like a business, than don't complain when you're not making money. Again, you are responsible for yourself.

  1. Ignore SEO, Network instead!

I spend a lot of time in forums that primarily consist of beginners. Everywhere I look, people act like ranking high in search engines is an instant guarantee of success.

Here's reality. Focusing on search engine traffic is a huge waste of time.

In most cases, search engine traffic doesn't stick around, and converts horribly. Its power is in its numbers. And sure, you could be getting a 1000 visitors a day from Google and probably be doing well, but then an algorithm update can come and wipe all of that out overnight.

I don't know about you, but I like having my business in my own hands rather than in Google's.

Instead of focusing on SEO, focus on networking. Build relationships with other bloggers in your niche. Comment on their articles. Talk to them through email. Guest post on their site.

Networking is going to get you the natural backlinks that Google loves, and will end up boosting your rankings anyway. Not to mention the fact that other bloggers will send free traffic your way.

You're reading this right now because of my networking efforts. Point proven.

  1. Invest Your Money Wisely

I know this isn't exactly blogging related, but many people blog to become rich. That's great! You can.

The answer however doesn't lie in huge salaries. If I'm making $500,000 a year and I waste it all on stupid stuff I'm no better off than anyone else.

The key to riches is investing. The truth is, how you spend your money is equally as important as how much you make. And the smart people, the ones that become rich, are the ones that use their money to make more money. Then they reinvest that money as well. Before you know it, they're millionaires and dividends are paying them a full-time salary.

Investing isn't hard, nor is it risky. Even if you're investing only 10% of your salary, it's going to make a huge difference later on when you're retiring or even buying a house. Most people could take 10% out of their spending and hardly notice the money is gone. If you can invest more, great! You absolutely should.

It takes 15 minutes to set up a brokerage account and put money into an index fund. It requires no management, nor does it require economic knowledge. Why everyone isn't already doing this is beyond me.

If you want to become financially independent, then do so. You have the power.

Conclusion From James

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed learning more about me, and that I'll see you on Help Start My Site – but before you go, please leave your thoughts here. And I'd love to hear your best tips for success.

And Thanks From Joy…thanks-hand-px

Well – what can I say, other than a big thank-you to James for an interesting and motivational post from a remarkable young man.

He's already made his mark on the Blogging / Internet Marketing world, and certainly someone to watch in the years to come.

Update June 2016

James certainly review of success mindset courseHAS been someone to watch – he had produced no less than 5 new courses, and I am pleased to be an affiliate for them. You can check out my reviews here:

Email Marketing Success

Success Simplified

His success just shows what hard work and dedication can achieve.


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James McAllister

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James McAllister - January 17, 2015

Hi Joy!

Just wanted to say thank you for giving me this opportunity. I had a lot of fun with it.

Looking forward to more guest posting opportunities in the future.

Thanks again!


    Joy Healey - January 17, 2015

    Wow James, that was quick – I was just going to email you to say I’d published!

    Thanks for a great article. I really enjoyed learning more about you and your business.

    Thanks also for your review of my eBook at the end of 2014.

    You’ll most certainly be welcome back to guest post again.

    Have a good weekend,


Augustus - January 17, 2015

Great interview, James emailed me about this. As a full time student, I find it very difficult to keep up with the dedication that blogging requires. I am doing my best to prioritize and do the best I can, but I believe I can achieve more if I have more time.

I learn from this though. Thanks for sharing. It’s also my first time on Joy’s blog, I will be checking out your post as time permit.

    James McAllister - January 17, 2015

    Hey Augustus, it’s so great to see you again!

    I’m a full time student myself (although not for too much longer) so I can totally understand where you’re coming from. As a student you’ve got a lot on your plate to begin with and trying to run a business on top of all of that can be very challenging.

    At the same time, starting early gives you a huge advantage because you have more time to figure things out and can also take on a bit more risk without putting anything in jeopardy. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard of middle-aged couples ruining their retirement by trying to start a business and failing. That’s a story for another day though. 😉

    Speaking of stories, the next book I’m writing is aimed towards people like you – aspiring entrepreneurs who are still in school. This was the position I started out in and it’s going to be my longest book yet. I’m sure you’ll love it. I’ll send out more emails about that as it gets closer to release.

    Anyway I really appreciate you taking the time to visit Joy’s site and leave a comment here. She writes a lot of great stuff and I know you’ll find the content she offers to be of great value.

    Talk to you soon Augustus!

    Joy Healey - January 17, 2015

    Hi Augustus

    Welcome to my blog, I am so pleased you found me via James and I hope you will find plenty of helpful information here:-)

    I’m in complete admiration of you and James, blogging alongside full-time studies. I know how much time I spend on blogging and wouldn’t like to be a full-time student at the same time. (Learning about blogging in itself sometimes feels like a full-time learning course – will I guess it is!)

