Using Fiverr For Graphics

Eating My Words

One of the topics that's been on my mind to cover again is using Fiverr for graphics creation – because I'd been rather uncomplimentary about them in my previous post about creating an eBook cover.

Having had a better experience in April, it's time to set the record straight.

What Is Fiverr?

FiverrFor those of you who are new to Fiverr, it's a “market-place” where free-lancers hang out and offer an astonishing array of services known as “gigs” for, nominally, $5. However, there are options for experienced sellers to add on “extras” – like faster service – for a higher price, which can make it a “nice little earner” if you are a good supplier, offering an in-demand (or niche) service.

If you haven't joined, it's quite an education to see what people will do for a Fiverr – that's NOT a spelling mistake:-) To encourage you to look round, they will give an introductory credit towards your first gig, so click here for your credit voucher on Fiverr.

Making Money On Fiverr

Because I'm not actually prepared to do a lot for $5 I hadn't really looked into how to make money on Fiverr until I saw a training video with tips on how to earn a good income as a Fiverr supplier. That was more interesting to me, but I didn't feel I had the relevant skills to turn $5 gigs into a decent income – and let's be honest, I didn't have the patience.

So my interest remains as a customer, rather than as a supplier.

How did I fare?

A Bad Experience of Using Fiverr

Browsing the site as a potential Fiverr customer, among some extremely strange services, there were many people offering to create banners and graphics – something I'm completely dire at. So, needing one or two graphics-type jobs done, I decided to “splash out” (sarcasm mode on – I firmly believe in paying for services you struggle to do yourself, and at $5 it's not the end of the world if it's a disaster).

Unfortunately my first experience of using Fiverr left me very disappointed and frustrated. Although my money was refunded, I had wasted time and was annoyed, so I thought “You get what you pay for” and decided not to bother with Fiverr again.

You can read what went wrong in the full post above – but in a nut-shell – the supplier kept me waiting for the full 5 days to receive my order, then just cancelled it without offering any explanation. This was despite the fact that I'd actually asked him to confirm that what I wanted was acceptable to him.

Good Experiences Using Fiverr

Having reported on that bad experience a few weeks ago, I now feel that, in the interest of balance, I should set the records straight and say that I was delighted with my most recent experience.

Banner Creation By Fiverr

how to produce an ebook coverTo recap, when I reviewed a product called 6-Hour eBook Creator, I found that it took me almost as long to produce the eBook Cover as to produce the text of the eBook! In the end I used a low cost software product e-Cover Rhapsody, and came up with this cover here >>>>>

As an aside, note the skew and the “open pages” effect that I couldn't have produced in a million years playing with Paint, Gimp etc.

Once I was happy with my eBook cover, that left me needing a variety of promotional banners of different shapes and sizes to match the eBook cover, for various adverts online.

Turning my cover into banners of the most common sizes used on WordPress sites (468×60, website125x125125×125, 728×90, 250×250 and 336×280) was way beyond me to even attempt. So off to Fiverr I went.

There I found “ocreations” and for just $5 he turned the flat version of my eBook cover into three banners of the different orientations and sizes – two of them produced here for your inspection.

I cheated slightly, because the gig offered 3 large banners and I was able to scale them down to my desired smaller sizes using the free tool Paint on my PC – but still – for just $5 and literally 5 minutes in Paint – I was very pleased to turn a flat ebook into 5 different shapes and sizes of banners.


So – my apologies if I cast doubt on any of the suppliers on Fiverr.com – my experience in April has left me extremely satisfied with “ocreations”, and I would happily use his services again.

In fact, why not claim your free Fiverr credit and put the service to the test. It won't cost ocreations, or any other supplier, their fee 🙂

Creating An eBook Cover Using Fiverr

social-media-cover-minLate in 2014 I also used Fiverr to create an eBook cover for my Social Media eBook, and although I was pleased with the result, there were three “less than ideal” results:

  • I can't edit the resultant cover myself
  • It's a flat design, rather than skewed and with “open pages” – see the one above
  • By the time I had paid for extras, it cost me almost as much as the eCover Rhapsody software that I can use over and over again

In fairness, these problems were caused by my lack of experience to know what to ask for – but I know better now!

So although that Fiverr experience was also good, the software to make an eCover was better value for money if you are likely to create more than one eCover in your Internet Marketing career.

