blog more effectively and become an influential bloggerI love asking myself this question every few months. How can you blog more effectively?

I made a shift today. I completed most of my writing work day before evening. Then I did some yin yoga and capped off the evening with a bit of networking. Why? Blogging feels easier, and more effective, if I write during the day and network during the evening.

Even more importantly, this is my 6th guest post today. Talk about effective blogging. Versus me just publishing a bunch of posts to my blog I guest post to leverage my presence. Why speak to my readers alone all day long if I can help you, leverage my presence and be seen in many spots with a minimum number of actions?

Influence Demands Effectiveness

My eBook:

How to Become an Influential Blogger in 6 Months or Less

raised some eyebrows.

I gained some serious blogging juice in the 6 month stretch after launching Blogging From Paradise, and share how you can do it, too. Note my definition of an influential blogger does not include earning a full time income or heck, any income, for that matter. Influencers simply influence large groups of folks through blogging.

You can become influential in 6 months but need to do effective, leveraging, freeing things that prove to be too scary and uncomfortable for most bloggers to tackle. Hence, few bloggers being influential after 6 months. But if you dive in, build bonds generously, guest post like a machine, leverage your presence quickly and ask yourself how you can be effective, regularly, you will position yourself to succeed.

Can You Guest Post More?

Most bloggers blog super ineffectively because they never guest post. Reach large, new audiences through guest posting. Leverage your presence. Never run everything solely through your blog. I publish a high volume of guest posts to help more folks and to be effective.

Comment More on Blogs

Read a few more posts today and comment genuinely on those blogs. Use time wisely by bonding with fellow bloggers through this simple, often ignored tactic for networking generously. Bloggers can always be a little bit more effective by commenting on a few more posts today. All it takes is some reading and genuine commenting. Stay up a few minutes later. Wake a few minutes earlier. Meet a few more folks. Build your network a bit more.

Promote Your Premium Offerings

Unless the blogger clearly states how self-promoting through premium offerings is not allowed, I boost my effectiveness by promoting one of my eBooks or courses through all blog posts and guest posts. Why not? Write and promote. If I am guest posting, I may as well promote a premium offering. Give readers valued resources. Boost my passive blogging income. Win-win scenario here.

Take Inventory

A few times over my decade online, I foolishly did not take an effectiveness inventory of what I was doing, every few months. Invariably, I wasted these periods of time because I slipped into ineffective action. Now I know better. My strategies may shift going forward but I am guest posting like a machine these days and building bonds generously because both tactics are effective uses of my time. Toss in promoting my eBooks, courses and paperbacks freely and you have an effective and efficient blogging strategy.

Spot Patterns and Prosper

One simple way to gauge effectiveness is to spot patterns and prosper. I noted how my Twitter eBook sales rose when I began engaging fellow Tweeters 1 to 1 daily. Each bond – along with my persistent eBook promotion – increased the chances of someone retweeting, Liking and buying my eBook. I stuck with this approach because if it works, I'll keep doing it.

Blog more effectively and you will make your blogging life easier.