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I'm supposed to blog every day – about my online business life. But that's taking a bit of a back seat to family and my very ill hospitalised partner for a couple of weeks. However, please forgive me while I vent my fury on the keyboard for the scum and lowfile who STOLE his phone from his hospital bedside while he was asleep.

OK, we take some responsibility – he should have kept it better hidden or locked away, but after several painful and restless nights he finally dozed off and left it out overnight. In the morning it was gone.

The confined location of a 6-bed side-ward, far away from the main ward entrance, combined with the short time window involved, mean it was almost certainly a fellow patient or a member of staff. John was having an urgent medical procedure that evening so I stayed with him well beyond the end of visiting time and he reported it missing several hours before the next visiting time.

The regular staff have been helpful, sympathetic and think that agency staff may be to blame. Others on the ward were asleep so no-one saw anything. “Matron” will be asked to investigate and my sister is encouraging me to contact the police.

We've blocked the phone and no calls have been made – but with it has gone his list of contacts to keep him company while there's little else he can do. There's a backup at home, but it's going to be a long time before he can set all that up again.

When so many people are being kind to us at this difficult time, it's a jolt to remember that there are such scumbags at large on hospital wards – either as patients or posing as caring staff. It is inexcusable and despicable that someone would take advantage of another human being who has done them no harm when they are helpless and at practically the lowest point in their life.

It's said that “What goes around, comes around” and if there is any truth in the saying, I hope whoever took that phone will get what is coming to them very soon.