    Keep up the good work and hope to see you back here when time permits.

    Good luck with your studies and your blogging.


Craig - January 17, 2015

I always like interview type posts, especially when they give more information on a blogger that I’m following/networking with. It’s a great way to get to know someone a little better, especially in the on-line/blogging world.

Best quote of the post “If you don’t treat your blog like a business, than don’t complain when you’re not making money”.

I think most people underestimate the amount of time/energy it takes to try and create a successful blog. It really is no different than trying to start up any new business. If you’re not going to put the time into your blog, you’re really not going to succeed.

Thank you Joy for having James do this guest post on your site. And James, thanks for some further insight into your background.


    James McAllister - January 17, 2015

    Hey Craig!

    I’m a huge fan of interviews too. They allow the interviewee to talk about themselves a bit which isn’t something people tend to focus on when posting on their own blogs. Interviews allow you to get to know the interviewee on a more personal level which is always great.

    I agree with you completely – a lot of people seem to think that creating an online business is somehow easier than an offline one just because its online. It’s different for sure but it’s just as difficult (if not more difficult!) than starting an offline business because when you’re online you’re competing in a huge global market.

    Good to see you again Craig, talk to you soon!

    Joy Healey - January 18, 2015

    Hi Craig

    Welcome to my blog, I am so pleased you found me via James and I hope you will find plenty of helpful information here:-)

    Lots of valuable info from James – and I’m delighted to have had the chance to learn more about him too!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Joy

donna merrill - January 17, 2015

It is so great to see you James on Joy’s blog!

It is so incredible to me that you had started your journey at such a young age. I just loved this interview because I got to know you better. I wasn’t aware of the books you wrote and looking forward to check that out.

Although I’ve known you for such a short time, you always blow me away with the knowledge you share! You are first and foremost a “real person” and very honest when writing your content. That is what shines through!

You are a fine example to many young people that they too can start an online business. This is what we need more in the world.

Sometimes when talking to clients, I mention you and how through your persistence and fortitude became a great young blogger, even as a student.

To me you are the “poster boy” for the future generation. You lead by example and show others that yes, they can do it too.

Keep up this fine work,


    James McAllister - January 17, 2015

    Hi Donna!

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate them more than you know.

    I actually took the suggestion you gave me a while back regarding creating a product for other young entrepreneurs like myself. I started it this past week and I’m up about 15,000 words. I know for sure it’s going to be my longest book yet (probably coming in around 60,000 words or so) so I’m really excited for its release.

    Its focus is more on entreprenurship rather than blogging but I am planning on touching on blogging a bit so I’m hoping for this to expand my existing audience as well. It will be the best of my four books for sure.

    Thanks again!

    Joy Healey - January 18, 2015

    Hi Donna

    Thanks for visiting and reading James’s interview. He’s an absolute star isn’t he!

    When I first came across his blog I couldn’t believe how knowledgeable he is and he’s really done me proud with such a content and wisdom packed post. (How will I ever follow that?)

    Yes, a great example for the younger generation.

    Have a great weekend. Joy

Enstine Muki - January 17, 2015

Hi Joy,
Good to be on your blog today and Happy New Year again. I just published the first premium post on my blog and thought I should come straight and check what’s new here 😉

I’ve known James for a very short while now through Jackson’s blog. I read his blog a couple of times and of course, his is the type I like.

From this interview, one can see that James isn’t just a blogger. His answers show he’s a guy who knows his stuff.

This reminds me! I have to signup to your traffic course James

Congratulations bro and thanks for taking the time to answer all these questions 😉

Have a wonderful weekend you both

    James McAllister - January 17, 2015

    Hey Enstine!

    I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on my interview.

    Didn’t know you put out a premium post. That’s awesome and I hope it works out well for you. You’re doing a lot of great stuff with your site and your plugins as well so I’m sure you’ll find success with this as well.

    Thanks again Enstine for stopping by. Keep up the great work!

      Enstine Muki - January 18, 2015

      Hey James,
      Thanks for the reply 😉

      The premium post is on and selling for $1.99. Joy just grabbed a copy and many more sales are coming in. It may not be big sales but this will surely help pay my hosting bills.

      I intend to do 1 premium post each month on evergreen topics. That will make 12 by the end of this year and gradually, they should be many and you know that could end up being a good source of income 😉

        Joy Healey - January 18, 2015

        Hi Enstine

        It’s a great idea! I’m thinking how I could implement regular income like that in my business too.


          Enstine Muki - January 20, 2015

          Hi Joy,
          I know you can do well in this. I’ll be writing next month how I do this, exactly how I use Paypal and the free plugin I use to manage the paid posts.

