With my partner in hospital, I'm working against the clock. But having built up a list of customers, I can't just stand still.

Obviously longer-term, the aim is to create new products of my own from template products I have already, but I need a quick-start solution for now.

So, talking it over with a friend in the same mentoring group, here's what I've decided to do.

Simple but not easy

At one level its quite simple, at another, it's not so easy.

First I go to JVZoo and look for a short-list of products in a similar niche to what my customers have recently expressed an interest in.

What makes it “not easy” is that there are one or two other factors to take into consideration:

  • Is the sales page attractive and something I'd be proud to promote?
  • When it launched – Not brand new: I don't want to be competing against the world and his dog. But not too old either.
  • Price point – my customers bought a low priced product a week ago, so too early to be trying to sell them a $97 product (or is it??)
  • Track record of the product author – look at other items they've offered
  • Are there any sales aids offered (images, banners, suggested email)?
  • Track record of the product – What sort of conversion rate has the product already had? If it has NO sales previously ….. why? If it has had loads of sales, is it too late to promote it?

I ask these questions without giving answers! They're just the thought processes I went through when choosing a product to promote to my customers.

Making these decisions is part of running your business.

Having selected my product:

  • I request the links to promote it
  • Wait for approval
  • Add on a free bonus product to make my offer more attractive
  • Mail my clients, explaining why this is a great product to improve their business