Well, here we are at Christmas 2023. No idea how that came round so quickly. So here's my best business tip for 2024, along with….

Review of My 2023

Internet Marketing-wise, it's been a good one, as several multiple streams of income on my online journey have started to come together. (In addition to these main income streams I have made smaller commissions on tools and services I have recommended to my email list subscribers.)

OLSP: Review of 2023Review at Christmas 2023 and Best Business Tip for 2024 1

The mainstay of it all has been OLSP, which launched its newly updated website in November 2023, and it really has been worth the 8 month wait (although there were times when I was very frustrated).

In a nutshell, it takes complete newbies from their first day as an affiliate marketer to whatever level you want to reach. You can start as low as $7, and as you grow you can earn commissions on high-ticket products – even from the $7 start, and without having bought high-ticket products yourself.

You will earn 100% on sales of the $7 product, and team builders will earn an amazing 200% commission on their second level. (Promotional offer, so hurry while it's still open).

If you've struggled to earn commissions online, there are videos inside this training that will explain exactly why. You really need to watch how some affiliate marketers are being conned, and then resolve to get started – for just $7.

If you're not prepared to pay $7 to test the water, starting an online business is NOT for you.

Ready to see if you have what it takes? Click here.

LiveGood in 2023

I joined LiveGood in December 2022, and thanks to a fast start I've earned commissions every month of 2023.Review at Christmas 2023 and Best Business Tip for 2024 2

I took my foot off the pedal a little in the middle of 2023 as I was disillusioned by the scam advertisers ‘promising' you could earn $2047 a month with no work. In theory, yes. If you “Got in Quick” and emailed the massive list you've diligently built over many years. Also ‘everyone' was using the same boring old capture page.

But over 2023, LiveGood has grown and members who build a proper business are still building their teams.

  • The company is on course to reach 1 million members soon
  • The product range has expanded beond the initial couple of products – with training videos to explain the benefits of each product.
  • There are new capture pages available – you can make these free of charge using the free page-builder at LeadsLeap

My sponsor is offering prizes of $100, $500 or even $600 for any new member who qualifies as silver or gold (which people are doing regularly) by 31st January 2024. Learn how here.

You can learn more about LiveGood here.

LeadsLeap – where would I be without it?

Although I don't actually treat LeadsLeap as a business in itself, I just wouldn't be without it.

(a) It includes tools I didn't even realise I needed when I first started out online: image hosting, PDF hosting, page builders, mailing system, advertising, review publisher and probably things I haven't even started using.

(b) I earn regular commissions from it, so it generates income, rather than costing me money.


GotBackup – New Video Streaming Service

Review at Christmas 2023 and Best Business Tip for 2024 3In the summer of 2023, while we were waiting for the revamped OLSP system, I resolved to test out the OLSP training to build another business – GotBackup.

I'm happy to say that I qualified as a Silver member and built a team, earning my year's outlay back in about two months.

Again, I have had commissions almost every month since starting.

Sadly some, but not all, of my team have been unable to duplicate that success, so it's stalled a little – which is crazy because for $9.95 a month a full auto-responder system is included, on top of the file storage that I bet most people don't have.

Again, I was critical of the company because their marketing materials failed to match their product, but thankfully they have seen the error of their ways and in December brought out an enhanced membership with customisable landing pages, custom domains and a video streaming service.

You can check out one of their new landing pages here.

Video in 2023

I have been totally remiss with videos. I can barely use a cell-phone to make a phone call, let alone make and publish videos. I don't even bother with photos much. The whole family HATES being on camera.

But I've seen the success of OLSP members who DO using videos, so I've had to look for ways to use them (that don't involved me fumbling about with a phone.)

No – I just don't want to mess about with phone. Happy to invest some of my profits back into ways to make life easier for me.

So it was a delight to discover the new video streaming service from GotBackup and a (separate) service – here that lets me make ‘faceless' videos.

Here is my first attempt – made sitting comfortably in front of my lovely new Windows 11 desktop, where I am far more comfortable. It's made with Pictory but hosted with GotBackup.

Yes, OK, for all you video experts, it's nothing – but for me, it's a great breakthrough. And far better than me stuttering and stumbling, and getting more stressed with every ‘take'.

If you're happy on camera, that's actually said to be “better”, but I hope it's better that I do faceless rather than nothing.


Best Business Tip For 2024: Share The Winningsbenefits of Share The Winnings

Long-term readers may remember that I made my first big earnings about twelve years ago when a Lottery business was earning me a 4-figure a month income for several months, and smaller commissions for five years before, until the company closed down, taking with it the leads that I'd paid for but hadn't stored on my own email list.


You may understand why I am now passionate about having ‘Multiple Streams of Income' and ‘Building an Email List'.

Anyway – watching the changes this company is making, in response to members' requests, this is my ‘Best Business Tip For 2024'.

You can click here to watch a short video that explains why. (Hint: thousands of non-marketer people spend money on the Lottery every month, and if you are one of them, it makes sense mathematically to play in a team.)

Fun Facts About the Lottery

Review at Christmas 2023 and Best Business Tip for 2024 4

“Caveman Simple” Share The Winnings Business Plan
Review at Christmas 2023 and Best Business Tip for 2024 5












So Should You Join All These Businesses In 2024?

Definitely not – unless you're going to work on them! One exception, of course is the Lottery business “Share The Winnings”. If you are already spending that sort of money on the Lottery, it makes total sense to join our team and

  • Have the chance of playing for free (if you sponsor 3 – which is optional)
  • Share in the winnings of other members.

If you missed the launches of LiveGood and GotBackup, don't miss Share The Winnings. Click here

All that remains now is for me to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous 2024.

Review of my online business in 2022