Facebook Highs and Unzip Lows

Today has been a day of very little progress 🙁

It started off well – in one evening Wah had helped me get more Likes for my Facebook business page than I'd got in two months for the last one I created. That was the good news….

The bad news was that Mark had sent me some zipped files that I needed to extract, which shouldn't present any challenge whatsoever. I've done it hundreds of times. But everytime I used WinZip (a tool I paid for) I was seeing an error message saying that the file was damaged.

Not a happy bunny!

As part of my coaching I have access to Mark's Master Mind group, so I posted asking if anyone else was having problems. Seems that no-one was. Trust me to be the only one!

Happily Ian, another group member, suggested trying a free unzip tool (7-Zip) that had worked for him and once I'd installed that, the files unzipped.

Of course, what takes 10 minutes to write about here somehow took up the entire afternoon so I was not a happy bunny. Feeling very much like the lady on the right! Much chocolate was needed to restore equilibrium and sanity.

Still – I've ended up the day with some extra likes and a new free unzip tool, so can't complain too much. Tomorrow's another day.

(If you want to use the free tool 7-Zip just type “download 7-zip” into Google and you should find a site to give you access.)


Joy Healey

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Angela McCall - February 14, 2013

You know my mac unzip my file automatically and I don’t know what app is that. I’m a little confuse. Why would Mark send you a zip file? For what purpose?

    Joy Healey - February 14, 2013

    It’s a way to send a lot of files (or just big files) compressed into something smaller and it’s faster – normally. If you have a Mac and it does it automatically don’t worry about it. You have a better solution than mine!!

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