          That will surely be the next premium post 😉

    Joy Healey - January 18, 2015

    Hi Enstine

    Good to see you here again and so glad you enjoyed James’s post.

    He really over-delivered didn’t he? I meant for him to pick and choose which questions to answer – but he answered the lot 🙂 What a worker!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Joy

Edward Thorpe - January 18, 2015

Hi Joy & James,

Good call Joy.

James, just how old are you, anyway? 😉 Spiritually, I’d say you’re far beyond your chronological age.

Anyway, great ‘interview’. Really enjoyed meeting you.

    James McAllister - January 18, 2015

    Hey Edward, it’s great to meet you!

    I appreciate your kind words. I’m 18 and I’m glad I started so young. I’ve been doing this a while now and it’s given me the opportunity to take on more risk as well as experiment with what I enjoy and what I do not enjoy.

    So long as we keep growing each month, the future is bright for both of us.

    I noticed you signed up for my traffic building course, awesome decision! Let me know if there’s ever anything I can help you with, OK?

      Edward Thorpe - January 18, 2015

      Will do James, thanks.

    Joy Healey - January 18, 2015

    Hi Edward,

    James has been a great choice for my first interview. Gosh – he’s even younger than I thought! Wise beyond his years. I wish I’d learned his blogging wisdom even 5 years ago!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Joy

Andrew - January 18, 2015

Great interview ! I see a lot of similarity between us. I am also a stern believer of taking action. I always like to be out of my comfort zone because at that place you learn true value of things and learn to live a fearless life.

    Joy Healey - January 18, 2015

    Thanks Andrew,

    James is certainly right. Action is key to everything in business – online or offline.

    By the way – I couldn’t find a way to comment on your sit – you may find he post below helpful – and there’s a special offer on at the time of writing.

    Thanks for dropping by. Joy

    James McAllister - January 19, 2015

    Hi Andrew!

    You’ve definitely got the mindset for success. One should always be looking to try new things and expand beyond their current skillset.

    There was one opportunity I had a while back to interview some major TV celebrities. I was 17 and incredibly nervous – yet somehow I still managed to go through with the interview. Not only did it transform my business because of all the additional traffic I got, but I grew as a person that day because I did something new.

    After that experience, I feel a lot more comfortable handling situations like that should they arrive again.

    Thanks Andrew for commenting, hope to talk to you again soon!

Erik Emanuelli - January 19, 2015

Hi Joy,
do you know something funny?
I just landed here from James’s blog (and it was my first visit there).

This is the power of blog commenting and online connections.

Thanks for sharing this interview.
I’m in touch with James on a couple of platforms and social networks.
Hope to connect even more!

I take occasion to wish you both a Happy New Year.
Hope you had a great beginning.

Have a wonderful week! 🙂

    James McAllister - January 19, 2015

    Hey Erik, good to see you over here on Joy’s blog!

    Blog commenting has always been one of my favorite way to discover new blogs and connect with their owners. It’s actually one of my favorite ways to gather new long-term readers as well.

    I can’t even count how many people that have told me, “Hi James, I found your site from your comment on so-and-so’s blog…”

    Plus blog commenting is an amazing networking tool. My own commenting on this site is what lead to email, which led to this interview. I’m sure you know the opportunities networking can bring you so commenting is definitely not something to ignore.

    Anyway hope your new year has been great so far as well. Keep up the great work with NoPassiveIncome!

    Joy Healey - January 21, 2015

    Hi Erik,

    Welcome to my blog, I am so pleased you found me via James’s site and I hope you enjoyed reading the interview:-)

    It’s great how our connections grow through commenting.

    Look forward to catching up again soon.

    Have a great week, Joy

Lea Bullen - January 20, 2015

Hi Joy & James,

I can relate to you on meditation. My life seems so chaotic lately its like the only thing that helps, it’ so soothing.

Great answer around the most important day of your life. That is a very positive outlook.

I also sold candy in school. That’s too funny. I guess the signs are there whether you realize it or not.

A truly thorough interview. I learned much about James.


    James McAllister - January 20, 2015

    Hi Lea! It’s great to meet you.

    It really amazes me how many people underestimate the power of meditation. It is in my opinion, the single most powerful tool most people do not realize they have. I’m glad to see it’s growing in popularity here in the US because it’s SO beneficial.

    The candy story was really funny. You are right – the signs were there, and only became more apparent as I got older. The thing is, that sort of opened my eyes as to the possibilities of entrepreneurship. Now if only I could get the ROI with my Amazon business that I got with my candy selling business!

    Thanks for commenting Lea, I really appreciate it.

