Removing Spammy Links

Spam Backlinks

Until recently the “in-thing” to get your site (theoretically) to page 1 of Google was to build loads of backlinks to it.

Unfortunately some of these backlinks were very black-hat and considered “spammy” by Google, so may be having a detrimental effect on your pack ranking.

Here’s some advice.

This week Google has brought out the new “Disavow links” tool for webmasters.

According to disavow means:

To disclaim knowledge of, connection with, or responsibility for; disown; repudiate: e.g. He disavowed the remark that had been attributed to him.

So if a web-master feels there are harmful/ spammy links pointing to their websites they can ask for them to be removed by uploading a text file of links to be considered for removal from Google’s index

Matt Cutts gives more information about the tool in the video above.

However, the tool is:

  • An advanced SEO tool
  • First version rolled out
  • Best used only on links youbelieve to be completely spammy
  • For Google webmaster tools users
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