GotBackup Review 1Here's my GotBackup Review just one week after joining the business. Addressing whether it's a good MLM compensation plan or a scam.

Right up front – this is no scam. You'll be selling a top quality product backed by a solid 20+ y/o company.

There are some unethical promoters – but that's true of every business, online and off-line. I prefer to be up-front about pros and cons. I don't like nasty surprises for myself or for anyone I introduce to a business.

What is GotBackup?

It's a cloud backup service, essential for any phone or computer user – pretty much everyone these days! So no shortage of potential customers.  Which is important because – yes – it's also an opportunity to build a low cost business where your start-up cost is below $50.  $40 to become an affiliate, plus $9.97 a month for the service.

The service gives you 6TB of cloud based backup that you can share over 6 devices. So, potentially 6 family members, can share the $9.97 monthly subscription – and no, they don't see each other's data. There are no file type restrictions.

Put into lay-person's terms that's equivalent to 1.5m mp3 videos. A LOT. (But, if that's not enough for you, you can buy more.)

The service lets you store, sync, and backup data from your digital devices, for instance computers and mobile phones.

Once backed up, you can share files and folders with others online and access your files anywhere you have an internet connection, with a web browser or mobile phone.

Competition to GotBackup?

There are, of course, other cloud backup services.. Apple, Amazon, Google, DropBox … many others. I already use a completely different service myself.

But here's where GotBackup wins:

  • The competition products don't offer such a large amount of storage space, and when you need to top up for more – that's when they hit you for extra charges.
  • Neither do GotBackup competitors offer customers the chance to build a home based business that could replace your monthly income check.
  • As a home based business there is ZERO competition in the field, which is important for affiliates. Imagine trying to pitch a health and wellness home business against the 25+ other health and wellness businesses. Tough work. Then when you finally find a few distributors in your health and wellness business they quit within a few months because they haven't been able to sell the products or find any others to do the same.
  • The product, and therefore the business, has massive ‘stickability'. Who would cancel a service as vital to your ‘digital life' when it's so affordable? (This is in contrast to most product based businesses, where people easily resort into popping a ‘look-alike' product into their shopping trolley and cancel any auto-ship, if they're not making money from the business.)

Is GotBackup secure?GotBackup review

I'm a bit of a techno-phobe, so I'm quoting from the >> website << now: “We have the capability to handle your data securely (military grade AES 256-bit encryption and TLS/SSL encryption protocols keeps your data secure and private)” 

The data is backed up on multiple servers, not just one, to be sure your data is always safe.

That sounds similar to the kind of ‘speak' my current back-up product specifies – but they don't pay me to bring them new customers.

And if you're still a little nervous, there's a $9.97 a year option when you sign up, to have your data stored a 3rd party data centre, in addition.

Who is the company behind GotBackup?

Although the GotBackup business is new, the company behind it isn't. (In fact the service isn't new either, just the idea to turn it into a home business.)

  • The product is owned by Global Venture Opportunities (GVO) a 20+ year old tech company with the expertise and infrastructure to support such a service. They are debt-free and own their own data center.
  • That same company is still involved in other successful home businesses for a similar number of years, which means they have the experience to put together a back-office that I'm proud to show to affiliates.
  • In particular, almost every page has helpful videos for new distributors to show them how to get started meaning that training new people is pretty much ‘done-for-us'. Easy duplication!
  • You will be supported 24/7 by support team via live chat and a helpdesk. Unusually for support desks, this team actually read your question and answers it, instead of just copying and pasting something you just read before raising the ticket.

Criticisms of the GotBackup Business

It would be unrealistic to be completely gushing about the GotBackup business, so let's address my two objections right up front.

1) There are only two standard optin pages. They will quickly become stale as they're seen over and over again.

2) My biggest objection of all if the ‘hypey' Gotbackup powerline stuff. Yes, it works, so ‘big' marketers like it, but I dislike ‘Powerline' marketing because it raises expectations of people not familiar with it, only to let them down when they join and understand the reality.

Yes, it IS actually stated (but most people don't bother reading) that it's a GLOBAL Powerline, not just YOUR potential team. Some of those pre-enrollees might end up in your team, but many won't.

Because of this, some newcomers to online business start off already disappointed, when they should be thrilled with the potential of the business they have just bought into.

In my opinion the product is good enough to stand alone, hype-free.

You can earn without making sales, but it's a bonus, not a right, and it relies on your introducer doing the work for you.


Can I make Money With GotBackup?

