New bloggers often ask:

“Why would anyone read my blog?”

Fear manifest as doubt leads to this question. But clinging to this limiting belief paralyzes you into inactivity. Even worse? Asking the question is an ego-created form of insanity. Think through the question. Literally, every single human being who ever began a venture from a brand new perspective – meaning all human beings 🙂 – could both ask the same question and doubt themselves into inactivity.

Why would anyone see a first week medical student to diagnose their sickness? They would not. Why would anyone hire a first week law school student? They would not. Why would anyone hire a first week mail room worker to be CEO? They would not. Across the board, no one follows, trust, hires or buys from a 1st day, 1st week entrepreneur, blogger, or heck, anyone. Humans develop skills by practicing diligently for a long time before anyone trusts them. This basic law of life is natural, normal and routine. Practicing diligently for a sustained period of time develops your:

  • skills
  • exposure
  • credibility

Skilled, credible bloggers with increasing exposure attract blog readers.

Why would anyone read your blog?

If you:

  • practice writing offline daily
  • publish 1-2 blog posts weekly solving your reader's specific problems
  • generously and genuinely network with top bloggers in your niche

for a sustained period of time, patiently, persistently and generously, people will read your blog. You need to give readers a reason to read your blog. Developing your skills, exposure and credibility to follow-worthy levels requires serious work, a full commitment to blogging and loving the process. I needed to love the blogging process during days when no one read my blog. No one read my blog because I was not skilled, seen or credible enough to gain readers; I had to earn the right to gain readers. I earned the right to grow my readership by working my rear end off for a long time.

Being 100% committed to blogging is the only way to dissolve the common new blogger limiting belief: “Why would anyone read my blog?”

People read your blog if you practice blogging diligently. Point blank; people commit to you and your blog if you commit to blogging. But if you do not commit to blogging, readers do not commit to you. Blogging serves as the perfect mirror. Blogging mirrors back to you what you give to blogging in terms of your:

  • energy
  • work
  • time commitment

Every single human being who ever began a venture doubted their abilities as a newbie. But good, old fashioned work manifest as practicing dissolves doubts, bolsters your confidence and creates crystal clarity concerning your blogging campaign.

Blog. Write. Create. Connect.

Eventually, you feel confident in your blogging abilities. Being confident allows you to feel detached about your blogging campaign. Feeling confident, detached and clear attracts readers to you and your blog.

Readers pick up on your energy. Readers pick up on your commitment. Doubting bloggers repel readers. Clear, confident bloggers who practice blogging persistently attract readers. Blogging always gives you what you give to blogging.

Practice! Publish blog posts solving reader problems. Give people a reason to follow you by solving their specific problems.

1 Common New Blogger Limiting Belief to Dissolve By Being Committed 1Remember why you blog. Pick a fun, freeing driver to pull you through your lean early blogging days. Make the blogging work feel like the blogging reward. See traffic, readers, and loyal followers as extra's, bonuses, or icing on the cake. Finding an inner driver influences you to keep blogging until loyal readers begin to follow your blog.

People follow your blog if you practice blogging for a long time. Be less concerned with time frames. Focus on creating, connecting and practicing your writing offline on a daily basis. Eventually, your blogging skills, confidence and clarity draws readers to your blog. Why? You gave readers a reason to follow your blog through your full commitment to blogging.


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