Another possibility for producing an attractive design would be to use a photo collage maker app – click here to check this idea out and find 30 of the best apps.

What Have Your Experiences of Freelancers Been?

Have you used Fiverr.com or any of the other freelance sites? The best known ones include:

Please share below what kind of experiences you have had with Fiverr.com and any other sites.

Please share

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Harleena Singh - May 12, 2015

Hi Joy,

Informative post 🙂

I liked how you shared all your experiences about Fiverr with us. Honestly speaking, I’ve never used or tried using Fiverr, though always been tempted to try out the services once in a while when we are overwhelmed with doing things ourselves.

Although one can manage, as my better half is very good with the tech bit, banners, advt, and all those things, but sometimes, one does need a breather! Perhaps it’s better to take up those people who have been tried and tested by others, as they have a good word to share about them, and you know it would be good, if it’s worked for them – just my two cents, instead of trying out someone new. Or if they have some testimonials and star ratings, those can be another way to make out the good workers from the rest. Still need to try using Fiverr.

Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    Joy - May 12, 2015

    Hi Harleena

    Glad you liked the post, I so wish I had someone who could do the “techy” bit for me, I love writing but when it comes to technical, I just freeze over, so I decided it was best to take the plunge and delegate. It’s just a matter really of trial and error until you find someone you like and building up an army of tradespeople – much like finding a plumber and gas fitter etc that you trust!

    Good idea to ask others who they have used rather than go by trial and error.

    Hope you and Vinay have a good week too, Joy

Enstine Muki - May 12, 2015

Hey Joy,
I think fiverr has a bunch of interesting guys who know what they are doing when it comes to graphics design. I have hired a couple of them too and their works are really great.

Apart from Fiverr, I have also used seoclerks. As a matter of fact, my blog logo was done by a guy on seoclerks.

I have hired on freelancer but this time for code work. The guy who did the blogger widget on broaded was hired on freelancer.

Though I don’t hire constantly, I have had no bad experiences on these platforms. I will be hiring again for my upcoming project.

Hope you are having a wonderful week

    Joy - May 12, 2015

    Hi Enstine,

    I’m glad you’ve been successful hiring on Fiverr – I guess I just got unlucky with one bad apple, because my other experiences have been fine. In fact good value.

    Thanks for telling us about seoclerks, that wasn’t one I knew about.

    Code and widgets are beyond my requirements (thanks goodness) but the guy obviously did a good job because broaded is a great site.

    We look forward to hearing about your upcoming project – you always have something new for us!

    Having a very good, although very busy, week.

    Thanks for dropping by, Joy

Mike Gardner - May 12, 2015

Hi Joy,

I have used Fiverr on many occasions, i think the trick is to find someone you trust and stick with them, although since discovering canva, i think i will be using them less

    Joy - May 12, 2015

    Hi Mike,

    Yes, you’re right – find someone you trust and use them over and over. I would certainly use my banner guy again, I was really pleased with what he did.

    One day I should put the time into learning about canva, because I know it’s really great and comes highly recommended. My to-do list seems never ending!

    Have a good week, Joy

Sneha - May 13, 2015

I think fiverr has a bunch of interesting guys who know what they are doing when it comes to graphics design. I have hired a couple of them too and their works are really great. I have had no bad experiences on these platforms. I will be hiring again for my upcoming project. 🙂

    Joy - May 13, 2015

    Hi Sneha

    I’m really glad to have cleared the air about Fiverr. So many people are saying what good results they have had, obviously I got unlucky ONCE.

    I shall be using them again – and especially ocreations who did me a really good job.

    Enjoy the rest of your week, Joy

Hollie Hawley - May 14, 2015

I’ve used Fiverr a number of times and always had good results. And I admit that I didn’t always have a very sophisticated approach when it came to communicating with the designer what I was looking for. On a few occasions, I bought a photo from Fotolia and said, “Here, make an ebook cover with this.”

It’s helpful that Fiverr has customer reviews, so that if someone gives bad service like you got, Joy, the customer can make it known and the designer’s reputation can suffer.

    Joy - May 15, 2015

    Hi Hollie,

    Glad you have had good results from Fiverr too. I have perhaps been guilty in expecting too much for $5, but this particular person really annoyed me because I did actually “ask a question” to check out what he was offering, and if he had bothered to read my question properly, he could have rejected it at that stage instead of waiting until the job was supposed to be done.

