Well, I added a few pages, so that's a good start. More to do, but I need to set up a Facebook fanpage to establish my business identity there.

Hit my first technical challenge on the blog – getting my favicon onto the tab in my browser. (That's a little icon that shows in the browser tab so you know which site is open.)

It started off showing the one from a previous blog, so I kept going to the wrong tab – and it was irritating me.

Then I made a new one and put it where I thought it should be, and something has changed, but it's just showing a blank icon in the tab now. So it's back to the drawing board on that one. If we get to the stage where you can see a mini-picture of me on the tab – I cracked it. Otherwise 🙁


I Googled my problem and the answer was that I probably had a caching problem, and if I just waited for my cache to clear, the little icon would eventually be there on the tab. Hey presto, go away, do something else for a few hours, and there I am on the tab. (Well, I am on MY tabs – Chrome – hope I am on everyone else's.)