xmas-green-jhBefore I get onto the important question of “Why blog for business”, I'd like to wish each and every one of my readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I know there's a bit of a debate as to whether I should be saying “Happy Holidays” instead.

While not wishing to offend any reader, I will stick to my own personal commitment, agreeing with the folk on the right hand side of the debate here🙂

Whatever you wish yourself, that is what I wish for you.

Summary of 2014

My year, like yours no doubt, has had its highs and lows. The highs have been very high – the birth of my second grand-daughter in April – and the lows have been very low – the poor health of my parents – who incidentally (very quietly) celebrated their SIXTY-NINTH wedding anniversary today. WOW….

Within all the chaos of family life and a sudden up-surge in my offline business social-media-cover-minI have somehow managed to launch my first paid Internet Marketing product, From Social Media Beginner to Expert.

  • Yes – it was several months late
  • Yes – I've had a ton of help from my coach
  • Yes – I went into total meltdown when I managed to wipe out the download page just in time for the first sale
  • Yes – I totally missed the first question from a potential customer until he PM'd me to see if I was awake
  • Yes – he forgave me and bought it anyway

But somehow, kicking and screaming, my “baby” was born.

  • No – I haven't implemented everything I learned from researching the book
  • No – I haven't made enough money to go out and buy the yacht / fancy car

But as you'll read below, Internet Marketing is a series of steps and I'm on my way.

My Christmas Gift From Yaro

It's been an exhausting and draining week for many reasons, yet I wanted my Christmas post to give you some value, without over-straining any of us.

Imagine my relief when into my in-box dropped this gem from Yaro. So yes – there is a Santa Claus!

To see the full width image and read the text, please click on this page here, which opens in a new tab.

What a fabulous infographic and so aptly timed to fit in with my own launch. It happily illustrates that I'm implementing the stages in the right order and points me in the right direction for the future.

My plans for 2015 are to build on the stages I've implemented so far.

Two Ways To Look At The Sales Funnel

It occurs to me that there are two ways to look at Yaro's infographic.

As a consumer, I started at the top of the funnel, reading adverts in magazines and Social Media, and have passed through every stage, finally reaching the Private Coaching stage – which verifies that the process does happen. Only the most determined and stubborn will want (or need) to do this. Many will decide to stop at some stage en route.

Quoting from the infographic (see text on full width version of Blog Sales Funnel), at the private coaching stage, “These customers are best positioned to benefit from what you offer….” …possibly as a result of passing through all the earlier stages.

Of course some clients may have the confidence and funding to enable them to dive in right at the high end – which is why, as a supplier, you should always have something you can offer your loyal customers at every level.

As a supplier, which I now am, you can see that I have a way to travel to reach the happy stage of having a seriously profitable business. I am still very much at “the front end” – concentrating on “building an audience, establishing trust and acquiring customers”.

I am also establishing a trusted network of suppliers who can offer products HIGHER than the level I have yet produced to customers who just want to dive right in there.

Where is Your Business In The Funnel?

Enough about me. Whereabouts have YOU reached on the path below.

I know from the fact that you are here that (whether you know it or not) you read blogs – this site is my blog.

You probably write blogs too; because I know that a high proportion of my readers also write their own blogs for business purposes.

So most of you are at least at the top “blog” stage as both consumers and suppliers.

As a consumer: Are you still at the top (blog level) perhaps even floating about inside and outside the funnel? Wondering whether to invest in a paid training product? Or still looking for the next “no effort” quick riches product?

I hope you are some way down the learning process, investing affordable sums money in your business and reinvesting a good deal of your profits to make that business grow.

As a supplier: How many of these product types have you produced yourself? Have you designed your own “sales funnel” to include a mix of products to appeal to members of your audience at any stage of their own journey?

So for instance, although I can't yet provide my OWN coaching programs, I work with an established network of trusted suppliers to whom I happily refer customers – until I'm in the position to provide my own services, instead of relying on others.

Note that – like I am – it's normal to be “in the funnel” both as a consumer and a supplier. I've never made any secret of the fact that I'm learning as I go along. We all are – some more than others!

So that's normal – even healthy in a fast changing field like online business. But what will never get you a successful business, is staying in the swirling mass above the funnel.

As you enjoy Yaro's masterpiece please consider where you are – as a consumer and a supplier – and share in the comments below.

Sales Funnel From Yaro

You can see the full width image – to read the text annotations – on this page here, which opens in a new window.
The Blog Sales Funnel Infographic
The Blog Sales Funnel brought to you by Yaro from Entrepreneurs-Journey.com – Source Acknowledged with thanks. Please share widely.

Why Blog For Business?

We started off asking “Why blog for business”. The answer is clearly shown above – where you can see “blog” right at the top of the purchase / sales funnel.

Of course, there are many other business models without blogs, but I suspect they involve heavy promotion costs that would put them outside the scope of most Internet start-up businesses. So I believe Yaro's blog-based sales funnel is the best model for small (and not so small) businesses

So you now have the answer to “Why blog for business”, and I look forward to hearing where YOU are in the funnel.