Increase Business On Instagram The Backdoor Way

Today's article is a guest post from Rohan Chaubey, explaining how to increase business on Instagram.

There are NO affiliate links. Although I have two Instagram accounts, proper marketing of them is something I haven't got round to doing yet (to my shame!) but I'm happy to let Rohan Chaubey tell you about GetRiver.com which he has been using to increase business on Instagram.

Rohan Chaubey

About The Author

Rohan Chaubey helps bloggers, authors, SaaS businesses, and startup founders grow their movement, position themselves as a leader of their movement and build a social following around their mission using content marketing, social media growth hacking, world-class customer service and PR.

Fail-Free Backdoor Way For Businesses To Rapidly Grow On Instagram

It is undeniable that social media has taken over the internet. Every business wants to take advantage of the various social media platforms for marketing. Whether it is to promote a product or to increase one’s social identity – all the possibilities are being taken up widely!

It is predicted that Instagram will hit 1 billion monthly users in 2018. If you haven’t started Instagram marketing yet, now is the right time.

Many businesses have started utilizing Instagram as an important marketing channel. Irrespective of how big or small a business is, every brand wants to increase their brand awareness and boost sales. If you still haven’t started promoting your brand on Instagram, continue reading to know the reasons you should market your brand on Instagram.

#1: Build Connections

You can start off by sharing experiences, telling stories and spread knowledge just to build a connection with your potential customers. You can share stories, pictures, videos and infographics about your brand on Instagram.

You can learn more about your audience by reading comments and replies on your posts and stories.

#2: Visual Content

Pictures and videos are always more engaging than plain text. Theme your Instagram grid with a visual content strategy, it will make your target audience follow you and will look forward to future posts.

Moreover, now with Instagram stories, it has become more easier to attract extra campaign views.

#3: Wide And Diversified User Base

As we know, Instagram is growing rapidly ever since Facebook acquired it – it has equally become much easier to be approachable to the customers.

On Instagram, the most highlighted feature of ‘hashtag’ will make your content reach out to a larger audience, especially those who use or search the same hashtag. All you need to be sure of is to use the right hashtag and location in order to target the right audience.

#4: Customer Engagement

Be it posts or stories, Instagram gives you an opportunity to connect with your customers directly. Moreover, Instagram is the key social platform where users too can directly engage or reach out to a brand.

Hacks to increase engagement on your posts:

  • Sprinkle emojis in caption.
  • Every third post, ask your followers to tag their friends.
  • Get people to comment on your posts (Hint: Ask questions).
  • Have a consistent theme and design for your account.

Increase Business On Instagram The Backdoor Way

“Marketers” will say, “You’re a late adopter.”

Just laugh it off.

You can get started now if you haven’t already. I’ve grown to 10K followers with above average engagement in less than 90 days of growth efforts.

The fastest way to grow on Instagram is to let a team of experts work on your behalf.

GetRiver is one of the best management agencies that I came across to increase business on Instagram.

#1: Boosting Engagement

River team constantly tests new Instagram updates and engages on your behalf to the safest limits. Since River has real account managers they never violate any Instagram limits.

I found a case study on a tech blog which showed 1197% increase in engagement after using GetRiver team’s service. I have seen the exact same results for myself.

High engagement serves as a social proof that your followers actively engage with your content.

The secret to increase engagement on Instagram is to engage with your target audience.

Increase business on Instagram

#2: Growing Targeted Followers And Traffic

GetRiver offers two packages: Engage package and Managed package.

The Manage Package is the best one they offer. It can engage you with around 40K new people every month. Once properly set up, you do not have to anything and River team will perform actions on your behalf 24/7. They have a remote team from all around the world that manages your account across different timezones.

The Engage Package lets you control who to like, follow, etc. They suggest queuing 500 follows and over 800-1000 likes a day. And the actions are spread across 24/7. Once you have queued the actions, you do not have to do anything.

free trial of GetRiver.com

#3: Free Tools And Guides  

You can increase your reach + engagement by utilizing the right hashtags. You can use up to 30 hashtags in your post captions.
Use hashtags that your target audience is most likely to use or search for.

GetRiver’s hashtag finder tool will generate hashtags for you based on 3 keywords that you type in. When the hashtags are generated, you simply choose those you like, mark them and select ‘add on dashboard’. It suggests non-generic hashtags to maximize your impressions and not compete with millions of other Instagrammers.

GetRiver also offers free guides and Instagram engagement calculator tool.

River is featured and mentioned on HuffPost, The Next Web, and other news/media outlets.

It has helped more than 64,395 Instagram influencers, professionals and celebrities grow and be popular on Instagram.

You can avail your 7-days unrestricted free GetRiver trial. No credit card required. They have a remote team working around the clock; you can shoot them a message and live chat with them if you have any questions or want suggestions to formulate a strategy for Instagram marketing.