    Good point about the Fiverr customer reviews – I should have followed up with that. Too late now, but I’ll remember if it happens to me again.

    Thanks for visiting, and have a good weekend. Joy

Jan Kearney - May 15, 2015

Hi Joy, I’ve not used fiverr recently but like you I’ve had mixed experiences with graphics.

One guy just didn’t listen, I said what I wanted and the concept and he kept coming back with something totally different – not even the right colours. I’m not talking shades off either. I asked for something using green as the main colour and he came back with red with yellow highlights saying it was better. Another, like you I asked if it was something he could handle. Waited days then had the order cancelled.

But then there are some fab people working on fiverr. It is a case of shopping around.

Have a great weekend 🙂

    Joy - May 18, 2015

    Hi Jan

    Interesting you’ve also had some duff experiences with Fiverr too – I was beginning to think it was just me.

    I bet if you’d ASKED for opinions on colours he might have refused, saying it was beyond his brief for $5!

    However, I’m getting better at the “shopping around”!


Worli - May 16, 2015

I have had mixed success with Fiverr. Some do exactly what they say they will do and other ignore you and then it’s almost impossible to get the gig cancelled. Even if you do get a refund – it doesn’t go back in your paypal account – it’s kept by Fiverr should you want to order another gig.

    Joy - May 18, 2015

    Hi Worli

    That’s a very good point you raise about refunded money going back into your Fiverr account, I’d forgotten that.

    Thanks for reminding me, Joy

Lizz Riley - May 17, 2015

Cool. I’ve never actually used any of these services but I’ve looked at them many times. Glad you got a good outcome.

Pritam Nagrale - May 19, 2015

I have used Fiverr platform and it was really a good experience.
I have never Had any bad experience with Fiverr . But I have heard some saying they have negative experience with Fiverr.

I think Selecting perfect guy for our is very important in Fiverr and SEOclearks.

    Joy - May 22, 2015

    Hi Pritam

    Seems like the majority of people have had good experiences with Fiverr. Having found the guy who did a good job for me on my banners I will certainly use him again.

    Have a good weekend, Joy

Adrienne - May 23, 2015

Hey Joy,

Thank you for your honesty because I think we all have the possibility of running into people here and there that don’t do the job we’ve paid for or just dropped the ball.

I’ve had graphics done on Fiverr as well mainly because that’s not my area of expertise. Most of the jobs I requested, they did a great job working with me. I think I’ve only had a couple that either didn’t do the job at all, didn’t give me the job within the time frame they promised or argued with me about the finished product.

For $5 what can you expect right? For the most part though I’ve been very pleased with the jobs I’ve had done. We can’t expect too much perfection for that price.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend my dear.


    Joy - May 24, 2015

    Hi Adrienne

    You’re right – we can’t expect much for $5 – although in this case I was pleased with what I got.

    I’d have been perfectly OK if the original guy who let me down had told me that when I reconfirmed the price with him, instead of making me wait until the order was over-due then cancelling and refusing to communicate.

    It’s all down to customer service really, and in my Dad’s shop we would go out for a mile round-trip if someone didn’t receive their 3p newspaper (that’s a few years ago!!) rather than let them down. And I suspect you would too – although I won’t put you to the test LOL

    Anyway – I guess customer service is what sets us apart from the crowd.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hope you’re feeling a bit better now.


Atish Ranjan - May 28, 2015

Hi Joy,

Every freelancing websites have good and bad sellers. You may have good experience and you have bad experience the next day as well.

One of my friends is a seller of graphics over fiverr and making more than 1000 USD per month now as he is now 3rd or 4th level seller.

For graphics job, I always recommend to use fiverr because there are a lot of good designers over there..

By the way in $5 what can you expect? Its always good to get more in less money. hehe

    Joy - May 29, 2015

    Hi Atish,

    Well I did, in the end, find a good designer there and will use him again. I know some people are making a lot of money on Fiverr, and good luck to them, because it seems like hard work to me!

    I know $5 isn’t a lot of money, but HE set the price, not me. And the point that really annoyed me was that I sent a message to confirm what he said he would do for $5, and he confirmed he would. If he had at THAT point said “no”, I would have said “fine” – but I was cross that he said he would do it, made me wait the full waiting time and then just cancelled without reason and wouldn’t respond when I asked why.