    Joy Healey - January 21, 2015

    Hi Lea,

    Even more funny is that I sold “celebrity postcards” at school. Yes, definite signs….

    I’ve recently started doing yoga to try and calm me down, but I find it very difficult to “still my mind”.

    Glad you enjoyed the interview 🙂


Edward - January 21, 2015

Wow Joy and James that was some interview! I really enjoyed it and I am very proud of you James for taking action to better your life through your own business.
I wish I was like you when I was younger so I could have made some money. Now I started this about 10 years ago and I am still learning. I am only making pennies right now but at least something. I am planning on making more this year then I have in the past.

All The Best!
Edward Haberthur

    James McAllister - January 21, 2015

    Hi Edward! Thanks for stopping by.

    Always remember that we were all at your position at one point. All of us were born knowing absolutely nothing about marketing or making money online and like I said in the interview, any of us has the capability of becoming an online success.

    Keep striving to improve every day and you’ll be where you want to be in no time!

Jan Kearney - January 23, 2015

Hi Joy and James!

Wow! I think James has an 80 year old brain in and 18 year old body! There’s lots of wisdom in this interview and a lot for me to learn too.

I must admit, I pulled a face at this line, “In most cases, search engine traffic doesn’t stick around, and converts horribly.” I work with local businesses and search traffic converts fabulously. Much of my work comes via my blog via search too. It’s all about the long tail not volumes of visitors. Of course never, ever, ever put all eggs in the Google basket – that’s just asking for trouble!

Great interview, I enjoyed it 🙂

    Joy Healey - January 25, 2015

    Hi Jan

    I have had some success with search engine traffic too (with my complementary health sites), although it’s still a work-in-progress for me. Learning more is on my forever increasing “to-do list”. But as you say, I’m certainly not putting all my eggs in that basket. What works today may not work tomorrow, however hard I try!

    James really did me proud didn’t he. Certainly wise beyond his years. Glad you enjoyed the interview.


    James McAllister - January 27, 2015

    Hi Jan!

    Thank you so much for the compliment. 🙂

    Perhaps I should have phrased that section differently. For information based businesses though (which covers most blogs), search engine traffic generally tends to convert far worse than the majority of other traffic sources.

    This really comes down to the nature of the visitor. Search engine visitors usually do not know you (and therefore less likely to take any advice you have or purchase any products you’re promoting.)

    They also tend to come with a specific problem, so either it gets solved and the visitor has no further use for our site, or they click the back button and move down to the next website on the list. Across every one of my websites, search engine traffic has the highest bounce rate and the lowest opt-in rate to my newsletter other than social media traffic.

    Perhaps I’m the exception but when you look at it from a visitor’s standpoint it makes a lot of sense.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

Mi Muba - January 30, 2015

Hi Joy and James

Do you know what is another thing common in both of you other than blogging awesomeoness. I am sure you know; the first letter of your names.

Couldn’t have breathed well while reading that much value in one post and every answer was a perfect guide to get excellence in a field.

Just returning after reading an interview of a great blogger where he shared an unforgettable line as “Your passion can’t pay your bills; it is the money which you can earn with it and pay your bills”.

The same thought James you shared here by advising to take the desire of earning money as a business and never let it be an unfulfilled desire.

Thanks a lot for this thought-blowing interview post.

Have a great weekend you guys

    Joy Healey - January 31, 2015

    Hi Mi Muba,

    That’s right – however much we enjoy blogging, it’s important to keep in mind paying the bills. For me, that tends to be a focus on avoiding buying new plugins and courses and tools.

    James did a great post for me and I really appreciated all the time he spent.

    Thanks for visiting and glad you enjoyed reading the interview from the other J 🙂

    Have a great weekend. Joy

Mark - June 18, 2016

Wow! What a truly inspiring story James!

I literally had no idea, you started from such
humble beginnings, in terms of your immediate families background!

You are truly a pioneer Coach!LOL!

And you have offered us some incredibly sound and extremely practical,
real world advice.

And I definitely agree and appreciate your straight forward advice about
investing for the long term.

It’s truly amazing, how many aspiring entrepreneurs want to play the
“blame game”, instead of learning how to get in control of their own

Thanks a bunch Coach! And I sincerely hope, your proven advice, doesn’t fall
on deaf ears!

And thank so much, for featuring him Joy!

    Joy - June 19, 2016

    Hi Mark

    Glad you enjoyed learning more about James McAllister – he’s a great guy and one who speaks from experience, not from hype.

    This is a fairly old interview, and I was lucky enough to connect with James before he had established himself as such a well-known blogger. Even over the time I’ve known him, I’ve only just pieced together how much he has actually accomplished – while still remaining a thoroughly nice guy, always ready to help out his customers or potential customers. His advice and courses have helped me enormously.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

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