First Challenge – Favicon

Well, I added a few pages, so that's a good start. More to do, but I need to set up a Facebook fanpage to establish my business identity there.

Hit my first technical challenge on the blog – getting my favicon onto the tab in my browser. (That's a little icon that shows in the browser tab so you know which site is open.)

It started off showing the one from a previous blog, so I kept going to the wrong tab – and it was irritating me.

Then I made a new one and put it where I thought it should be, and something has changed, but it's just showing a blank icon in the tab now. So it's back to the drawing board on that one. If we get to the stage where you can see a mini-picture of me on the tab – I cracked it. Otherwise 🙁


I Googled my problem and the answer was that I probably had a caching problem, and if I just waited for my cache to clear, the little icon would eventually be there on the tab. Hey presto, go away, do something else for a few hours, and there I am on the tab. (Well, I am on MY tabs – Chrome – hope I am on everyone else's.)

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Ravi Chahar - September 20, 2014

Hi joy,

There are many essential things which are required for your blog and one from them is favicon.

There may be many bloggers who don’t even what is favicon?

Here you have added your picture as you have your domain name containing your name.

Favicon is needed for branding and let people see that you have anything to represent your blog.

Great post indeed.:)

Have a nice weekend.


    Joy Healey - September 21, 2014

    Hi Ravi

    Thanks for finding one of my older posts. I remember when I first put up my favicon how hard I thought it was, and now – not that many months on – it doesn’t seem hard at all.

    Just goes to show how we are always learning and improving 🙂

    Have a great weekend. Joy

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