    Ah well, I have found someone good now. Joy

Chioma Anozie - June 2, 2015

Hi Joy,

I am yet to pay for a gig on Fiverr, though I have heard a lot about it. I use other freelancing sites for my outsourcing needs: odesk and elance. Lately, i have been relying a lot on Elance.

However, outsourcing came with its price! Like you, when I first dabbled into outsourcing I was blissfully ignorant. I ended up paying for projects I couldn’t use due to the fact that the end results were terrible. At one time, I paid a developer to develop a well-planned out mobile app for me. What he did was a complete disaster!

So based on my really bad experiences, I became a little weary of freelancers I meet over the internet (regardless of the platform I met them). Now before I award a job, I initiate a skype interview session and only if I am really satisfied, will I proceed to hire. Another method I love using, is hiring based on recommendation.

For instance if a friend of mine had a really nice plugin developed for her website, I will immediately collect the details of the developer she used, so I can hire him for any programming projects I might have. Sometimes, before I embark on a project, I prefer to ask friends “hey I want to do this, do you know someone I can trust to get the job done perfectly?”. Based on their recommendations, I will contact freelancers and schedule an interview.

Pretty time-consuming but experience has taught me that these methods save me a bundle as well as heartbreaks, disappointment and frustration.

Based on your recommendation, I will be using your designer should I have any graphic-related projects in the future.

Thanks for sharing, Joy. Do have a splendid week.


    Joy - June 3, 2015

    Hi Chioma,

    I’m sorry you’ve had bad experiences too. Seems as if, like me, you’ve had to learn the hard way.

    I’d certainly follow the steps you recommend for a higher ticket item, but I guess for $5 I have to take pot-luck. I bet your mobile app development cost you a lot more than $5 – what a shame. I hope you won’t be discouraged and will try someone else.

    As I grow in experience I’m building up the kind of contacts that I CAN ask for recommendations. I’ve had one or two such jobs done and they were indeed better than just taking a chance.

    Thanks for your visit, and enjoy the rest of your week, Joy

Jim McCullen - June 17, 2015

Hi Joy,
I share your thoughts on Fiverr, I have had mixed results. I have found some great resources there for repetitive tasks. For example I found a freelancer that will post a free book launch to 100 free book lists. That saves me so much time. I have tried to get book covers done, but have not been successful there. I use Elance.com when I need a better finished product.

    Joy - June 21, 2015

    Hi Jim

    Thanks for sharing your Fiverr results – that’s a great idea about the free book lists. Would never have even thought about such a resource.

    I bought an ebook cover generator that lets me make changes, which better served my purposes, howver Elance is another option I haven’t tried myself.


Erika Mohssen-Beyk - June 27, 2015

Hi Joy,
I used Fiverr several time.
I too had good and bad experiences,
Good is if you can find somebody who did a good job and
continue using them. I think it depends on the job as well.
Anyways it is not a big investment ,if it does not work out
right always ,I think Fiverr is helpful
Thank you

    Joy - June 28, 2015

    Hi Erika

    Just to emphasise, I didn’t lose any money on the transaction, I lost time which of course can never be replaced. Think that’s what made me the most cross.

    Anyway, overall the majority seem “with” you, that Fiverr is good – and my subsequent experiences have been good, so I will use the service again. Especially now I have found someone who delivered the job well.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, Joy

Arun Dominic - July 18, 2015

I used to be a gig at fiverr but stopped due to work load. I was good at designing. I used fiverr for a 6 month time and later stopped. I started a blog codebligging.com then I understood blogs pay more than some gig works at fiverr.

    Joy - July 19, 2015

    Hi Arun

    Good to hear that you’ve been successful providing gigs with Fiverr. Interesting to hear that your found that blogging pays more than Fiverr, and I’ll pop over next to have a look at your blog.


Dev - August 22, 2015

very informative stuff joy, though i have used fiverr some times before but mostly for marketing purposes, however this provides me a new angle, thanks

    Joy - August 22, 2015

    Hi Dev

    Funnily enough I have never used Fiverr for marketing purposes. How did you find the results? I’d be interested to hear more.

    Thanks for your visit, Joy

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