GotBackup Review 2Most definitely. In my first week I introduced two new distributors and recovered my start up cost ($40 affiliate fee + $9.97 a month). (All but about $5, to be strictly accurate!)

I quickly qualified at Silver rank too.

Here are the main benefits for GotBackup affiliates:

  • Many promotional tools come as standard, within the back-office. (Cold and warm traffic options covered, social media, traffic exchanges, safelists and for your blog.)
  • One of these is this >> retail only << page, to show to those people you just know will have no interest in running a home business.
  • Regular webinars held by the company so that the business and product can be professionally presented to your prospects from day 1.
  • Because the parent company owns other home businesses, GotBackup INCLUDES their own auto-responder service. A similar service at one of the market leaders like GetResponse (after a free trial) would cost you more than the whole GotBackup service. For too many reasons to explain here, I'm a big fan of building my business by email and usually an auto-responder service is an add-on that I have to try and ‘encourage' new distributors to buy separately. (And no-one wants to spend more!)
  • There's an optional up-sell of having follow-up emails ‘done-for-you' when you first join. I was pleased to take that service and have it done for me, as obviously the company will explain the product better than I can.
  • ONE simple, easy to explain product with a universal appeal. No need to learn about many different products and convince people to use them.
  • Available in 100+ countries (and growing)
  • All financial transactions handled by the company: choose from Wise or Payoneer
  • No retail qualification needed to earn commission, but expecting to ‘earn free' is discouraged. Either make a few referrals to earn faster, or just enjoy the product and if income happens pasively it's a bonus, not a guarantee. The way active distributors are taught to place new members helps people to see potential earnings, and gives them an incentive to do a little ‘sharing'.
  • Lucrative compensation plan: double commission on direct referrals in your 1st month then 25% thereafter, 25% matching bonuses & company profit share: full details when you optin >> here <<.

GotBackup Review 3

The Benefits of Joining in MY Team…

… as opposed to the team of one of the ‘heavy-hitters':

  • You will be close to the top of my ‘tree'. In a company with a slighly different plan, late-comers ended up way down the tree-structure of the heavy-hitters, as it filled across, so it was skewed against the ‘average' referrer unless they actively built their own team. I joined that one early and am in profit, but by the time my own referrals, who were slower to start had joined, the market for the BUSINESS was flooded with look-alike pages (another of my criticisms of GotBackup).
  • Our team recruits with you using a variety of unusual squeeze pages in FOUR different rotators. All we ask is that you help promote those rotators (simple instructions given).
  • On top of that, my upline supplies an option to build your own squeeze pages from pre-built templates plus a follow-up series.
  • If you don't know how to do it, I will send you a tutorial after you upgrade.
  • We are a 100% honest and ethical team. There was some very unethical advertising for a different (very ethical!) company, where scam merchants were promising people over $2000 a month for no work, all they had to do was pay $9.95 a month. Yes, it's ridiculous if you think about it for 30 seconds, but sadly some newbies ‘fell for it' and were left with bad feelings and quit rapidly when they didn't receive the ‘promised' $2000 a month.
  • I only promote businesses where I have seen success myself (my first 2 customers in less than a week)
  • Most importantly to me, I only recommend businesses where I am confident that the average distributor will see success (with a little effort).

Final Verdict in my GotBackup Review

Highly recommended, if you will treat it as a business and not expect everything done-for-you:

  • Treat GotBackup as your main business, or as the perfect add-on to an existing portfolio
  • The business passes my “Can you explain it to your Mum?” test

Update 6 months on (when my criticism kicks in)

I am still happy with GotBack as a business and have earned steadily from it.


  1. The standard pages DID become over-saturated. Around Christmas the company introduced a VIP option with some very nice opt-in pages, but it's a shame this had to be paid for as an add-on. Before they did that, I had bought my own lead capture pages, in addition to the ones from my upline.
  2. Sadly the people who joined because of the hype of the Powerline have drifted away. Many probably DIDN'T promote the team pages, just their own.

In contrast some people who joined because they saw:

  • The value and wide appeal of the product, which includes an auto-responder
  • The value of running a global business with a long-term product for just $9.97 a month (after a $40 set-up fee)
  • The amazing amount of training and help within the company….

Those people are growing their business steadily.

Your Next Step

Take the tour to find out more, >> here <<.

But please ignore the hints of paid referrals that come from the company's marketing. I can't build YOUR business, that's up to YOU.

GotBackup Review 4