Over To You

Thanks, Rohan, for this interesting way to increase business on Instagram.

Using a professional agency sounds a tempting way to save time to me. What do YOU think? Please share your comments below.

Joy Healey

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Lisa Sicard - January 11, 2018

Hi Joy and Happy New Year!
Thank you for introducing us to your guest writer, Rohan Chaubey! His article came at a perfect time for me as I have slowly been getting my feet wet using Instagram for marketing. I was extremely impressed at how quickly he was able to increase his brand awareness as well as garner such a big following in such a short amount of time by utilizing GetRiver.com!! I’m definitely going to find out what GetRiver.com can do for me! Thanks for sharing such an informative and very useful article!

    Joy Healey - January 12, 2018

    Happy New Year Lisa,

    I’m glad you enjoyed Rohan’s article how he increased his Instagram brand awareness with GetRiver.

    When you try it I hope you will come back and share your results with readers.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

Shantanu Sinha - January 13, 2018

Hello Rohan,

Good to see you here at Joy’s space 🙂

Good shout over here, its very true that social media has taken the Internet. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Linked.in, people are now branding themselves on various social media platforms. Actually it is very obvious as it helps to create our social proof and people through all over the world can get to know us and what are we up to.

In the past year, Instagram has turned out to be used largely for promoting our business and products both on local and international level. Nowadays people are being highly active on Instagram. The best thing about Instagram is that it is based on info graphics and people have always taken interest when it comes to branding things through a video or pictures modes.

Connection is the important point, no matter what ever business and on which platform do we wish to promote. If one is not establishing a connection, then they are not going to succeed

This post hits me at the right time as I have recently added a new instagram account for my business.

Thanks for the share.


    Joy Healey - January 18, 2018

    Hi Shantanu,

    Instagram is very big now, probably because people have such a short attention span these days.

    So you have to produce very engaging pictures to grab that all important connection that you talk about.

    I hope you will enjoy this information and find it useful with your Instagram new account.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

Brad L - January 13, 2018

Great article to post Joy! I have been learning the ins and outs of Twitter with my content marketing efforts and Instagram is next. Certainly a photo centric SMM platform for the younger hipsters.

A friend of mine that owns a vintage store, is doing great on Instagram – as she has awesome photos of all her wares for sale. Instagram seems to a great local business platform for these brick and mortar stores…thanks for sharing!

    Joy Healey - January 18, 2018

    Thanks Brad,

    I’m glad you enjoyed the article. I’m still very new to Instagram too, because I’m more a “text-based” person that pictures. But my text approach seems to be regarded as old-hat.

    Pleased to hear about your friend’s successful vintage store. Yes, I can see how that would work well!

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

Adeel alogs - January 20, 2018

I really like your Blog about E-business. I’m a beginner but your blog really helped me to start my E-Business/ Thank you Mam

    Joy Healey - January 27, 2018

    Hi Adeel,

    I’m glad you find my blog helpful. One tip for you is to get a gravatar, or you will find your comments flagged as spam! If you Google it you will find how to do it.

    Good luck,

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

Nancy I Benstrends - January 28, 2018

Hi Joy and Rohan,

I see a lot of good points here. I’m currently using Facebook as online marketing tool. I’m looking into adding YouTube, Pinterest or Instagram. Good mention on use of hashtags to reach a larger audience and the tips on increasing engagement. This will definitely be a good marketing tool this year and in the coming years because of its visual content and use of infographics. Thanks also for the quick review of GetRiver.

    Joy Healey - January 28, 2018

    Hi Nancy,

    I’m glad you found the post helpful, especially so as your marketplace is completely different to most of my usual readers.

    If you try GetRiver, I hope you will come back and share your results with us as “real world” product sales are always of interest.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

Ryan Biddulph - February 6, 2018

Nice tips Rohan and Joy. IG is engagement central. I post a few photos and Likes flow in, with comments. People dig my travel pics. Especially when I hit the road and post more. If you Like fellow IG updates you get what you give I see. Now I gotta commit to Liking stuff persistently, setting aside time to network on the platform.


    Joy Healey - February 8, 2018

    Hi Ryan,

    Glad you like the Instagram tips – I can imagine your pics going down really well on IG. I love your food pics too.

    I was really surprised how quickly likes accumulated in my dogs niche, but yes… as ever I need to commit more time to it.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

Rajitha - March 10, 2018

Nice tips Rohan and Joy. IG is engagement central. I post a few photos and Likes flow in, with comments. People dig my travel pics. Especially when I hit the road and post more.Thank you for share.

    Joy Healey - March 18, 2018

    Glad you found it helpful Rajitha,

    I must get back to Instagram – it was going great before I ran out of time with my move!

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

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